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Michael Lohan

Undergoing Surgery

to Fix His Bad Heart

12/5/2011 8:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan Undergoing Heart Surgery
Michael Lohan
's life is in the hands of doctors ... who are performing surgery on Mike's heart in an effort to unclog an important artery ... this according to Lohan's rep.

TMZ broke the story ... Lohan had trouble breathing and speaking a couple of weeks ago ... and docs believe the trouble stemmed from Mike's ticker.

Now, the rep tells us ... Lohan is currently undergoing a procedure to "repair a blockage."

Once Lohan is stable, the rep says Mike will return to his court-ordered treatment center -- where he will continue to participate in a domestic violence intervention program.


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middle finger    

I have to stop picking on Ali...have to say dina and Lindsay are fing let ali get this way...
A person with anorexia nervosa may exhibit a number of signs and symptoms, some of which are listed below. The type and severity vary in each case and may be present but not readily apparent. Anorexia nervosa and the associated malnutrition that results from self-imposed starvation, can cause severe complications in every major organ system in the body.[16][17][18]

* Refusal to Maintain a normal BMI for their age [19]
* amenorrhea: The absence of 3 consecutive menstural cycles [20]
* Fearful of even the slightest weight gain and takes all precautionary measures to avoid weight gain and becoming overweight [21]
* obvious, rapid, dramatic weight loss
* lanugo: soft, fine hair grows on face and body[22]
* obsession with calories and fat content
* preoccupation with food, recipes, or cooking; may cook elaborate dinners for others but not eat themselves[23]
* dieting despite being thin or dangerously underweight
* rituals: cuts food into tiny pieces; refuses to eat around others; hides or discards food
* purging: uses laxatives, diet pills, ipecac syrup, or water pills; may engage in self-induced vomiting; may run to the bathroom after eating in order to vomit and quickly get rid of the calories[24][25] (see also bulimia nervosa).
* may engage in frequent, strenuous exercise[26]
* perception: perceives self to be overweight despite being told by others they are too thin
* becomes intolerant to cold: frequently complains of being cold from loss of insulating body fat or poor circulation resulting from extremely low blood pressure; body temperature lowers (hypothermia) in effort to conserve energy[27]
* depression: may frequently be in a sad, lethargic state[28]
* solitude: may avoid friends and family; becomes withdrawn and secretive
* clothing: some may wear baggy, loose-fitting clothes to cover weight loss if they have been confronted about their health and wish to hide it, while others will wear baggy clothing to hide what they see as an unattractive and overweight body.
* cheeks may become swollen because of enlargement of the salivary glands caused by excessive vomiting[29]
* swollen joints[citation needed]

1030 days ago


Could they leave the blockage part that makes it hard for him to speak? It would make it easier for me to quit hoping he will stop breathing.

1030 days ago

middle finger    

TMZ thank you for not have a thread on Ali...Now I feel like someone has to protect her..
and I am sorry for all I have said about her..

1030 days ago

Red Cloud    

kissed with a fist: 40 minutes ago
Red crap,you have 25 days for her to sign two movie contracts...
and her being in the system worse then before makes it imposable for a company to sign her on...
5 years since a role..

Are you high on something???? How do you see her in the system worse than before when all she has to do is complete the CS and the therapy and everything is over and out, complete history??!!! She's free as a bird.

1030 days ago

middle finger    

Red Cloud: 25 minutes ago
If she does not sign before 2012, I will change my moniker to Mister Stupid for one(1) day. I never said Mr. Stupid would stick around. Red Cloud will return. LOL!!!
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surprise surprise...
Mr. Stupids word is as good as the lohans..

1030 days ago


"unclog an important artery ... this according to Lohan's rep". Really?

1030 days ago


I Ali,
I can't believe you could even ask that after looking at those Photos....she couldn't even pose as a toothpick now without having to gain boobs , no waist , no hip or but just straight and so thin her hands and head now look to big for her body...She looks like the poster child for Starving People in Africa..or just like Karen Carpenter did just before the dropped death from starving herself to death....
I really can not believe anybody could look at thoses pictures ask say she looks good unless they are idiots...that is the picture of a very unhealthy girl....
and another thing you can cleary see the change in her nose tip as will as her eyebrows in these pictures..
Whats Dina going do when this one drops dead from starvation...shes running out of kids to ruin.....
An No I don't think I'm being to are watching a tragedy in the making....

