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Conrad Murray

Appeals Manslaughter Conviction

12/2/2011 3:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray has just filed an appeal, challenging his conviction for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson ... TMZ has learned.

Murray filed the document in pro per -- which means he's representing himself instead of using a lawyer.

On the portion of the document where a lawyer will usually state his or her firm's contact information -- Murray lists "Men's Central Jail" ... and includes his booking number.

While he is representing himself, Murray is still communicating with one of the lawyers who repped him in the manslaughter trial, Nareg Gourjian.

Gourjian tells TMZ ... "This case presents a gold mine of issues for any appellate lawyer.  Dr. Murray is confident that the Court of Appeal will vindicate him."


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mac the knife:



995 days ago


192.mac the knife: 3 days ago
marie.. etc.. thanks for info on Evan.. but that's just it.. ORTH & DIMOND NEVER ONCE REPORTED ON THAT INFO.. EVEN IF THEY KNEW ABOUT IT.
Of course Dimond and Orth knew about Evan's situation. Diane Dimond even reported in her book 'Be careful who you love' that Evan had become anti-social. That is a nice way to say that the man was bipolar. People who are bipolar when they get mad they are extremely frustrated and they become either violent or melodramatic. For example Britney Spears who is bipolar when her mother took Kevin Federline's side in the custody battle for her kids, she suddenly accused her mother of sleeping with her ex husband Kevin. Would you take Britney's accusation seriously? No. So when Evan got mad at Michael Jackson after the singer refused to give him 40 million dollars he suddenly accused him of sleeping with his son. Would you take Evan's accusation seriously? No. But the media and Tom Sneddon and the majority of Americans did.

995 days ago


What's matter HN, I think you need an eye surgery too. Never mind what CM does in his cell, I bet he is organizing an auction of MJ's condom catheters, among many other things, like the cups that MJ pissed in.

What's matter with you??? Have you done your research yet???
Can't find a good looking real picture of MJ, that you had to resort to an airbrushed and whitened one on which you can't even see MJ's nose, but just too holes???

Tell you what, my dog looks better than MJ, oh, sorry, not my dog, you like dogs............

Give it a rest, not even Mimi nor OhWell cares enough to jam with you now, you are sounding like a sleepless dingo in the middle of the night, howling at the moon!!!

Let me guess, you are going to call me "dumb"!!! Is that all you got???

995 days ago


Hey HN, you are dumber than a truck load of rocks. Don't you know party is over, you are as dumb as a rock quarry, just let people dig into you......... shamon, shamon.
However, I do agree with you for one thing, after MJ sang, "the kid is not my son..." I think if Prince is not Klien's son, he must be pfeiffer's. He certainly got some fat genes, if you ask me. Paris' thighs are getting meaty as well, catching up with Debbie.
Anyhow, party is over, the pedo is dead, the only reason to hang around here is to raise Pedo awareness and to save the kids of the world, and to demand re-opening of MJ's molestation cases.
I hope some young man will have the enough courage to come out soon!!!! That includes you, Prince and Blanket. BTW blanket, that nic name is sort of abuse as well!
Justice for child sex abuse victims!!!

995 days ago


Marie, why are you posting lies here? Oh, you are just one of MJ's fanatics. enough says, Pedo loves are all liars, look at the fans of Sandusky and Fine. They even rioted. Can anyone imagine what would have happened if MJ was found guilty and CM was found not guilty? California is occupied by fools.

995 days ago

mac the knife    

thanks Marie..

of course, Dimond, Orth & all those sleazes who crucified MJJ will never once admit they were wrong-- & OF COURSE, NEVER ONCE. will they ever report the truth to any of these s***bags who extorted Money from MJJ. Esp the Chandlers. I know Orth & Dimond were getting their anti MJ exclusives from sneddon & Ray Chandler.. in fact.. sneddon did the same dirty trick Larry Feldman in ruining Mj's reputation to get his settlement- assuming, Sneddon.. will dirty up the jury fool & get his victory in court.\
bah.. they are all a ccountable.. all guilty.. in crucifying MJJ in his lifetime.. & THAT IS UNFORGIVABLE! they never even once tried to find out the truth nor the facts.. AS FOR THEM-- THIS WAS A CAREER MOVE.. all about Money,position & ego.

