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'X-Factor' Judges Paula & Nicole

Targeted by Death Threats

After Eliminating Drew

12/4/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"X-Factor" hosts Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger voted off the wrong contestant Thursday night -- at least according to several angry Drew Ryniewicz fans ... whose violent threats have Paula and Nicole fearing for their lives.

According to our sources, Paula and Nicole both got the cold shoulder from Simon Cowell after the show ... who was "furious" with their decision. But that's nothing compared to the abusive tweets and Facebook messages they've received. Some of the messages read:

-- "F**K you paula you dumb c**t you voted off the most talented person on your f**king show. i hope you die you DUMB B***H."

-- "I hope you die, you selfish----------"

-- "@NicoleScherzy @paulaabdul go die"

Sources on the show tell us Paula and Nicole are shocked by the harassing messages and neither has experienced a reaction so strong before.


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In regards to Rachel Crow voted off 12-8. I don't believe she would have won (unless she was able to duplicate her performance tonight!!!). That said, gutless move Nicole.....Why bother with a sing off? That performance contest....hands down she delivered and you the rug pulled out from beneath her....sweet kid.....good luck Rachel

1051 days ago

J Beooks     

Nicole Scherzinger is not as adult as the girls she voted off. Voted off to get even with Simon Cowell. She is a silly, stupid acting, nobody, not even expert in art of speaking. Hope the experience of blowing up dreams of young girls maded her happy and filled her desire to get to Cowell and the stupid voting process.

1051 days ago

Patricia Ades    

Perhaps the judging should be left up to the audience like American Idol....although watching them squabble is very entertaining.

1051 days ago

Tatiana Emery    

Dear Nicole, I support you with all my heart. It is not your fault that the situation went out of control yesterday. If you would choose any other possible decision - you will get absolutelly the same angry messages from other fans.(Remember Paula and Drew situation?), I cried yesterday for Rachael- noone impressed me yesterday as much as she did. And I cried for you too. How could they make you - the last one to be beaten. I admire your sincerity and sensul proffessionalism, you always tried hard to stay calm against Simon and LA brutality (thay are money making machines), they care just about their back sidse... The "x-factor" itself has a lot of organizational problems, contravercies and suspicious decision making. I feel sorry for the fans, that they could not see the real situation. I wish you to stay calm, sincere, honest and beautiful - just the way you are. Tatiana

1050 days ago


I find it disturbing for someone to get that emotional on the STAGE--sure cry when you get off--but remember, you have no guarantee you will win. This goes for all contestants that got so emotional. As far as talent, no one is that special above the other.

1050 days ago

Linda Garris    

Why dont the judges just pick who they want & get it over. Josh will get the votes but Simon will not let him win. Well guess what Simon. I like the other 3 too. But when America sees how unfar u guys r, we feel like Josh has the most talent & u wont let him win. The show is a joke. American idol is much better. America votes. And Scotty got the new country singer award , so there. I picked him & Eugene from AGT.why dont u guys stop the voting & just pick who u want. we like Josh

1050 days ago


The person I am so very upset with is Simon. Just when I was becoming sort of a fan of Simon, watching Britian's got talent. I don't know how he has the gaul to say somthing happened to him last week, when it was Drew who was voted off. If you didn't catch it, it was a comment to LA.
From the first time Nicole and Paula disagreed with a female Simon wanted to put through, he has been an azz to them. He is acting mean and ignorant, and I think it effects some idiots that think death threats are OK, fine.
Simon must think he is everyone's dream, and I don't think he is anything, on this show, but a big creep. So glad I will not see him on Idol.

1050 days ago


People get a life! I agree with the judging!! Marcus is a performer. Simon can't always win!!! I am so glad someone finally challenged him. Good for you Paula and Nicole...

1047 days ago


I don't Facebook or Twitter. I have to hand over my thoughts last week. I am sick that Nichol could not
make a decision knowing Drew was the better contestant. Nichole, your such a hippie. You have no original comments, same ole, same ole! I feel bad for Josh K. He is not being mentored. Nichol is a dum dum. Josh is a star on his own. People can tell this. Simon, I hope Nichol is not a judge next season. Please, Please, Please.
Simon, Paula, and LA your the best. Starz to you three all around the globe:-)

1044 days ago


For individual(s) to threaten the life of another because that individual(s) did not get their way - meaning for example - say a contestant to stay on a competition show ...
Demonstrates without a doubt the complete desensitization and disregard for the value of a HUMAN LIFE over material matters. Long after the two judges are dead (hopefully they will live long and happy healthy lives) if something were to happen to them.... the conestant will still have been voted off of the show. Consequently, if something did happen to them by death threat, then more than their (Paula and Nicole's) lives and their family's lives will have been ruined. The family(s) of the individual(s) making the threats will have been ruined.... and this is OK with you>? Are there not more important things in life...say hunger, poverty, dictatorship, prejudice, etc. you can be angry about and do something about rather than become a TERRORIST.

1038 days ago


PLEASE get rid of that MC on X factor. He ruins the show.He should be doing hemmoroid ads.

1021 days ago
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