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MJ's Skin Doc

The Med Board Is On My Ass

... and My Lawyer Just Quit

12/5/2011 7:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It ain't lookin' good for Dr. Arnie Klein ... Michael Jackson's dermatologist is under investigation by the Medical Board of California --  reportedly for pumping the singer full of prescription painkillers -- and now his lawyer has officially jumped ship.

Klein just posted a letter on his Facebook page, apparently sent from his former attorney -- advising Klein that he's been subpoenaed by the Board and has to appear for questioning on Dec. 15.

The letter does not explain the nature of the probe -- but according to, officials want to know more about allegations that Klein over-prescribed Demerol to MJ.

The Board reportedly wants to question Klein about the possibility that he self-prescribed narcotics, used false names on narcotics prescriptions, illegally handed out samples of dangerous drugs to his famous patients, and may have committed gross negligence by practicing while afflicted with multiple sclerosis.

Klein has always strongly denied any wrongdoing ... and thus far, has not been accused of any criminal conduct in the death of Michael Jackson.

As for Klein's lawyer, Herbert L. Weinberg -- dude doesn't explain why he's bailing on Arnie ... but recommends a couple of "fine lawyers" who could take over.

We called Klein for comment -- so far, no response.


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All the people that destroyed Michael Jackson's life are going down. Dr. Klein is going down, Dr. Murray is in jail, Dr. Chandler killed himself, Martin Bashir had a brain tumor, Dr. Gardner killed himself, Dr. Hoeffling has gone mad, Janet Arvizo (the mother of Gavin Arvizo) lost her mind. All these people I just mentioned have been affected by the Michael Jackson curse. And they deserve to go down because they let greed cloud their judgement while dealing with Michael Jackson. Who's next? Tom Sneddon, Diane Dimond, and many many more.

998 days ago


All this controversy and doubts about the paternity of Michael Jackson's kids. Don't sweat, because it's only a matter of time, when all these so called "friends" will come forward with the truth. The ring is going to keep tightening, and when they feel their asses burning, they are going to come forward and claim those kids just for the money they represent. The hoolapalooza is going to be so big, that our jaws will drop to our knees. I hope Katherine Jackson reads this blog, take preventive measures for when she's not around anymore.

997 days ago


And I would like to remind all the people in this blog.
A blog is a place to exchange thoughts and impressions. Sort of a social meeting where people get together and talk about things.
All the inapropriate comments and hateful comments I read here does not belong in a blog.

997 days ago


Hey HN, you are dumber than a truck load of rocks. Don't you know party is over, you are as dumb as a rock quarry, just let people dig into you......... shamon, shamon.

However, I do agree with you for one thing, after MJ sang, "the kid is not my son..." I think if Prince is not Klien's son, he must be pfeiffer's. He certainly got some fat genes, if you ask me. Paris' thighs are getting meaty as well, catching up with Debbie.

Anyhow, party is over, the pedo is dead, the only reason to hang around here is to raise Pedo awareness and to save the kids of the world, and to demand re-opening of MJ's molestation cases.

I hope some young man will have the enough courage to come out soon!!!! That includes you, Prince and Blanket. BTW blanket, that nic name is sort of abuse as well!

Justice for child sex abuse victims!!!

997 days ago


Siggisis: 6 hours ago
So Murray is going to celebrate X-mas in the slammer. Just thought I´d dwell on that thought for a bit.
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SaraJane: 5 hours ago
Hateful much??
You are jealous spiteful human being; this is so totally reflected in the utter garbage you post daily on this tabloid board.
You obviously HAVE NO life.
You and others here of your calibre just reiterate to me the
Guttersnipe people you really are.

See the difference of only one word? Name calling is never an intelligent statement when there are no facts or commons sense to back up your argument

997 days ago


Golden whisper of our Heart, calling out into the Dark. Michael why did you gave us this pain. Your loving heart your sweet caring soul.We, your so loving Fans, trying to hold on to your past.Our Dried up Teary pearls of never ending love to you, we shed.Its sad, its so sad.None of us ever had the Power. None of us had a hand to save you to care for you. If we could, if there was a simple chance, we would of took it to save you...from your past.Whats left whats left now simply Love for a great Man. One Man, one Soul. The one who made us Dream, we miss you we all so do......

997 days ago


mj had a tiny nub nose; it looked like it was created by lorena bobbitt. she mutilated her husband's symbol of masculinity. only differences are her husband can still have manly sex with women and he doesn't have wild urges to give hugs and gifts to murderous boys and unknown abused 13 year old boys.

he also speaks in a clear, intelligible deep voice and respects women and boys.

997 days ago


Dear Phantom Thank you....Our world is so sad just go into the german msn de and read all the sad storys in Germany no more middel class !!!And then read the story about parents how many in Eupora Killing there children and read it all.....It sooooo sad.My face is filled with tears Iam German and I remember once a nice Germany, now it like Hell over there.

997 days ago


997 days ago


Michael Jackson's relatives have given their personal approval for Glee bosses to make a special tribute episode featuring the King Of Pop's tunes.

Co-creator Ryan Murphy has received the Jackson family's "enthusiastic support" after convincing them the show would serve as a respectful homage to the late icon.

The special installment, due to air in the U.S. on 24 January (12), will feature 10 to 12 Jackson songs.

The cast of the hit TV musical previously paid tribute to Jackson by recreating his Thriller video on a school football field, while also covering Man in the Mirror and the Jackson 5's Abc.


997 days ago


I hope in my Heart there Donate some Money or all there making to the Homeless and Abused here in the USA HEAL THE WOLD !!HEAL AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

997 days ago

tony brasco    

LONG time coming .. this so called DR is even worse then DR CRAP MURRAY ..

997 days ago
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