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Kris Humphries

I Can't Handle Divorce

12/2/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries cannot handle divorce
Kris Humphries has a plan A and B to end his relationship with Kim Kardashian, but neither involves divorce.

Sources directly connected to Kris tell us ... the BBaller has deep-seated feelings -- rooted in religion -- against divorce. He's filed for an annulment because it wipes the slate clean by erasing the marriage.

If the judge refuses to grant an annulment, we've learned Kris will then ask for a legal separation that will extend indefinitely. He feels even though an indefinite separation would preclude him from marrying again, it's preferable to divorce.

The legal experts we've spoken with say ... unless Kris can prove with "clear and convincing evidence" Kim defrauded him into marrying her ... the judge will almost certainly grant her divorce petition.

In California and most states, it only takes one to UN-tango.


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Sonya in Tx    

I'm still astounded that Kris didn't see this coming....

1027 days ago


stay tuned for today's exciting adventures of "Whores of Hollywood ...The Kardashion Klan " number two in the series "The Lying Lohans " being number one. It like dueling Grifter Gang's trying to outsell and grab that media spotlight for themselves......
The Lohans were leading untill their leading whore got jerked up on a very short legal leash and as been sidelined till her sentence is up or till Playboy issue comes out then they will hit the sites running.....
The Kardashions have stepped into the lead with their fake a marriage game that has backfired...Mamma K didn't count on Kris double cross her on the deal..should have payed him more !!!
but the Lohans are fighting back they have replace Lindsay and put Ali in the lead traces and are Selling her Hard with stories and media attention...Tying to sell her as the next supermodel of the fashion world...hard sell since she so not model material...but sell it they are...
and make sure to tune in Sunday night for more exciting Kortney news.....Gag me !!!!!!

1027 days ago

Joan K    

It is pretty clear that anyone who defends the Trashians in such detail and rambling on and on that you have to be one of them and are hiding behind some different initials, isn't working. Nobody in their right mind would be that involved unless you are them, gotcha!

1027 days ago


He's gone full re todd.

1027 days ago

BB not bb    

I'm just not a blood thirsty gang banger like most of the people commenting here. I don't think that the Kardashians are going to depress themselves reading most of this crap.

1027 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

@BB, yeah, I see a pattern....no talent bitches shoved down our throats and in our faces, pushing crap nobody needs, until a fresh no talent bitch comes along to take her place, rinse, repeat.

1027 days ago


the more i read/see Kris Humphries the more i realize he's a pompous a-hole. i used to feel sorry for him but i've come to realize he's just a moron that jumps into things without a clue. the Kardashian's are using him so much and he sits there worrying about their separation not being a divorce because its against his religion....i don't think i've seen a bigger dumbass in my life.

1027 days ago


Kris, take some advice and just do the divorce and move on with your life. Drag this out like this and the very people who've shown support and concern are going to turn on you like they have on the little witch of a wife that you have, however demand a nice huge payout first from that krappy family.

1027 days ago


Kim will be granted a divorce anyway..What kind of man would want to be seperated for eternity? Kim does not want you Kris. I agree you got screwed with Kim I believe she used him.
I give Kim credit for her business sence, not including this marrage..But, how did Kim get her name out there by a sex tape doesn't that speak for her moral character.
I would not want to be a Kashdashian Puppet.. There family is like a cult.
Kris, give the Ho a divorce and forget this nightmare, go find you a real true Lady and enjoy your life with someone who loves you for you and not want to change you.

1027 days ago


I have a feeling that Kris is on this WITH the Kardashian. Didn't Kim say that as a savvy business woman, she would drag this whole divorce thing? Well... Seems like this is exactly what they are ALL doing. I bet you that in the next weeks, there's gonna be a reconciliation of some sort, followed by more drama... and it's gonna go on forever and ever... all the while, they'll all be laughing their way to the bank...

1027 days ago



In pictures before they were married Kim just didn't look interested. The body language was telling. She just wasn't into him. I really think she is in love with the thought of love. She wants it but no man in his right mind would put up with her Diva attitude. She felt that clock ticking since her sister is working on her second child and Kim isn't getting any younger. She settled on Kris because she needed a man to play the part of a husband for her show. She felt trapped under the weight of such a large man that she felt nothing for. That is why she dumped him so quick, there were never any feelings there in the first place.

1027 days ago




1027 days ago


He remains controlling until the end. What loser jerk wants to stay married to someone who doesn't want them. LOL.

He looks like a fool.

1027 days ago


Gosh knows america would stand up as a witness to the greatest scam since Bernie Madoff. Kim and her empire played him like a cheap violin and it's sad to say he fell in love with an illusion, not to mention one that hits. Good luck Kris, but hang around the lockout is over and Kris will find a way to get you with Kyle sshe's younger and impressionable.

1027 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

please BREED before you split for good!
we need more of this type of intelligence in our future

1027 days ago
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