asf or Klein.. I thought it quite intertesting.. that barely was MJ's corpse cold.. he was giving this exclusive to diane Dimond-- that he was the bio dad of Prince & Paris.. as he knew.. this kind of crap is exactly down Dimond's alley.. boy! I recall her dman face as she reported this on ET.. & even going on the morning shows.

now, you ask.. why was Klein doing this?? AHA.. IT'S A BOUT MONEY! HE KNEW BY THEN.. HIS BIGGEST PATIENT.. THE VERY ONE WHO KEPT HIS PRACTICE AFLOAT.. WAS GONE.. HOW CAN HE EXIST? aha.. make himself the Baby dada.. ALWAYS ASSUMING HE CAN DO SOMETHING WITH THE WILL.. get himself in there. THAT'S ALL..
what can you expect from Klein.. HE'S AN AGING QUEEN.. with diahrea in the mouth..

this is what's so funny-- you don't think MJJ knew what he's really like? you betcha.. Mj may have been dependant on him to take care of his skin.. his vitilago BUT IT DOESN'T MEAN.. HE TRUSTED HIM WITH HIS KIDS! or having kids. actually, IF MJ EVER USED A SPERM DONOR? IT WOULD HAVE BEEN MARLON BRANDO! check out his baby pics.. I have.. & Brandos' mother had Indian blood! Marlon? MJ would have trusted..

995 days ago

mac the knife    

Prince & Paris said recently how they are so interested with f ilm? that they have no talent for singing & dancing like daddy/

I thought-- how interesting! Marlon was considered an Adonis when he first arrived on Broadway.. but he broke his nose whilst doing Streetcar on Broadway & Marlon never had it fixed.. he loved his broken nose.itmade him less pretty. Marlon's mother was also a b eauty until booze took it's toll..

995 days ago


Daybreaker AKA DIZZY


to demand re-opening of MJ's molestation cases.


995 days ago


Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. There are more fools in the world than there are people.

995 days ago


Daybreaker: 20 hours ago
I hope some young man will have the enough courage to come out soon!!!! Justice for child sex abuse victims!!!
You should visit Jerry Sandusky's blog instead.

994 days ago


mac the knife: 19 hours ago
thanks Marie.. of course, Dimond, Orth & all those sleazes who crucified MJJ will never once admit they were wrong.
Pseudo reporters Diane Dimond and Maureen Orth never interviewed Jordan Chandler one on one. Never. Instead they talked to Ray Chandler who is a liar just like his late brother Evan.

994 days ago


Daybreaker: 20 hours ago
Marie, why are you posting lies here? Oh, you are just one of MJ's fanatics... Can anyone imagine what would have happened if MJ was found guilty and CM was found not guilty?
I am not posting lies about the Chandlers. I know a lot about them because I have a friend who has been Jordan's friend when they were in college and my friend tells me that Jordan told him MJ was his heroe because the way Michael set up the 20 million dollars settlement for him it was his way of protecting him from his greedy father Evan Chandler. Let me explain. MJ hired financial advisors to look after Jordan's money until he turns 30 years old. The financial advisors bought houses and stocks for Jordan and invested his money in oil companies. Evan Chandler could not touch the money to produce a pedo movie inspired by the book 'Michael Jackson was my lover' which he co-wroted with chilean reporter Victor Gutierrez. If Evan tried to withdraw money from Jordan's bank account he would have to give it all back to Michael. If he tried to sexualize his son to the media, Evan would also have to give back the 2 million dollars settlement he received from Michael. Evan spent all his money in just a few months and went broke and asked his son for more cash. Jordan could not really help his father financially so Evan got so mad by the way Jordan's money was protected that he tried to sue Michael for 60 million dollars in 1996 and make his own money. He lost the case and went crazy. Now Jordan is 30 and he has full access to his money. His father is dead and cannot bother him no more. Unfortunately Michael Jackson is also dead. Even Sonnet Simmons who is Jordan's alleged girlfriend had said once in a radio interview that Michael was her heroe and inspiration. MJ treated Jordan like a son. The settlement money was not to shut Jordan's mouth. Jordan could go to court anytime to testify against Michael if in fact he were really molested. Yet Jordan refused to testify against Michael in 1994 and in 2003 because Michael never molested him. Michael's intentions in 1993 was to marry June Chandler and become Jordan's stepfather and help him become a great songwriter because the boy had talent in that area and was also a great dancer. Michael liked Jordan because he reminded him of a young Michael singing the Jackson 5 tunes. But Evan got extremely jealous of Michael because he bonded with Jordan like father and son in only a few months. And Jordan was not really fond of his super aggressive and possesssive father. At Evan's funeral in New Jersey Jordan and his siblings and his mother June did not show up. At Michael's memorial in Los Angeles at the Staples center Jordan did show up. That's because Evan had lost the love and respect from his kids Jordan and Emmanuelle and Nikki.

