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Brooke Mueller [VIDEO]

Getting DOWN

Before Drug Arrest

12/5/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Minutes after Brooke Mueller allegedly assaulted someone Friday night, she sashayed her ass into an Aspen nightclub like nothing just happened -- and TMZ has the hilarious security cam footage.

TMZ broke the story ... Brooke was arrested Friday night outside Aspen's Escobar nightclub on suspicion of felony cocaine possession. She was also booked for third degree assault after allegedly attacking someone at a different nightclub nearby.

But right before all that happened, Brooke DANCED HER FACE OFF.

There's no sound -- but you can totally make out Brooke doing her thing ... twirling around, drink in hand, bumping into other dancers. Moments later, cops show up and drag her outside.

You gotta watch the clip. Brooke is currently free on $11,000 bond.


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Didn't headbands go "out" in the 80's???

1054 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

You can filter out my calling Brooke Mueller a ****, but you can't filter out these ads? This is a joke - I'm now assuming that you get paid for leaving these ads in.
One other thing - watching a grown woman with two children high on drugs making an ass out herself is not even close to hilarious. I can go to any club in the country and see at least one person stumble around the dance floor. This is pathetic.

1054 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Useless Junkie tramp. Ladies out there, nothing's worse for a lady to be than a drunken coke ho. NOTHING but a drunken coke ho child molester..

1054 days ago


I don't think she wants to get better. I know sh is an addict and understand it is hard to stop, but she continues to put herself in places where all her vices are available and taunting her. She needs to loss the kids, and not by giving them to her parents. She needs to suffer some consequences.

1054 days ago


Let's categorize celebrity troubles into a few buckets...

Offense Type 1: Drug related, after midnight.
Offense Type 2: Everything else.

Now, TMZ, when there is a celeb in trouble, you can just report as follows:

"Brooke Mueller, last night, offense type 1."

1054 days ago


What is so hilarious about this video?

1054 days ago


I fail to see the hilarity. Its a typical scene from a typical bar. careful are treading dangerously close to Perez Hilton's likewise exagerated 'highlarity' tag.

1054 days ago


painfully bad dancing

1054 days ago


OK, as of this moment, 33 percent of the comments r/t this article are spam. Harv, you gotta work on this... you site is seriously being compromised! and boring, which is even worse.

1054 days ago


I find her latest arrest very sad. I was hoping that she was cleaning her life up. Her boys need her! I don't know how she got involved in drugs, but the entire story is beyond upsetting.

1054 days ago


Brooke needs to sashay her crazy, drug addled ass over to a LOCKED IN LONG TERM REHAB FOR ABOUT A YEAR.

It's either rehab or jail for Brooke now. It's better than dying of a cocaine overdose. Rehab, jail, insanity or death. That's the usual choices for hardcore drug addicts.

This girl just can't stay away from drugs and act like a civilized person. She sure didn't go to a "charm school" for rich girls. She's just an uncool chick these days. I wouldn't want to go out with her. She'd say weird things, yell and push people and just embarrass the heck out of everyone.

1054 days ago

Fat Mike    

What's with the "dancing her face off" lines today?
BTW, you've got it wrong, moron. It's "dancing her heart out".

1054 days ago


Towards the end, it looks like a girl in shorts and a tank - comes behind her and starts to dance up on her. It looks as if the girl even physically touching Brooke. Then Brooke turns around and it APPEARS that she slightly chest bumps the girl. I don't go to clubs anymore, but when I did - that always bothered me. When people - male or female - start dancing up on you and touching you.

It is rude, crude and not acceptable practically grope someone you don't even know.

I wish we had the tape of the actual assault from the other bar!

1054 days ago

miss penny lane    

you went too far in this post, TMZ--the woman has obviously got a huge problem, but you're just making fun of her.

1054 days ago


people like her don't care if they are arrested-she has money, doesnt have to work so as long as its not a serious charge, they spend almost no time in jail-most of us would get fired, have debt, etc., but celeberties have nothing to fear so they keep doing it. what does she carr if she gets arrested? what a great parent.

1054 days ago
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