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Dr. Drew Got Me All Wired Up

12/4/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom and Dr Drew
Just weeks after Dr. Drew promised Octomom free internet service ... to help the mom-of-14 take online classes and get a damn job ... the former "Celebrity Rehab" host has made good on his word.

In case you missed it -- Dr. Drew offered Nadya Suleman an all-inclusive life improvement package last month on his show ... including a 6-month personal trainer online certification program, a year of cleaning services, and a year of child care services.

Problem was ... Nadya didn't have Internet at home to take the PT classes, so Drew also threw in free Internet. This week, Time Warner finally got her ass online.

Ball's in her court now.


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Rogue Warrior    

OMG, there's actually a "team" Nadya???? LMAO, she is absolutely 1 brain cell away from being committed to a psychiatric institution. WEIRD, just keeping it REAL!

952 days ago


geez nadya get off of tmz "now that you have internet for the first time" and try to clean you house - you are a disgrace

952 days ago


"I didn't say Dr. Drew had to do these things, but it would have been a better gift then the one he gave her on his show".

Geez, you are dwelling on the past. LMAO.

952 days ago


She is no better than the lady in Tampa with the 15 kids, who said someone is going to pay for her and her kids. . The only difference is the lady in Tampa is more forthcoming about her intentions.

952 days ago


You can lead white trash to water but that doesn't mean they'll drink.....white trash is always white trash! I'm HIGHLY disappointed in Dr. Drew bc this whore has been getting a FREE RIDE since she was born! Nuff said!

952 days ago


Let's see the Gosselins and Duggars website don't have one single place asking for donations! Actually they are very nice websites. They have a lot of information about the families, with pictures, etc. They also sell the things they've done, such as books, etc. What does Nadya's website consist of?? You can make a donation and that is it. There are a couple of pictures and then you can click on the donation tab. NOTHING ELSE. She could at least put up some updated pictures. Of course, if she had a book to sell she could put that up there too, but in the 3 years since she's been claiming to write a book, nothing has materialized. Just another one of her many lies. The website is owned by Harmony Enterprises, which is also who owns the title to Nadya's house. So if anyone has any doubts who owns this website, it's Nadya and her lawyer. Why wouldn't Nadya sue someone if the money asked for on this site did not go to Nadya. The proof is right there! Show me proof that the money is NOT going to Nadya! LOL!!!

952 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

huh. so mr drew converted to islam recently? i mean he's taking real good control/charge of this useless woman's life. good for him, and good for her. that's what makes a real man. one who knows how to steer a woman.

952 days ago


LOL oh please... The Duggars and Kate Gosselin both have websites up wanting you to contribute or donate to their families if you choose to. That's what those websites are all about. They put those websites out there so that fans can buy crap to support their kids. Do they give any of their donations or sells to charities? No, I bet they pocket every dime selling their books, seminars etc and imo that's just another form of begging.

As for that 2009 website that supposedly Nadya set up on her own when she didn't even have a computer in the home at the time. You know perhaps she never updated it because she's not aware of it, or perhaps she wasn't the one that put it out there to begin with and therefore doesn't care about it. Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps Nadya attorney had his secretary put it up after the one Nadya friend put up got highjacked and vandalized? Or perhaps her publicist put it up at the time to help Nadya and forgot about it-- Choose one? It has been three years you know. Suppose you show me/us all evidence, proof that any money at all was donated to that site and giving directly to Nadya? Show us proof Nadya put up the site herself? Yeah exactly, you can't. Because you don't know. As for Nadya book, you try raising and supporting 14 kids on your own and see if you would be finish and completed your tell all book. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will Nadya book, she'll finish and put it out there whenever. That doesn't make her a liar! Maybe she put it on the backburner to play mother to her kids. You see unlike Kate Gosselin Nadya can't afford ghost writers and the Duggars kids are adults living at home and contribute to writing their books and had lawyers and publishers looking over things for them before putting their books out there. They can do that because they had a reality TV show and website selling chit to be able to afford that. Not the case with Nadya, darling. :)

952 days ago


What would you say if I told you, I was responsible for putting up that 2009 website and not Nadya Suleman? LOL

Well I didn't but suppose I did? Just goes to show you, that any number of people beside Nadya could have put that website up.