994 days ago


Poly Prep Country Day School football players warned their teammates. Juniors and seniors told the freshmen: Don’t get into the green Impala with Phil Foglietta, the football coach at the elite private school in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. Don’t go to the empty visitors’ locker room with him. Don’t let him take you to the squash courts.
But not everybody got the message.
“John Doe III” says Foglietta showered him with attention, took him to a Heisman Trophy dinner, gave him sneakers and got him autographs from O.J. Simpson and other famous athletes, and says he worshipped the fiery football coach who turned the school’s pitiful football program into a New York powerhouse and a magnet for alumni donations as “a god.”
He was 10 years old, John Doe III says, when the anal and oral assaults began. Foglietta, a short, stout man who worked at Poly Prep from 1966 to 1991, raped him hundreds of times between 1968 and 1972, sometimes twice a week, sometimes twice a day. The assaults, he told the Daily News in interviews, took place on the Poly Prep campus, in the green Impala, and at the Bay Ridge apartment the football coach shared with his elderly mother.
John Doe III is a plaintiff in an explosive RICO lawsuit filed two years ago in Brooklyn federal court that claims Foglietta sexually abused him and eight other men from 1966 until the early 1980s. The lawsuit, which names the 157-year-old college prep school and top officials as defendants, says Poly Prep received complaints about Foglietta just months after he was hired but put its football program and its fund-raising efforts ahead of student safety.
The lawsuit, which seeks at least $20 million in compensatory and punitive damages for each plaintiff, says high-ranking Poly Prep officials not only ignored complaints of sexual abuse, they threatened to discipline and expel boys who reported it.
“There is no amount of money that makes this OK,” says John Doe III. “They stole my childhood from me. They stole my teens and twenties and I can never get that back. I want my pound of flesh.”
When Foglietta died in 1998, John Doe III attended the wake at Bay Ridge funeral home.
“I spit on the body,” he says. “It was the best day of my life.”
The school, which charges up to $33,000 a year for tuition, has declined to comment on the specifics of the lawsuit. It continues to handle the crisis that has drawn comparisons to the Penn State and Syracuse sex-abuse scandals in a clumsy manner, the plaintiffs’ alumni supporters say.
In an open letter sent to alumni and parents last week, headmaster David Harman said Poly Prep is forming an advisory committee to bolster its sex-abuse prevention policy. Bill Fordes, a 1971 graduate who is now a producer for NBC’s “Law & Order” franchise, says the announcement was a ham-handed attempt to calm alumni outrage over what the lawsuit describes as a decades-long cover-up.
“It is an unabashed attempt to cover the school from legal, moral and financial responsibility,” Fordes, a former prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, told the Daily News. “This man (Foglietta) was a rapist.”
The suit claims Foglietta may have abused hundreds of other boys. John Doe III says he saw evidence of that in 1971, when he opened a dresser drawer in Foglietta’s bedroom. Inside the drawer, according to the complaint, were hundreds of photos of naked boys, apparently taken with a Kodak Instamatic in Foglietta’s apartment.
Most of the plaintiffs have not spoken publicly about how Foglietta abused them - sexually, emotionally and physically - until recently, when they were interviewed at length by the Daily News.
Here are their stories.
Foglietta sexually assaulted William Jackson several times in the autumn of 1966, shortly after the private school hired Foglietta to coach its football team and teach physical education. One of the incidents, Jackson remembers, took place on the school’s squash courts. The lights were out and Jackson was terrified as Foglietta fondled his genitals.
When Jackson and his parents reported the abuse to then-headmaster J. Folwell Scull and Harlow Parker, Poly Prep’s athletic director, the officials promised to investigate. There was never any discussion about calling the police, he says.
Scull later told Jackson’s mother and father that their son had made the whole thing up and threatened to expel Jackson if he continued to accuse Foglietta of sexual abuse. His parents, thrilled that Jackson was attending such a prestigious school, sided with the school officials.
