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Porn Star Stormy Daniels

I'm Being Terrorized By My Ex

12/3/2011 5:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stormy Daniels
Porn star Stormy Daniels is desperate for protection against her ex-husband -- claiming the guy attacked her and her fiance at a red carpet event earlier this year ... and even tried to steal her car.

Stormy -- real name Stephanie Clifford -- obtained a temporary restraining order this week in L.A. against her ex Michael Mosny, claiming Mosny also got her new fiance fired from his job ... after threatening the man's employer. Stormy claims Mosny even tried to have a friend steal her car.

Mosny and Daniels have a history of domestic violence -- back in 2009, when they still lived together, the porn star was arrested for battery ... after allegedly attacking Mosny over the way he did the laundry.

A hearing is set for December 22 to decide if the restraining order will be made permanent. Mosny had no comment.


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Stormy played a stripper in "Knocked Up".

1021 days ago


But she looks soooo sweeeet! Are you sure?

1021 days ago

Kory Puba    

I work in the adult industry and I know Mike Moz personally and I know he's a stand up guy who is a hard worker at his job.

Stormy is crazy and she loves drama and since she's being washed up and nobody hires her, she gets herself blasted on TMZ just to make people believe she is still around.

Trust me, the fact that TMZ is putting her in the spotlight even after she was the one convicted for battery, shows how low this ridiculous website even is.

I mean seriously TMZ, this is your all time low as a company; it first had me disgusted when you posted Steve Jobs prior to his death, and now you publicize washed up pornstars who want drama.

1021 days ago

John henry    

WTF? TMZ, you guys are insane.. This chick is getting publicized for this ****? F her man.. Its obvious that she's desperate for attention.

1021 days ago


She's haggard.. I hope she looks at these comments and then decides to walk in front of on going traffic. Washed up.

1021 days ago

BB not bb    

I really don't keep up with strippers or consider them celebrities. However, I think that this lady is being hounded by an evil ex. I think that a restraining order probably won't help. She needs a better legal counsel. This ex is sending people to do his dirty work and doing it behind their backs.

She should sue for the loss of her new boyfriend's job on the grounds of slander. She should sue for conspiracy to commit theft on her vehicle. She also might be able to charge him with stalking. Restraining orders just keep someone away from your house or body in person. He doesn't seem to need that.

1021 days ago


these guys are idiots to get invloved with these high maintenance sluts-guys-think with your other head! they will suck the life out of you-they are all f.... up

1021 days ago

Henry niadge omondi    

I love u baby girl.

1020 days ago

steven katona    

i love you stormy!!! come to canada and film a movie with big k!!!! i'd love a chance to break into the business with a hot superstar like you! love to make it work and see how things would go! can you make it big??? email me sugar luv ya!!!!!! xox

1020 days ago


Stormy is an acquaintance (friend of my roomie) and I know there are 2 sides to every story...but I do know she has moved 3 times because of this dude Mike and he threatened her INFANT. To the above poster: She wasn't "convicted" of anything. The charges against her were never followed up with because the dude admitted he made the story up when she tried to leave him (google it). Mike & her broke up 3 years ago but he wont leave her alone and jumped her bf last week. Also I'm 90% sure she is still has same job she had for like 10 yrs which is a paid contract position at Vivid or Wicked so clearly she is not upset about "hiring her". I'm not denying she is prob crazy...but all chicks are and nobody deserves abuse/stalking.

1020 days ago


Who gives a *#^%! Why are you wasting page space with stories nobody gives a *%$# about!! stupied whore!!

1020 days ago


Comical! You thought what...that some loser that marries a porn star was stable? Please....

1020 days ago


It's always great to get involved with a porn star, isn't it?

1019 days ago


I know her fiance (Glendon) and have for many years...he's a really nice guy..they have a beautiful daughter together and she doesn't deserve the stalking and harassment her ex has decided she so deserves. I'm not sure how he got Glendon fired from his last job, however. (He was the drummer for Godhead, then Hollywood Undead..then ended up in porn with her).

1019 days ago


Hi Mom..Let me introduce you to my girl..shes a porn star!!

1018 days ago
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