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Kris Humphries

I Can't Handle Divorce

12/2/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries cannot handle divorce
Kris Humphries has a plan A and B to end his relationship with Kim Kardashian, but neither involves divorce.

Sources directly connected to Kris tell us ... the BBaller has deep-seated feelings -- rooted in religion -- against divorce. He's filed for an annulment because it wipes the slate clean by erasing the marriage.

If the judge refuses to grant an annulment, we've learned Kris will then ask for a legal separation that will extend indefinitely. He feels even though an indefinite separation would preclude him from marrying again, it's preferable to divorce.

The legal experts we've spoken with say ... unless Kris can prove with "clear and convincing evidence" Kim defrauded him into marrying her ... the judge will almost certainly grant her divorce petition.

In California and most states, it only takes one to UN-tango.


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haha, why is everyone saying how good o*****uy this douche is...im pretty sure known of you know him..i dont think Kim is a devil , i think she is use to living a certain way, and kris is more "normal". I think they are both stupid because obviously there is NO way in hell from watching them that they would ever last. They are COMPLETELY different people. As for Kim's divorce, and the 10 million dollar wedding... WHO CARES? It's her money if she wants to waste it on a marriage that didnt last, then let her do it. I am really getting sick of people saying oh she could have giving it to charity, etc. Its HER money she can do whatever the f**k she wants with it. The people your going money to on the corners at stop lights im sure are using money for drugs and other things, instead of buying food or saving it. MONEY is MONEY, people are people, the two mixed can make for stupidity. But for sh*ts sake stop saying Kim is such a bad person, Kris is such a good person..u dont KNOW them...get off ur fat a*ses and go back to work instead of worrying about two people who make more money in one day than u will in a lifetime, i think its pure envy. And TMZ stop f*cking running the same damn stories about this everyday its getting old FAST. WHO CARES.

1034 days ago


"But I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, causes her to become an adulteress, and anyone who marries the divorced woman commits adultery." Matt. 5:32
Some people in church feel that the ONLY reason for divorce is adultery. And that if you divorce for another reason and then remarry, that THAT is adultery. I have a family member that refuses to get married b/c of this. Craziness but understandable.

1034 days ago


He really needs to fire his buddy the "non divorce attorney" attorney cause he's getting bad legal advice...

1034 days ago


So let me get this straight...Kim has to admit to the world, the marriage was a fraud for there to be an annulment or Kris won't give her a divorce just make it a legal separation. Hahahahaha...Kris you got a great attorney!

1034 days ago


he doesn;t beleive in divorce until there is a private settlement of millions...but thats ok, you should get alot of money, you were tricked by a bunch of whores who like it up the arse and enjoy being pissed on..does their clothes line at sears smell like urine?

1034 days ago



1034 days ago


Dear Goober...err...Kris....grow some balls! Did you think
Kim KarTRASHian was in LOVE with a hick from Minnesota, like
YOU? Are you THAT DUMB? You were PLAYED...like a fiddle...
by her, her pimp mother, her whore sisters, and her bad-
azz plastic surgery step-dad...get a CLUE...She HAD to make
herself look good by marrying a no-body..and she succeded..
Now it is time to say bye bye Kris...get divorced, and go
marry a nice little farm girl and have tons of kids...and
tell youself it was all just a bad dream...And I heard
Dancing With The Stars is thinking about putting on the
PIMP mama Kris...BOTCOTT them...we have had ENOUGH of the
Kartrashian Armenia gypsy whores...hit them where it HURTS.
Contact the sponsors of their shows....and boycott them.
Times are tough...sponsors don't WANT people boycotting
them...but it is either adios Kartrashians, or stop buying
their products. They are scammers and fakes. And we are
SICK of them!

1034 days ago


Kardashians Seeking to Discredit, Embarrass Kris Humphries in Tabloid Press....

Kris Humphries probably wishes he had never heard the name Kardashian.

Sources in tabloid media tell Fox411.com that a spate of stories have been carefully disseminated by the Kardashian family's camp in a calculated campaign to discredit Humphries in the wake of the dissolution of his 72-day marriage to Kim.

A Kardashian rep says the allegations are “ridiculous and not true.” But it is hard to ignore the spirited whipping that Humphries is getting in the press. It began slow, but has descended lower and lower.

Phase One: Kris is mean.

A “friend” of the family leaked to US Weekly magazine last week that Humphries called Kim fat and stupid and told her she didn’t have any talent.

Phase Two: Kris is gay.