“From that point on, my parents distrusted me,” says Jackson, who now lives in Florida. “I never really reconciled with my parents after that. We had strained feelings for the rest of their lives.”
Jackson says his father dragged him to a church, brought him to the pulpit and demanded the truth. He would try to slip out of gym class without showering to avoid the coach. Foglietta forced him to wash up, leering and touching himself while a terrified Jackson stood naked in the shower.
Jackson, however, had an exit strategy: He allowed his grades to slip and got into fights with other students. He was expelled in 1968. By then, according to the lawsuit, Poly Prep’s 40-year cover-up had begun. Dozens, and maybe hundreds, of boys would be abused because Scull and Parker failed to act when Jackson first stepped forward.
The man identified in the lawsuit as John Doe II says Foglietta abused him dozens of times - two to four times a month - in Poly Prep’s squash court, the visiting locker room and at Foglietta’s Bay Ridge apartment.
Foglietta also abused him at the lake house John Doe II’s grandparents owned in New Jersey, the man says. But the most memorable incident, he says, took place in a Poly Prep shower. Foglietta had soaped the boy up and had him in a bear hug from behind when Parker, the school’s longtime athletic director who died in 2009, walked into the locker room.
“Parker saw us there and closed the door,” John Doe II says. “That memory has stuck in my mind for 40 years. The fact that that guy stood there and watched us has haunted me. There has not been a day in the last 40 years that I haven’t thought about what happened, especially that incident.”
John Doe II, now a physician, says he told a Poly Prep administrator named Robert Foreman in 1972 that Foglietta was inappropriately grabbing boys. Foreman, he says, didn’t do anything to stop the abuse.
“I was floored by the similarities between this case and Penn State,” John Doe II says. “The cover-up is amazing. It’s all about protecting the football program and Poly Prep.”
During the years he spent at the school, James Zimmerman was one of Poly Prep’s best athletes, an All-State wrestler and a co-captain of the football team in 1981.
“Jim was the best guy on the team,” says Poly Prep graduate Kevin Mulhearn, the Orangeburg, N.Y., attorney who filed the lawsuit and played next to Zimmerman on the offensive line. “He was a gung-ho football player. There was something that happened our senior year. All of a sudden he hated being on the field. He was miserable.”
Zimmerman says Foglietta molested him several times that year on school grounds, giving him “sports massages” that turned into sexual abuse.
Foglietta helped Zimmerman land a football scholarship at upstate Colgate University. Zimmerman, now a New York City school teacher, says he turned down the offer. “I said f--- that,” Zimmerman says. “I’m not going to the school that he wants.”
Classmates say David Hiltbrand was a brilliant student and an exceptional football and baseball player. But all that changed when Foglietta arrived at Poly Prep in 1966. Hiltbrand quit baseball and football - two sports that Foglietta coached - and tried out for soccer and cross-country instead. He started getting high with the Catholic school stoners at a nearby playground.
Hiltbrand says he started to act out in the eighth grade, the same year he was molested several times by Foglietta, to break out of his abuser’s orbit.
“I became a rebellious kid,” say******brand, a veteran entertainment journalist and novelist who lives near Philadelphia. “If he said anything to me, I would ignore him. If he told me to do something, I would flip him off. I was spinning out of control and it became impossible for him to keep me in his sphere of influence. He kicked me off the football team.”
When John Doe IV injured his tailbone in 1971, Foglietta offered “therapy” to help him recover. The coach took him to the empty visiting locker room, massaged the quarterback’s back, then flipped him over and grabbed his genitals.
(Page 3 of 3)
“He manually copulated me,” Doe IV told The News. “I was 14 years old and I walked back to the locker room in a daze. I couldn’t tell my parents. I didn’t know what was going on inside of me.”
The next incident, Doe IV says, came a year or so later, when Foglietta invited him to his home to review game films.
