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Kris Humphries

Suing Kim for Emotional Distress

Is Only Option to Score $$$

12/3/2011 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries Upset
Kris Humphries will not get any money by fighting Kim Kardashian's attempt to divorce him -- but if he really wants to fight, there is something he can do to try and score millions from KK.

Sources directly connected with both Kris and Kim tell TMZ ... there is no point in challenging the prenup -- it's iron-clad and both sides know it. Fact is, if Kris gets his way and has the marriage annulled based on fraud, that would mean there was never a marriage and as a result he would have NO CLAIM to any of Kim's earnings during their 72 days of bliss because no marriage would have existed.

We've poked around and asked some experts what Kris might be able to do to score some cash, if he really wanted to do that. The only plausible scenario is if Kris files a claim against Kim for intentional infliction of emotional distress based on fraud. If he could prove Kim used him as a disposable groom for her reality show -- he could get monetary damages.

So, you ask, what would his monetary damages be? Well how 'bout this? If Kris sucks during the lockout shortened BBall season and gets cut from the Nets -- which is a possibility -- he could blame the distractions on his disastrous marriage and try to sock Kim for the money he'd be out.  Kris pulls in $3.2 mil a year.

Here's the deal. We know Kris is really hurt and feels he was used by Kim. The question -- does he have the stomach to sue her in civil court. And there's this -- the likelihood of Kris winning is about as great as Harvey Levin replacing him on the Nets.

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A far more likely scenario (why didn't you go here TMZ?), is that Kris' threat of dragging it out via annulment and latent threat of making Kardashian "reality" deals public is a very real incentive for KK to offer him a fat settlement to go away and never say another word. That's the first thing that seemed obvious when he announced he'd be dragging it out. Forget prenups, he's fine, her reputation and reality show is in tatters .... seems he finally got a lawyer with a clue. And why not? These kardashian hyenas are the FIRST to employ such tactics against others.

999 days ago


What's going on? Is Kris broke or near broke and now he's trying to figure out a way to get paid for Kim scamming him? I read Kris was a free agent. The Nets did drop him before or during the lockout but now they are thinking about bringing him back.

999 days ago

BB not bb    

The Nets might want him back because he would draw people to games. Organized sports is turning into the WWF. People might show up who hate basketball, just to see the guy who tried to destroy the Kardashians. Maybe girlfriends of guys who like basketball would be more willing to sit through a game if he was there.

Who knows? I think the Nets is a winning team. I don't even know what team they have out in MN. Maybe he just likes it out there better. Then he can be with his parents and his pastor and his ex-girlfriend.

998 days ago


There has to be some sort of business fraud law he could be able to turn to and have a much greater chance at winning. Because he fully she get 50 percent of anything made off that damn fake wedding. Sue for $10 million for intent to profit from fraudent use of his name/likeness/self without compensation. There has to be something.

998 days ago


Desperate and Pathetic TMZ

998 days ago


Kris will never sue Kim or the Kardashian clan, he's shown himself to be a gentleman despite all the press. He wants a clean slate, as in, I was never married. I don't blame him a bit. If he gets a little 'chump change' in the end, all the better.

998 days ago


The ONLY people that know whats going on are the Kardashians(heaven help us) and Kris.But leave it to TMZ to make this all about Kris wanting money.From what I have read about Kris is he wants a annulment because of his religious beliefs.
None of us will ever really know the truth,but everyday TMZ makes it a point to have at least two stories a day about this useless family,making sure they are in the public eye.

998 days ago


as far as not being known. the kardashian name was never heard of util the oj trial where their father defended oj. kim was never heard of until she did the sex tape with ray j. scott was never heard of until he appeared on their show, i never heard of lamar until he married kloe,etc,etc. kim was only known after she dated ray j and the sex tape and then she dated reggie and played that for every bit of publicity she could get out of it. calling kris on wanting 15 minutes is the pot calling the kettle black. hope kris gets as much money and publicity as he can out of kim and this family.

998 days ago

brown dynamite    

Proof you morons at TMZ know nothing about sports, cut Kris Humphries if he sucks? He doesn't, and he'll likely be getting at least double that when he goes through free agency soon. Also since when can NBA teams cut players? They only have one cut available to them through the new agreement, why would they waste it on a player making ONLY 3.2 Million. Serious stay away from the sports articles, you look like idiots.

