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Kris Humphries

Suing Kim for Emotional Distress

Is Only Option to Score $$$

12/3/2011 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries Upset
Kris Humphries will not get any money by fighting Kim Kardashian's attempt to divorce him -- but if he really wants to fight, there is something he can do to try and score millions from KK.

Sources directly connected with both Kris and Kim tell TMZ ... there is no point in challenging the prenup -- it's iron-clad and both sides know it. Fact is, if Kris gets his way and has the marriage annulled based on fraud, that would mean there was never a marriage and as a result he would have NO CLAIM to any of Kim's earnings during their 72 days of bliss because no marriage would have existed.

We've poked around and asked some experts what Kris might be able to do to score some cash, if he really wanted to do that. The only plausible scenario is if Kris files a claim against Kim for intentional infliction of emotional distress based on fraud. If he could prove Kim used him as a disposable groom for her reality show -- he could get monetary damages.

So, you ask, what would his monetary damages be? Well how 'bout this? If Kris sucks during the lockout shortened BBall season and gets cut from the Nets -- which is a possibility -- he could blame the distractions on his disastrous marriage and try to sock Kim for the money he'd be out.  Kris pulls in $3.2 mil a year.

Here's the deal. We know Kris is really hurt and feels he was used by Kim. The question -- does he have the stomach to sue her in civil court. And there's this -- the likelihood of Kris winning is about as great as Harvey Levin replacing him on the Nets.

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Go for it Humphries. The Kardashians only care about money money money. And Kim probably listened to her mother telling her "marry him and get ratings" cause thats all mama seems to care about. But I guess they should milk it while it lasts. Famous for NOTHING.

1034 days ago

nancy williams    

Kris just wants to pretend this whole thing never happened.Leave him alone.He has all the money he needs.Wanting to feel like he never meet Kim is a feeling I share.I wish I never knew she exists.Barbra Walters on the View said Kim was one of fasinating people on her special and the audience booed loudly.15 minutes almost over Kim!!!!

1034 days ago


Why do the kk clan keep posting on here...we all know all the negativity that is written on Kris is written by this really sick family.....just go away stupid, trashy family

1034 days ago


If the marriage is annuled, he gets his ring back. It's as simple as that.

1034 days ago

Ms. Scarlet    

WTF TMZ!? You're itching so bad for a story that you're now concocting scenarios? Yuck!

Why dont you plant your photogs outside of a few Beverly Hills and Malibu coffee shops to catch the celebs going in for their Saturday latte and paper. At least then we'd have something to talk about.

1034 days ago

kelly martz    

sue the bitch. cause she only used u for the extra ratings on her show. emotional distress and having a fraud marriage. she deserves what she has coming for messing with your heart and mind. who does she think she is. her puss isnt gold cause she is nothing but trash. her other sisters r ok but she is just a plain slut.

1034 days ago


FloridaGirl - it's called a prenup.

1034 days ago


move over Pari******on, theres a new talentless ho to take your place Kartrashian Kim. Maybe you two could become BFF's

1034 days ago


((Im a California Family Law Attorney)). Sorry TMZ you are wrong. If the marriage is annulled, Kris could still be found to be a putative spouse. A putative spouse is an innocent party, who in this case, was not in on the fraud. He still gets everything a normal spouse would get. He could sue for defamation, if the reports of the Kardashian clan stating he was gay, as it would have an effect on his marketability as an NBA player.

1034 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...ok...TMZ..since ur the gossip site everyone on the planet comes too for stories..how be u leave Kris off the sights and let the poor kid concentrate on his career and maybe, just maybe he can keep his job..just a thought..lol

1034 days ago


Imagine if nobody views their show and only "9" people view it and that is just the Kardashian family. During the commercials they can call each other vaginas,**** stains, whores,an****** each other's bleached anus's. The ratings will show there was a major blackout in American and it will be on the cover of every newspaper on Monday morning and on every news station and even the "View" where Barbara Walters will have to rethink her special. And the audience starts Booing away again! A Major Blackout coming To E Channel and everyone watched Pan Am instead. Kris sits back in Minnesota still saying nothing but laughing with all of American. Don't fool us Americans Kim, because we will black your channel out. If you watch their show, go have your head examined.

1034 days ago


Get back together with the whore and make a sex tape and then sell the tape. She can give you some pointers on how to make a bad sex tape.

1034 days ago


kim did intionaly inflick emotional harm?distress.. when she floated all those bad storys about him in the paper.
what team is going to hire him after hes been called lazy dumb and a monster and husband from hell?
to be slandered like thatin the world wide press is deffinalty a case for emional distrss. Plus its strss him out too much to train with the whole world talking about you how could you concetrate on anything.
If kris wants to make a buck off of all this trouble they cauzed him and damage to his reputiona and his pyscogical damge. who cares . thekardshines make money off of everyhthing that happens to them even peeing in thier pants.
so why cantkris make a buck are thekardshines the onlyonew who are allwoed to make money in this country? There is a whole laudery list of things he could sue for pick one or poick them all. Just from watching on the sidelines he is intitled to something for at the very least having his core values be explolited by the kk BRAND. he can never have his own brand. never play ball again. If the shoe were on the other foot and it wasKIM this had been done to the lawsuites would fly and everyone bend over backwards to
make sure she got justice. there is a double standard. the so called celbs are treated one way and everyone else gets walked all over. If he wants to sue for the hell of or just beacuse its the right thing to do he can allways donate his
winnging clain to charity. I dont think he should have to he is intiled to recoup some of his loss and be able to heal pyscolgcly from the damage. He needs justic to help repair his repution if he won in court that would set the record strite of who did wrong.
If it werekim career that was ruined there would be hell to paykris career is ruined and they expct him to just crawl off into a cave someplace and no peep from him ever again.
`````````````````````````Emotional distrss cases are hard to win but certainly no impsossible and he odvioullsy has sufferd beacuse of the trashkines.
why put his head on apic of a kid. thatis more of TMZ sucking up to kardshines. Id like to see nxted time they post a decnt pic of him. You never see TMZ postkims worst pics.Id say just start the lawsuitekim well pay him off to not have her dirty pantys hung out to dry in court.
even if he doesnt think he can win he should do it just to shwo celbs they cant just up and destroy someones repution and career and peace of mind and wlak off scott free.
tms went over baod saying he doesnt have a chance to win.
He peroably wont sue anyw ay but I dotn think hes going to be slient either about whats been done to him. Everyone assumes hes out for money why cant he have the right to justice? Dwon the raod well see scott disc go threw about this same thing once the kardshines are done with him.
For one thing the proudcers of the show planned to inflickemional distrss when they put a naked balck guy in his apartment! Bascialy beacuse the kk clan is clebs they cand ow what ever they want and get away with it.
Howevere they have paid a big price in losing the publics trust. There brand is over.

1034 days ago


Yeahhhhhhhh Buddyyyyy. Cant hurt her with domestic violence like Kim did, so hit her where it hurts the most......her wallet. GO KRIS! **** THE KARDASHIANS!!!! Love the East Coast <3

1034 days ago


This guy is a douchebag

1034 days ago
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