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Brooke Mueller [VIDEO]

Getting DOWN

Before Drug Arrest

12/5/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Minutes after Brooke Mueller allegedly assaulted someone Friday night, she sashayed her ass into an Aspen nightclub like nothing just happened -- and TMZ has the hilarious security cam footage.

TMZ broke the story ... Brooke was arrested Friday night outside Aspen's Escobar nightclub on suspicion of felony cocaine possession. She was also booked for third degree assault after allegedly attacking someone at a different nightclub nearby.

But right before all that happened, Brooke DANCED HER FACE OFF.

There's no sound -- but you can totally make out Brooke doing her thing ... twirling around, drink in hand, bumping into other dancers. Moments later, cops show up and drag her outside.

You gotta watch the clip. Brooke is currently free on $11,000 bond.


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bj brigham    

why isnt this girl in 12year rehab..everytime she leaves her kids,she is out hooking up for drugs,men ,cocaine,meth,,,she needs to be arrested and put in jail or rehab . before she dies or kills someone NOW

1062 days ago

un-proud american    

Denise Richards should get her kids that way they can know their siblings and Charlie could still see them....who knew she was the only normal and sane one in this equation.

1062 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

wow!!! what fun! looks like this sober valley club is where I'd rather be than with my kids or family. crack, drinks, pimps & hos, and twirling.......very cool

1062 days ago


We all know she needs help and I really feel horrible for her two boys, BUT this video doesn't tell us anything. This is how most young people look on the dance floor. Yawn.

1062 days ago


Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah
Show 'em how we do it now.

Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah, yeah
Show 'em how we do it now, show 'em how we do it now.

1062 days ago


I fail to see what is "hilarious" about this footage. Not even remotely funny or interesting. Those that have it all and it's not enough. Those poor little boys Max and Bob. This woman is a total idiot and a fool and one day she will be an old lady (assuming she makes it another year) and her kids will forever resent her and her ex Charlie for there reckless behavior in the public eye. I hope it was worth it Brooke---hope you had fun at the night clubs in Aspen and all that partying was worth perhaps losing your children.

1062 days ago

joe blow    

'you gotta watch the clip' !!!! what the hell for tmz ?? you people really truly are the lowest lowest lowest form of society, if somebody isn't in rehab or divorce court or jail you are not interested. your show sucks, your site sucks, you suck !!!! try contributing to society & the human race if your capable of doing so or is being a group of decent human being too much to ask for these days????

1062 days ago


White girls can't dance.

1062 days ago


This will be the 3rd year in row they're going to have a f>cked up Christmas (one for every year they've been born).

1st year 2009 Christmas day- Brooke is drunk and gets jealous because Charlie sings his twin daughters favorite Christmas song. All hell breaks loose, and Charlie is arrested.

2nd yr 2010 Christmas was anything but merry. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller‘s 21-month-old twin boys, Bob and Max. Their mom, Brooke, spent the holidays in a sober-living facility while Charlie “barricaded” himself in his Los Angeles estate. These poor boys spent the day being cared for by nannies! People Mag.

3rd yr 2011 Christmas…..

1062 days ago


right around the 1:40 mark, i think she does a bump

1062 days ago


Where the HELL are her kids and WHY does she have custody??? Addiction is hard thing to over come, even in private, let alone in the public eye, but come one, clean up for your kids! Please!

1061 days ago


Arrest Brooke and Lindsey and put them in jail, for more than a few days or weeks!!! These celebs need to pay for what ordinary people would spend time in a jail for and in the process, they may be so inspired as to kick their habits and not risk ever returning to a jail again!!! Come on people!

1061 days ago


Only thing this video proves is that White People cant dance!

1061 days ago


if brooke is the idiot using coke/crack and getting wasted why pick on tmz for reporting it? i loathe tmz for supporting casey anthony...why not grab onto that? who in their right minds pays for pictures of a child killer? brooke is an addict..maybe these types of "reports" will help her with her sobriety when/if she ever gets that far..

1061 days ago
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