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Kardashians Declare War

You Can't Sell Our Eyelashes!

12/4/2011 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kardashian sisters
The Kardashian Klan only has eyes for themselves ... and that's why the family is threatening to take legal action against a woman who wants to use the family name to sell an eyelash-elongation product.

The product is called KardashianLash (a kind of eyelash-growing make-up thing) and the person behind the company -- named Sarah Ehrlich -- just filed a petition to trademark the name.

We spoke to Ms. Ehrlich -- who tells us, she wanted KardashianLash to help raise money to send Honduran orphans to cosmetology school (a worthy cause) ... and she didn't think the K's would mind.

But Kim & co do mind -- claiming no one ever asked them for permission ... and we're told the girls are planning to fight her petition, claiming it's a blatant rip-off of their trademark.


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So the mother cheated on her first husband and obviously when he died, he left his estate to his children, not his cheating ex-wife. So she pimps her children to get what she missed out on. What did Bruce Jenner ever see in her? And now she's got him dying his hair black and getting a facelift to look like a Kardashian. The family is disgusting. But they will continue to make tons of money and continue to flaunt it in our faces until the public boycotts everything they touch. Please, America, we are 300 million strong. WE HAVE THE POWER TO GET RID OF THE KARDASHIANS!

998 days ago

The Neko Nation    

If I knew a way for sure I would give the entire Kardashian family some plane tickets on a plane that would go down and get rid of this entire self entitled piece of trash family.

998 days ago

some guy    

Wow, I didn't realize Chyna (ex wrestler) was a Kardashian?

998 days ago


There is no way that Khloe shares the same Dad as Kim and Kourtney. Mamma Kris must think we are all a bunch of dumbsh*ts to think that. Look at younger photos of them, Khloe looks like the red headed step child compared to Kourtney, Kim and Rob Jr. Her complexion is not like her sisters or brother, her eye color is different than the other 3. Kourtney, Kim & Rob Jr. all have dark eyes. It is genetically impossible that 2 brown eyed parents can have a child with light colored eyes, and Khole's eyes look either green or hazel to me, a light color, and Kris and Rob Sr. both have brown eyes. Hmmm...maybe the rumor about the fling with the pool boy is not that much of a rumor or perhaps the other rumor that Khloe is an early by product of a Kris and Bruce Jenner connection b4 they got married is not that much of a rumor. Kylie Jenner looks a lot like a younger version of Khole. When Kylie gets a bit older, she and Khole will be fighting it out for the most ugly sister award. LOL!!! Down with this money hungry, fame whoring family!!!

998 days ago


The trashcan girls had a chance to give someone break,
who was just trying ot do a nice thing for orphanes and enstead they chose ot desroy t alwassuiet where she has to pay over alife time. what selfshih whore they could simply send the lady a ceast and dest letter.
It s not like the eyelash thing would even make mmuch money at all.thier eye lashes are so ugly and fake looking its distracting.I guess they just want to let all us littel people know that they can squash anyone. there so full of themselfs. why would they plant this story about thesmselfs they look more selfshis and greedy than they allready are.
they cant act like ladys in any situation. just moeny power hungery losers. that lawsuite is an example of how plain old crazy thye are too. they think the eyelash thing might be a big hitt and make money thats nuts noone would want thier lashs to look like theres. and god forbidd it helped some orphanes. this suite well bring them even more bad karma. there perufme lie ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the kids clothes line not selling it pretty much says none wants trashlia like eyelashs dress like them or smell like them. thier ego s are out of control and for what just being sluts.
they well burn in hell. what they shouldk of done was ask the lady who came oup with the ieda what can we do to help.
not ruin the lady in court
thats so typical trashcans wanting none to make money but them.our local sears has agreed we can have trashcan day burn off and well have thier clothes xed out of the weekly adds. we plan to burn pictures of all the kartrashcans in a metal trash can in the parking lot. its going to be a family party atmospher with candy canes for the kids.
a pastor is goinjg to lead in prayer that we get these
godless creuatres off the air waays and out of our stores.
Take back aremerica from the bad vaules of the kartrashines brand. T his is the year that God wants to pick a fight with his enimies and the kartrashcans anre promtting anti chrisine valuse and there for our and emny of God. Burning pics of the kartrashcans shows our youth we care about hem and what they watch and to know for sure all the badlangue and prmartial sex and money haording the kartrashkines promt is firmly agianst God.

998 days ago

I am Spartacus    

She didn't think they'd mind? Everyone knows unless they're getting a piece of the action of course they'll mind. And why would you want to associate a product with this family who everyone hates.


998 days ago


Wow I'm so sick of this family, they care about nothing but money, fame, and more money, And honestly when was the last time you heard of them "GIVING" to a good "Cause"???? I wonder who's going to be the next Mr. Kim Kardashian...they just need to go away...

998 days ago

arale norimaki    

more like CRAPdashianLash

998 days ago

She's baaaack    

I can't wait to see this product. I'm going to run right out and get me some. Seriously folks, why on earth would anyone want anything to do with the name Kardashian? FAIL.

998 days ago


OF COURSE they don't endorse it! The Kardashians do NOTHING unless they profit from it!! Offer to give them millions of dollars and another useless tv show, THEN they will jump on it like Kim Kardashian jumps on athletes!!!!

998 days ago


Unless she has the Kardashians last name, she's in some deep water.

997 days ago


Case of the pot calling the kettle black. Aren't they the ones who always steal designs from other clothing designers and purse designers. Will they ever go away, twenty stories a day about these greedy people.

997 days ago


Hate to agree with the K Klan but they're right in this case. It was an obvious attempt to misidentify the stuff as part of their "brand". Hate also to be such a skeptic but - sending Honduran orphans to cosmetology school? Really?!? If true (??!??) then why not ask the Klan to endorse it? Tthey need something to pull their image out of the oozy sleazy beauty mud these days.

997 days ago

Yep I said that    

Why would this woman want to associate any thing to the Kardashian skanks? The Kockroachian trollops 15 minutes are over no one is buying any thing those C U Next Tuesdays are selling

997 days ago


Speaking of the K name. Sears K stuff is 45% off plus 15% off. They just want it gone.

Looking at this pic it's obvious Khloe had a different father the other 2. The height, the wide nose, the rabbit teeth, totally different bone structure and big chin, different legs, higher forehead. She's not just fatter, it's everything.

997 days ago
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