1030 days ago


Red Cloud
Try singing this little song around March 20, then it might be more believable...cause thats a loong long time for her to keep her nose clean, and lot longer then she has ever done...
And forget Gotti , thats never goina dead they just ain't got around to burying it yet..trying to do a micheal jackson and carry the body (memory around making money off of sick of the jacksons and their tributes to their bank account....

1030 days ago

Red Cloud    


She has not done anything foolish since the necklace nonsense and she will not do anything foolish. After all is said and done, Lindsay is quite intelligent. She knows how to keep her head screwed on tight and straight. She wants out of her legal mess and can clearly see the opportunity in front of her. She simply has to comply with the EXACT terms of her probation and she's free. She has more than twelve(12) days of CS thus far, and she will continue complying AHEAD of schedule. Mark my words.

The Gotti movie is NOT dead. They have a new producer.

1030 days ago


Anyone who wants to tweet Dina and tell her to get her butt to California to see what's going on with Ali I'm behind you.

1030 days ago

Red Cloud    


Meryl Streep, Jane Fonda, Robert DeNiro, Sharon Stone, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Keaton, and a big bunch of other actors who have worked with Lindsay and WILL work with Lindsay(Al Pacino, John Travolta, others), have made movies that have tanked. If a movie sucks, it sucks. Labor Pains sucked. The acting was good, but it sucked. Georgia Rule was good, but weird. Jane was good, Lindsay was good, Felicity was good, but the movie tanked. It's popular on TV, because of Jane and Lindsay. My point? Doesn't matter who's in a movie. It's either good or not.

1030 days ago

middle finger    

dont want to comment about weight...but i am 6 foot 1 1/2..and in my twenties was rather thin.(but ripped) I worked so hard in the south florida sun 14 to 15 hours a day..skipped meals. and wore my self family was concerned..but they had no idea I was throwing up and food wouldnt stay down..I went to 139 lbs.It scared me and people started assuming really bad things..i have dropped weight after that and it reminded me of how unhealthy i i sit at a comfortable 187 lbs...
I had to force eat for a long time.I am sure the drinking didnt help back then either

1030 days ago

Red Cloud    

last post


Think for a moment. Do you really think she would have gotten roles with the actors I've listed if she did not have above-average talent???? She worked with LEGENDS in Hollywood before the age of twenty(20)!!!!! She's pretty, but not the prettiest. It's not her looks that got her signed. It's her TALENT!!!!


1030 days ago

AGENT smith    

I think Ali is on an organic Vegan diet and avoiding sun. I've seen a ton of pasty pale sickly looking vegans in L.A. over the years, especially Venice. They also run from the sun like Vampires and are lacking vitamin D and protein. maybe a Ronson diet??????

1030 days ago


Still running on the same old hamster wheel are we........

Red Cloud....6 yrs ago I was a healthy vibiant,popular art instructor , teacher and storyteller at a leading southern school. I got calls from all over the US to I'm just a half crippled old lady living up a mountain side in the hills... Lots of things change in 6 yrs Lindsay is not the same person as she was 6 years ago...She's lost any claim to cute kiddy looks, burned her brain and looks are plastic now and she looks way older and harder then any 25 almost 26 yr old should look...Harping on who she worked with 6 yrs ago is a mote point..that was 6 yrs ago...hell people don't recall things from a month ago let alone 6 yrs...say Lindsay Lohan now and they remember the court dates the stolen necklace, the snorting lines in windows while getting backdoored...
Forget Gotti film its gone...

As for Ali.......yes Julia, she is to thin...even you a supposed fashion expert can see that...I know that models need to be thin but she has past that point..If they ask for a body shot she would have every bone on her body showing through her skin like silk over a skelton...and she has the sunken eyed ,her head now looks to big for her frame and her hands looks huge compared to her thin arms , right now she couldn't pose for a toothpick because she would be to skinny....That was my daughter her butt would be setting in a clinic right now getting hell with the money...The all mighty quest for money and fame has all but destroyed 4 lives in this family and they still crawl toward it on hands and knees ....pitiful....

1030 days ago
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