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Soap Star Sues Chiropractor

She Won't Crack My Back

'Cause I'm a Scientology Reject

12/4/2011 9:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Fairman
"Young and the Restless" star Michael Fairman has filed a lawsuit against a Scientologist chiropractor -- claiming she refused to see him and his family after he was excommunicated from the Church.

Fairman claims he was a prominent member of the Church, but became disenchanted with the way the Church was running things. Fairman claims Church leaders got fed up with him earlier this year, branded him and his wife "suppressive persons" and blacklisted the family from all things Scientology.

After Fairman was ousted, the actor claims he received a letter from the family chiropractor -- an active Scientologist -- informing him she would no longer treat the Fairman family. Fairman also claims she refused to hand over a copy of the family's medical records.

In the lawsuit, Fairman claims he MUST have been discriminated against because he's no longer with the Church -- noting that he's been a good, paying customer since 2003.


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The Ronbot Hunter    

This is an example of the Fair Game and Disconnection policy of the Cult of Sin and Greed.

If he does not want to treat this family, then EVERYONE EVERYWHERE has the right to reject treating RONBOTS.

I personally would like that to happen because of these facts:

The Godless Cult of Sin and Greed is all that we Ex-Scientologists claim it is.
1. It kills, beats up, harms, harasses, stalks, and in always possible victimizes any ex-member and anyone else that opposes their evil agenda.
2. In the Sea Org., it forces its slave members to get abortions. It kills innocent babies so the mother can be more productive as a low paid slave.
3. It uses its slaves to repair the new bought buildings with money you have donated, which remain nearly empty years later, for pennies an hour. Its non-volunteer contracted workers get the lowest wages (.10 to .40 cents an hour) in the civilized world and work the longest (70-80) hours.
4. It exposes all your own sins and secrets in your endless Security Checks and/or required non-voluntary confessionals to bring you harm and destroy you, when you expose their evil Godless agenda and policy letters.
5. It has its own prison camp (The Rehabilitation Project Force, or RPF-- punishment duty for unsatisfactory workers and children) with Ronbot guards with automatic assault weapons, where you are sent if you fail to be very productive or angry or upset with your slavery. Slaves are not allowed to voluntarily leave or even escape and will be shot if they try. 95% of the slaves that finally are allowed to leave, soon leave the cult. The other 5% are sent to “fair game” the rest.
6. It has broken up hundreds of thousands of families by their Godless policies of Disconnection and Fair Game. Many parents have committed suicide after losing their kids.
7. If you oppose them, the Godless cult sends their slaves to your neighbors, job, relatives and friends to ask questions in such a way, that makes them think you are a rapist, criminal, sociopath, drug addict, child molester, Gay or Lesbian or a deviant, without any proof or verified criminal complaint. They use this Godless tactic to ruin you, cause you to get fired, and cause your friends and relatives to avoid you or even intentionally cause you to commit suicide.
8. As a last resort they will poison your pets or let them loose to get run over, break into your house for any evidence to blackmail you, plant drugs in your car or house or hit you to make you retaliate and film you when you do, and then they will sue you and/or have you arrested.
There are hundreds of other reasons to run from this Godless cult. But I think you get an idea of its evil.
Please help us Independent Scientologists to bring back ethics, humanity, compassion, honesty and integrity back into the group. Help us stop them! Note! all the above has been verified as true over the years by Governments and hundreds of thousands of Ex-Scientologists.

1056 days ago

Dean Fox    

The chiropractor is probably within her rights to refuse treatment but this case shows that The church of scientology is remarkably bigoted for an organisation that touts itself as a champion of human rights.

1056 days ago


title is misleading. nobody gets rejected from scientology. they escape.

1056 days ago


Scientology: Making the Mafia look ethical by comparison since 1952.

1056 days ago


I'm one of the many, many want-a-be horse riders that has been knocked off a horse (or two) by low hanging tree branches. Harvey's right, the "kids" haven't been around long enough to even know what they're usually talking about!

1055 days ago

Serge Blanko    

I think most Americans are not really happy unless they are suing someone......time to move to another planet.....Tom Cruise did!

1055 days ago


Scientologists are narcissistic nutjobs

1055 days ago


All Scientologists are rejects.

1055 days ago


Lets set some records straight --- regardless of your opinions ---You better bet this is illegal....In medical terms this falls under the term "abandonment" and I haven't seen her discharge letter but he has a pretty good case on discrimination, which is highly illegal if she did not word it right...and she better come up with the records or he can bring her up on misconduct charges for BOTH issues. This is besides the fact that scientology is pure bullsh*t. Two counts of medical misconduct.

1055 days ago


Have Tom Cruise do it. He's one too.

1055 days ago



1055 days ago

Bob Benaderet    

No worries, we will take care of him. BobTheChiropractor.Com

1055 days ago


A chiropractor is conferred with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, medical doctors are conferred with a Medical Doctor degree - different education. Just like Medical Doctors, Doctors of Chiropractic are subject to federal regulations that govern medical records, the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Chiropractors' records are classified as medical records under this act and are subject to its guidelines. Intentionally witholding the records would be a big "no,no" but who knows what is really going on.

1055 days ago


Any sanctions Scientologist bring against anyone are worthless. Who cares? They branded him a 'supressive person'. What does that mean? Nothing. Scientology is, in my opinion, a worthless cult who dupes their flock in buying worthless e-meters that can predict the future and make great fries! They have zero power or influence. Their opinions don't count, personally or legally. They are nothing. They also attract a lot of nuts and strays who've lost their way in the real world.
Sue the chiropractor for the medical records and move on.

1054 days ago


Good for you! Good luck on the case. That's how the cult operates and controls their members.

847 days ago
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