“We thought he lived with his mother, so it would be OK. You couldn’t say no to the man. It happened again, this time by force. He pinned me down on a bed. It was over in a minute.”
Doe IV was sitting in his parents’ home one night that summer when there was a knock on the door. It was Foglietta, who begged him to come to his Bay Ridge apartment. Doe IV says he told Foglietta to get lost.
Doe IV became Foglietta’s whipping boy that year. He called him “******” and other names during team meetings and encouraged defensive players to nail Doe IV during practices. Doe IV completed 11 of 15 passes and scored three touchdowns during a game in his senior year. He asked Foglietta for film to show to college recruiters. Foglietta, he says, edited him out of the film.
George Zarou has spent much of his life battling addictions to drugs, alcohol and gambling, according to the lawsuit. Foglietta, the suit says, abused him in 1968, when he was a Poly Prep fifth-grader.
“I was 10 years old and we would go to the school to play basketball in the gym,” Zarou told The News. “I was taking a shower and he got undressed and soaped up his body. He told me he wanted to clean me. He bear-hugged me. He rubbed me back and forth. I resisted, but he was very strong.
“It never happened again. He treated me like s--- afterward. He was the kind of person who could look at you and make you feel like nothing.”
Foglietta, according to the complaint, abused a man named Jay Paggioli two or three times per week between 1970 and 1974. Paggioli graduated from Poly Prep in 1976 and has struggled with alcohol and drug addiction, depression and other severe emotional problem ever since. Paggioli sued Poly Prep in Brooklyn Supreme Court in 2005, but the suit was dismissed because of statute of limitations issues.
“The case is simply too old,” Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Lewis Douglass said when he dismissed the suit in 2006. Paggioli’s lawsuit, however, was a spark that prompted the other plaintiffs to join together to file the current RICO statute in federal court.
“Jay was a lone wolf in the wilderness, crying out for help,” Mulhearn says. “He got it going.”
Philip Culhane, now an attorney who lives in Hong Kong, was a varsity swimmer, member of the track team and president of his class for four years. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Magna *** Laude from Williams College and received a law degree from New York University.
He is, according to the lawsuit, a sexual-abuse survivor who has was molested by Phil Foglietta.
In 2009, he wrote a lengthy letter to Harman, the Poly Prep headmaster, that explained how Foglietta abused him from 1976 to 1978, and said that he was aware that Foglietta had abused other boys, too. The letter urged Poly Prep to “fulfill its responsibilities” to Foglietta’s victims.
“I believe that the school must name Foglietta as the abuser, that the school must clearly state that his abuse was of a serial nature spanning three decades, that the school must admit that its then-administration failed to address the situation even though it had knowledge, that the school must make a rigorous effort to find the victims and that the school must make restitution to victims in need,” Culhane wrote.
The response from Harman was brief.
“We are sorry to hear your story,” Harman wrote. “Because of previous litigation against this school on this matter, we will confer with our counsel and be guided by them moving forward.”
Read more:
Now tell me why MJ lived in Jordy's one bedroom apartment for over three months, sleeping in the same bed with him???
Gave his mother his credit card to go shopping with? Holding hand with a pre-teen boy on international television looking like newly wedded. Saying without kids, he would rather die. Maybe that's why he killed himself on June 25, 2009.
Some comments wrote, pedos like these should be left to die - Murray should win his appeal, no worries!!!
Let's reopen MJ's molestation cases like the Natalie Wood's case.
Let's declare June 25, International Pedophilia awareness day!!!

HN you are dumb as a rock quarry, open for the world to "dig" into you!

Mac the night, you certainly are not the sharpest one in the drawer!

Marie, keep spinning your story. No three years old will buy into it. Jordie told me in person, the only reason he went to MJ's funeral was to spit on him when he was alone with LMP at the last moment before they pushed the pedo into the fire!!!

994 days ago






994 days ago




994 days ago
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