This week another “source” tells Star magazine in exquisite detail why Kim thinks that Humphries is a homosexual. The story goes that Kim confided to her sister Khloe that she and Humphries did not have sex on their Italian honeymoon. Kim allegedly told Khloe that she tried to seduce Kris but he wasn’t interested. The source says that Kim began to wonder whether he new husband was gay and said “there were signs.” In the often homophobic world of professional sports, this rumor could have professional implications for Humphries as well as personal.

“Those pretty faces could be the face of evil if you are on the wrong side of them,” says Cult of Celebrity author Cooper Lawrence, adding that the Kardashians have long been known for planting stories about themselves in the press. “They have said they will do anything to preserve their image, including blocking Kris from making money, so I'm not surprised they would start rumors about him. They have an empire to protect and it's pretty clear that nothing will get in their way.”

An empire indeed. Kardashian isn’t just a family name, it is a brand that made a reported $65 million last year. Any successful business would try to protect itself from negative press, and now that Kris Humphries is publicly calling his former love and her family a bunch of frauds in seeking an annulment, Kardashian Inc. has to fight back, experts say.

“The Kardashians are a brand powerhouse, and the name 'Kardashian' is the driving force behind the brand. So you better bet these ladies will be do anything to prevent their name from being tarnished, and if that means making sure Kris Humphries is history by dragging him through the mud, then that is exactly what they will do,” In Touch Weekly senior editor Dorothy Cascerceri tells Fox411. “The Kardashian name and image is everything to them, and they are not going to let an ex-husband destroy that. The Kardashian family seems determined to come out of this mess on top.”

Now that Humphries is publicly seeking an annulment from Kardashian on the grounds of fraud, and refusing to go quietly out to pasture, experts say things could get even uglier. Saying that "Kris is mean" and that "Kris might be gay" could be seen as the salad days of the feud.

Possible Phase 3? Corroboration.

Right now it is the Kardashians versus Kris. In order to make their claims against him stand in the court of public opinion, the Kardashians need to find an outsider to claim in tandem with Kim that Kris is a jerk, according to Lawrence.

“They will drag out an old girlfriend to say he cheated and was abusive,” Lawrence tells Fox411. “That way you don’t look at her and say she is accusing him. Now they need to find someone else who has a negative opinion about him to really make him seem like a jerk.”

But some experts say that the continued vitriol streamed at Humphries from Kamp Kardashian may only make him more likable.

“The Kardashian attacks on Kris Humphries have about the same level of street cred as Ahmadinejad's attacks on Israel," brand strategist Adam Hanft tells Fox411. "Their willingness to put any semblance of personal dignity, accuracy or grace aside for media attention has created the almost unfathomable situation of creating sympathy and affection for Humphries."


1034 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Please send the whole Kardashian Klan to Gitmo.

As for this dope, he looks like he might have some chromosomal disorder.

This obsession with these slags make me want to vomit.

1034 days ago


This woman is the biggest skank of all. Her hole family are all the same- do any thing for money, sell your soul for the green because that is the only thing that makes you happy. So disgusting

1034 days ago


The biggest problem is getting the kids off Twitter on Sunday. Momma and K Sisters bought inventories/lists of names to add to their twitter accounts of the demographics they target: Little girls and boys, tweens and young adults. Right before air time on Sunday they start tweeting all these kids to go watch their show. They keep these kids invested by blogs such as TMZ etc, product and twitter and their shows. These kids like Robots are instructed to go watch their show and they do! Get the kids off twitter on Sunday if you want their ratings to go down and get them cancelled. TWITTER IS THE PROBLEM. All grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, sisters and brothers need to pay more attention to the kids and their twitter behaviour on Sundays. Take care of your families. Rent movies on Sunday or take the kids out or play games with them,do schoolwork. The kids are in a rut. Every story they post here is to keep people invested and caring about them. Who really gives a crap. Really. Get on with your lives. I am posting here to get the personal and emotional aspect out and the message of HOW TO GET THEM CANCELLED IN. Everyone has an opinion and Kim's only interest is to get you on the couch to watch her show. The more you give an opinion they more she keeps you INVESTED.


Kids are their targets. Kris Humphries has an attorney, don't worry about him.

1034 days ago


So let me get this straight....Kim has to admit to the world that her marriage was a fraud for the annulment to be granted or they will be legally separated for life and neither one can remarry. Wow, Kris you got a GREAT attorney!

1034 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

He's in on it with Kim. They are playing everyone for fools.

1034 days ago


If a judge sides with the Kardashian: public already knows how crooked our justice systems>Far as the media and the Kardashian family goes..They have become the most replusive family in the United States.Media.Media did not count on the out pour of opinion of the public.Guess what,Common people are as stupid as You like to make us out to be.

1034 days ago


kris stop being a ***** and get over it, you should be happy you got that trash out of your life!

1034 days ago
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