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Michael Vick

Pumps Up Nate Dogg's Son

12/1/2011 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Vick and Nate Doggs Son
Michael Vick just made another deposit in the karma bank ... 'cause dude inspired a young dogg -- Nate Dogg's son -- by reaching out to talk football and family this week.

Here's how Vick connected with Naijiel Hale -- a football stud at Lakewood High, outside Los Angeles.

Naijiel's mom entered him in a Vick giveaway contest on Facebook by telling the Eagles QB ... her son is a huge fan of his, and "a sophomore starting DB (defensive back) with awesome grades :)"

Couple days later Vick personally responded with an email to Naiji, saying ... "Congratulations on a good season and thank you for the support." Naijiel told his hero, "Its been a hard year with my dad passing," and added he and Nate Dogg used to watch Vick play every game.

A rep tells TMZ, Vick decided to contact Naiji after reading about his H.S. football success -- leading the league in interceptions -- despite his father's death in March.

In his last email Vick said, "Sorry to hear about your father but glad to see you're being strong and keep achieving."

Now, if he can just get back on the field for the Eagles.

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I just saw the Best Friends website. This is the rescue sanctuary who has all of the dogs they saved from Micheal Vick. Each one has a photo and profile. Some are ruined, but surprisingly some still like people and even other dogs. Usually it is standard procedure to put these dogs to sleep as it is assumed they can never be normal dogs again. It really should be standard procedure to put people like Vick to sleep, as he can never be a normal human being. Most of us would enjoy seeing him and all others who enjoy this cruel "sport" put in a big ring, given knives and swords and forced to kill each other. Hang the last one standing. That would be justice for these beautiful innocent dogs.

1018 days ago


Wow!! Dog Killer Vick helps a Dogg!!

1017 days ago

black man     

Michael vick is the man, and suck my whole **** to all who disagree

1017 days ago


You people kill you, u dont worry about people being killed in drunk driving accidents or people being shot in the streets, you about some dogs, are you kidding me dogs? I mean i can respect that you people have no real lives and kiss your dog on the same place the use to lick the testicles and rectum. You people need some lives, he did wrong he payed his debt to society he went to jail, there dogs if you care more about a dogs life then a humans life, then you have some serious serious issues, I own a dog myself and i love my dog, but id sacrifice my dog for another human life, simple as that, only because i care for human life more then i do a dogs, back in the day that was natural now it seems we live in a country with a bunch of tree huggers, you guys all need lives, Vicks a great guy, paid his debt and is now paying it back, go hate on someone who deserves to be hated on, like casey anthony who killed her daughter and got away scott free, u people are pathetic and need to stop.....GO VICK ur far better then these people talking to you!!!!!

1017 days ago


to all who has the NEGATIVE comments I PRAY that GOD will soon make a change in all of yall hearts....VICK made a mistake which he paid 4, clearly you see he has moved from that, striving towards the future...thats actually the reason why some of YALL aren't going anywhere and probably not doing much in your miserable lives, yall are too busy living in the PAST, VICK is a man who was granted a SECOND CHANCE...and he is making the MOST out of it, So i THANK GOD that he is a GOD of a SECOND chance, compared to some of yall who act like yall wasn't granted a second chance, how dare yall chastise this man when some of yall are even doing or have done worse....I believe the only MISTAKE VICK made was going to the EAGLES..LOL He should have been a COWBOY, we could of used him..lol

1017 days ago


You all are immmature are you aware Vick is/trying to turn his life around. Yea he messed up in the past but he diserves another chance

1017 days ago


What the diference between killing dogs and hunting for dear?

1017 days ago


go head lover boy people are haten on u baby but i love u and what u are doing u r my dream team keep up the good work

1017 days ago


It makes me sick that these people have to degrade such a man. They were dogs, not people. I'm sure your the type of people to let your dog sit on the couch and eat food off your table. Maybe that's more of a problem than to scold and bash a man who made a mistake. After all, Mike Vick is a better person than any of your miserable people ever will be. Always been a fan of his work since Atlanta. He is paid to play what ever he does outside of the field is his business and his alone. Leave him alone.

1017 days ago


You guys need to get off this man. He made a mistake and he did his time. He did something positive, give the man some ******* credit. Plenty of people from where Vick is from fight dogs, he was raised around the **** leave the man alone.

1017 days ago


It's funny how people care more about animals then they do human beings. Keep up the GOOD WORK VICK!!

1017 days ago

Eagles Fan     

Wow! Vick did his time! 2 years in fact in prison. More time than most child molestors get! He has proved himsel****ain and again to become a better person. People make mistakes, some make bigger than others. But geez! Get over it all ready! It happened a long time ago. It's all you have to say about the guy!

1017 days ago


You people that are on here bashing this man need to get your priorities in order. You act as if you have never in your damn life done anything wrong and who are you to judge this man anyway. He just like you will have to answer to a higher being. At least he's trying do something positive, what are you doing sitting behind the computer living a miserable life bashing people. Pitiful as individuals.

1017 days ago


The man did his time paid for what he did get over it people can change its time to move on people who kill other people dont get this much hate but kill a animal white america gets there panties in a bunch

1017 days ago


everybody shut the **** up about michael vick killing the dogs. he did his time already and im sure he feels bad about it stop living in the past. you talking **** about a person that doesnt even know you exist wont bring the dogs back will it? i cant stand people who talk **** over the internet

1017 days ago
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