Can't believe you're going on and on about Nadya book, you must really want to read it. Who can blame you, I want to read it too. LOL

Everybody always believe every word coming out of the Duggars mouths. Chit how sure are we they didn't use ghostwriters? Why because they said so? When do Michelle and Jim Bob find the time to write a book? When do the adult kids find the time when they're to busying playing nannies and buddies to their siblings? Michelle and Jim Bob to busy using turkey basters trying to get knocked up to up their ratings. They can't even look after their own children. One child falls down a deep 18 feet hole and another child split her little arms all the way down. I like to know where Michelle and Jim Bob were when that happened or better yet where were these two kids buddies? Probably the same place when they lost one of their child at an NYC airport.

Don't be knocking Nadya Suleman when the family you worship is no better then she is. They have problems too, must have problems to be getting knocked up when her last child is not even walking or talking. Having all these major health problems and was near death not even a month ago. Michelle nearly killed herself and her unborn child last year and at risk of doing it again and she doesn't even care that she'll leave all those other kids of hers behind for her adult kids to raise and take care of. That's sick! But you stand and judge Nadya. At least she stopped at 14, at least Nadya is not exploiting her kids for a profit. Michelle and Jimbob kids are hurt and dying and they keep those cameras rolling still. That's sick too! Kids all standing up leaning on furnitures trying to get some sleep 5-6:00 in the morning and got cameras bright lights beaming in their sleepy faces with sleep still in their eyes. But the show must go on say Jim Bob. Everybody saying take Nadya kids away, how about they take the Duggars kids away. They're the ones who are paying mommy/daddy way to live the rich and famous lifestyle.

on that note... I don't wish any kids taking away from their parents if they don't have too. But what's good for Nadya is also good for the Duggars and Kate Gosselin too. :)

952 days ago


Here is proof that you can still donate to Nadya's website:

Here is proof of who owns the website (the same people who own Nadya's home):© 2009 by Harmony Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved

That is all the proof anyone needs to know that this website is up and running, and the money is going to Nadya. Since it's going through Paypal, it has to be legitimate.
If the money isn't going to Nadya then she better sue somebody because that is fraud.
So Yes, Nadya has asked for help, and she continues to ask for help.

952 days ago


It's shocking how much those kids have changed in a few years, and not for the better. They look and act like feral children,or kids who have been institutionalized- no smiles, dead eyes & the octuplets aren't talking beyond monosyllables. A dysfunctional woman produces a litter of damaged kids who will probably have disabilities and mental/emotional problems. too sad.

952 days ago


LOL that doesn't prove anything. Where's the money trail? Where's the proof she put up that site herself? If Nadya was receiving any donations from that site, what the heck do she need Dr. Drew help or better yet back then Dr. Phil help for that matter? Hm...

952 days ago


My guess is that no one is donating to that site anymore. Why would they after she squandered away all the money that was previously donated! Only a fool would donate now.
That site is owned by her trusted lawyer. She wouldn't trust him if he was stealing her money.

952 days ago


RE: Nadya's Website &Donations
I made a small donation about a year ago because I felt bad for the kids. I got an e-mailed "thank you" from Jeff Czech's office(Nadya's Lawyer). I hope she got a nice manicure with my $25. With each media appearance Nadya makes herself look worse. She is no better than panhandlers with a pet or child to get "pity money."

952 days ago


The point is, Nadya never asked anybody for a cent. The only person I recall Nadya asking for help from is Dr. Phil and that was because she fear TPTB @ Kaiser Permanente would not let her bring her babies home from the hospital. Well at least Dr. Phil claimed Nadya called him desperately, but to hear her publicist at time tell it, Victor Munoz. He's the one that put in an emergency call to Dr. Phil, not Nadya. Dr. Phil then surprised Nadya on his show with volunteers to build a nursery inside her home and do a little remodeling down stairs bringing the house up to code for the babies to come home. Nadya had no idea what Dr. Phil had in mind and was totally surprise yet totally graceful. I figure he owed her that much though, for at least appearing on his show, highest ratings he ever had her first appearences, look it up!

I never once on any other show heard Nadya asking for a cent from any of the show hosts. Not once! Every penny Nadya earned went towards a down payment on her home, food, clothes and bills and if she had money left over it went towards the older kids buying things they never had and always wanted and taking them places spending quality time with mom. Yeah she spent money on herself, why shouldn't she? Her money!

952 days ago
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