998 days ago


@#17 AyeJay: about an hour ago

I can totally see the KarTRASHians behind this. See, if he was too sue her for emotional distress - then the K's would flip and be like "See! he was only in it for the money! He's the fraud!!" I can assure you that this article is another one of the K's pr moves to make it seem like Kris the villan.

^^^^^^^^ I totally agree with you, this story sounds vindictive and taunting, just like how the Kardashian's and their PR team play things out in headlines. They love to taunt and one up and lay out a scenario and sounds snobby doing it. It sounds like something that Kim and her sick mother are behind.

....I bet that Kim and her Mom and their PR lapdogs are planting these stories in the headlines.....

Team Humphries. Kick Rocks Kim, and your shallow family too.

998 days ago


Damon: about an hour ago

This entire "story" is hyperbole orchestrated by Mike Walters who thinks he is a Kardashian!

Kris has never said anything other than his initial statement and the filing of the annulment!

Notice Kris H stories are "sources" and Kim K stories are simply Mike talking to Kim and Harvey talking to Kris Jenner!

They're trying to help make him look bad - when all of the stories are pure speculation!


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Exactly, these planted stories are not coming from Kris Humphries (he'd not even say if he sucks, that is something a Kardashian would put into headlines).

The Kardashian's are sick people who will destroy someone intentionally causing them hurt, to bully them and intimidate them into silence. This is an abusive action on the Kardashian's part planting these sick demented stories and snide scenarios.

It is dripping with their kind of haughty tauntings. It is as if they are trying to scare him or seriously emotionally hurt him. Kris Jenner, and her daughters are mean malicious spiteful immature divas, if you dare cross any of them, they will take their shallow ways and be as sadistic as they can be. Take a look at how brow beaten that Scott and Bruce are, you can tell they mentally and verbally mind F the men in their family, into submission, so they can control them and get out of life all they want.

It is so disgusting! The Kardashian's are demonic.

998 days ago


Well Kris Humphries,You are officially on my [prayer list] if ever a guy was meant to win,it's now.this is coming from a female who thinks men have been used long enough,you are due for some good luck...go NBA,

998 days ago

Loving Latina    

Right now he doesn't want the money Harvey!! He just wants to be done with her like she never existed!He doesn't want to have any affiliation with her nor her family. He wants out! He believes that she never loved him and he was just a pawn for her reality series, he's done. If she doesn't give him what he wants and makes it difficult for him to move on then she is adding emotional distress and duress.He should sue her and big! No pre-nup is ever iron-clad, a good lawyer always finds a way to prove the grounds that they are filing under. I'm sure it will be proven if need be that Kim Kardashian set him up and used him. Unless, she knows every judge in California and they are easily bought?! You never know?! For kris, lets just hope he gets some justice and moves on from this Hoe!!...Damn, this Skanl gots all the seven deadly sins down to the T! She has to much pride, she is envious, she is greedy, she is lustful, she is an angry person when she doesn't get her way, she lacks empathy which is a sign of sloth,she only cares about herself and what she thinks, for example, not caring how the filing for divorce would affect Kris Humphries. Also, she is gluttony in the sense that she wants tons of fame, she wants everyone to love her, want her, to buy her stuff, she relisheds in being in the celebrity company, she indulges in sex, sells her soul to the devil..... This hoe is a deadly sinner! She has nothing that anyone should ever want..Money isn't everything, it couldn't even buy her someone to love her!!! Kris Humphries must feel like he has no voice right now, he must be under emotional distress. Glad someone pointed it out.

998 days ago

good as gold    

TMZ, I hate to inform you and your so called "experts" are dead wrong. If a California judge grants an annulment, then that means the couple's private prenuptial agreement will also be null and void. Kris wants the confidentiality clause in the pre-nup null and void because he has some serious dirt on the kar-scam-ians. If the kar-scam-ians are smart they need to grant Kris an annulment with a large cash settlement plus attorney fees with a signed confidentiality agreement or they risk a p.r. nightmare worse then they have now with the dirt Kris has on them.

998 days ago


So, you're just making assumptions. There's no actual story here. IF there's no story, why does TMZ have to constantly refer to Kim Kardashian? She is no longer relevant. Talentless, dumb, egotistical, shallow and a poor example for young ladies.

998 days ago
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