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Dr. Drew Got Me All Wired Up

12/4/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom and Dr Drew
Just weeks after Dr. Drew promised Octomom free internet service ... to help the mom-of-14 take online classes and get a damn job ... the former "Celebrity Rehab" host has made good on his word.

In case you missed it -- Dr. Drew offered Nadya Suleman an all-inclusive life improvement package last month on his show ... including a 6-month personal trainer online certification program, a year of cleaning services, and a year of child care services.

Problem was ... Nadya didn't have Internet at home to take the PT classes, so Drew also threw in free Internet. This week, Time Warner finally got her ass online.

Ball's in her court now.


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I'm late but ...but she was babbling on their interview. She just kept tellin hhim how much she needed to sustain her kids. As IF somebody was going to "give" her a handout. She's crazy. literally crazy. She should have considered everything thaty she was doing when she was pregnanat. Adoption would have been the answer. She needs to work it out on her own. And then she was reluctant to take a Nanny...She's a lunatic because she planned on donations and people saw through that really quick!!!

956 days ago

dora rice    

I am glad we still have a few caring human beings in this country. Not many from the way they treat the Octomom, but some. If we know a banknumber we could send a few dollars to help. Why do we keep condemming the kids or even the Mom. She can't put them back. Hello, they are here now. And if every kind American would only send as much as a fat hamburger costs that they eat...her kids live decent. She can't go to work now she raises them kids. And they are better of with their mother than in an orphanage...but where this all is supposed to end up, is that to many feel they should take the kids from her....the children love their mother...and no one can replace her...where is Carter now. to build a Habitat for her and her kids...since when have we become so cold and gruel...afraid she uses the money to fix her hair? we all like our hair fixes once in a while..that's the same thing like saying people who live of food stamps should never eat a steak...or never a piece of pie...give me a break....thank you Dr. Drew that you do something for her..and it would be so easy if Americans would help their fellow American...for goodness sake she didn't kill anyone she only had a lot of kids..and all of them are precious....I would be glad to send a small donation if I knew where to send it to...and I don't care for what she spends it....all is good....

877 days ago

dora rice    

Thank you Warner for giving her internet...I don't mind a little less now to pay my high bill....What ever happen to cruel can you can't put the children back I am sure she would if she could...they are here and if we have any decency we can make a small donation to keep her going...doesn't matter for what she spends it...all is good...and some of them will be good citizens some day and even smart ones..and hopefully less cruel than the ones that are judging her...just remember what goes around , comes around...if you can tide to surely can tide to some poor kids . Would they be better off in an orphanage without their Mom, why don't you ask them, you know what they would say, no I rather be poor and be with my Mom....thank you Dr. Drew and shame on all these cold, cruel people. She did what she did...and what they would like to see, is tearing those kids out of her arms....if everyone only would give 2 dollars she could have a decent house for her kids...shame on forsake this woman...we don't have much..but if we find an account to send her something we certainly will....D. Enow, Killeen, Texas.

877 days ago

dora rice    

I don't believe she told the doc please impregnate me with 14 kids....the doctor who did that should be paying...and if you have any decency and you fortunate enough to be able to feed your children...then have a dollar or two left over for her....

877 days ago


I "USE TO" have a lot of respect for Dr. Drew, until I watched his show last night with "Octomom." He appeared to be making excuses for her. For example, when he said that it was an "accident" when she had so many children. She was already a single mom to 6 children, which she could not support. What was she thinking, even attempting to have 1 more. I have no sympothy for her. When you make decision in life (right or wrong), it is up to you to deal with the consequences of your actions. She made the decision to be the single mom of a baseball team. No its up to her to raise these children.

844 days ago
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