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Usher's Ex-Wife to Judge

Drug Test Him NOW

Before It's Too Late

12/3/2011 12:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Usher's ex-wife Tameka Raymond is freaking out that testing the singer for drugs will soon be useless -- because the more time that passes, the more time Usher has to cleanse his system of illicit substances.

In case you haven't been following -- Tameka demanded Usher take a drug test recently because she thinks the singer is popping pills and who-knows-what-else around their kids.

Usher refused on grounds Tameka's demands were "frivolous and unfounded" and only intended to “harass and embarrass” the singer. But now, Tameka's lawyers are taking her case back to the judge in the ex-couple's custody war, pleading with the court to force Usher to take the test despite his refusal.

And according to the docs, Tameka wants the court to make it snappy -- claiming, any further delay will allow Usher to "cleanse" any evidence of drugs from his system.

So far, no word back from Usher's reps.


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Montclair Grandma    

Mother knows best. She didn't want him to marry Tameka.
Tameka comes across as trying to embarrass him publicly to get control over him. She may be trying to get more money out of him.

1053 days ago


Is it possible that she is just angry she does not have more access to his money? After all, she gots to take care of her other kids as well and perhaps do some more upkeep in Brazil on the lipo, tummy tuck, facelift or whatever other cosmetic enhancements she had done.

1053 days ago

Jenny Riley    

Boy, I am surprised at some of the comments on this thread. How can you condone a parent doing drugs period. This mother has every right, in fact she has a duty to make sure that no one who spends time with her kids is on drugs, including their father. The kids come first and I applaud her for being a good mother. If any of you think that Usher does not do drugs (Yes! Marijuana is a drug too)than you need to come down to earth or stay away from kids. If this man is "clean" he should have insisted that he take the test when she first asked for it. If you aren't guilty of doing drugs, you don't protest having to take a test. Prove everyone wrong and take it immediately. Good for the mom, at least their kids have someone looking out them.

1053 days ago


oh for the love of Christmas, She knows about his drug use bc shes been w him in Vegas. And God knows where else. I say he tests positive for coc, opiates & whatever is in Molly or E. oh yea & herbs. God knows Ben Vereen's Godson is smoking the refer too.

1053 days ago


Behind every real father is a bitch like this. Poppin pills??? Wait, almost every woman in american is on anti depressants. Crazy bitches.

1053 days ago


Well...Usher doing drugs WOULD explain why he thought it'd be a good idea to subject the world to Bieber...she may be on to something

1053 days ago

KarenF. from Chicago    

Tameka is a bitter BITCH but i see she holding on to his name. When he pass the drug test then what? you choose to have them kids and the last one unknowingly and you and your other kids are reaping the benefits. Bitch relax!!

1053 days ago


He's so douchie.

1053 days ago


She needs to relax. He can't cleanse his system of anything, I've worked in labs doing drug tests and they know when someone has done something to try to conceal drug use, I've analyzed samples that clearly had acetone, bleach and all sorts of other things that people think they can use to mask drugs. All the lab will do is analyze the sample by a different method, a method that can separate bleach from whatever drug is present. If he is doing drugs he can't cleanse his system any faster than his body will naturally metabolize the drug. Nice try though....for both of them.

1053 days ago


just test the pompous a**....why is everyone hating the wife? She deserves to know and if he is clean then carry on....

1053 days ago


Seriously. Is this some type of add-on holiday weekend? Because these are some of the MOST boring stories EVER. I'm sure you don't care so much about US, but your advertisers should know that your content today is beyond ho-hum. Am I suggesting you make something up? No. Take a look at the competition's material. Maybe :-)

1053 days ago


This sounds like Tameka Raymond is certainly going for the "jugular" since Usher canceled her credit card. It may seem like "calculated" payback on her part, but if he DOES have a substance abuse problem, she's doing him a favor. At least he'll be forced to deal with it rather than allowing her to hold it over his head. Vindictive women always regret their actions in the long run!!!

1053 days ago


Bitch get over it..Hes over you, dont hold the kids against him Old Lady! Be grateful your kids will be taken care of!

1053 days ago


It's about money - that's the thing -

It's always about Money.

If Usher agreed to give her five million in, say, ten dollar bills and quarters?

-Would these drug tests still be something she clings to and demands of him?

She's a loser trying to *do* Usher like this.

Good he got rid of her early - good for Usher.

1053 days ago


She looks like Chantal, the transgendered that got hit by Kourtney K.

Never like Usher's ex, but he was warned lay down with dogs and you're bound to get fleas

1053 days ago
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