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'X-Factor' Honchos

We're Willing to Pay Winner

EVEN MORE than $5 Million

12/5/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


If the $5 MILLION recording contract wasn't enough ... TMZ has learned the people behind 'X Factor' are willing to shell out MILLIONS more to the winner ... depending on how hard the soon-to-crowned champ works after the show.

Here's the deal -- each contestant signed a contract which states that if they win the show, they will get their $5 million over a period of 5 years ... $1 mil-per-year.

According to the contract, obtained by TMZ, the $5 mil is an "advance" on any earnings the winner brings in from record sales, the official tour and more ... during the 5 years.

But the earnings are not capped at $5 mil -- if the performer generates more than $5 mil during the length of the deal, that person will get a cut of the profits. The more they sell, the more they rake in.

And there's more ... the singer is entitled to even more cash for any live performances outside of the official tour -- 30% of royalties from each gig -- and that money does NOT count toward the original $5 mil.

The show is down to the final 5 -- might be time to invest in an accountant (we're lookin' at YOU Rachel Crow).


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Rachel Crow to win? Yeah right. Maybe in five years.

1060 days ago


I stopped watching when Rugby girl was voted off. Bring her back!

1060 days ago


@ least this show is better than A.I.

1060 days ago


Rachel has the richest voice, only album I would buy.

1060 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..I hope Melanie wins...and Josh will get contract anyways...or visa versa ...I won't be surprised if Rachel wins though, the American public can leave you with your mouth open asking whyyyyyyyy when it comes to voting..just saying..will be fun too watch..

1060 days ago

Belinda Layman    

I will no longer watch this program. Too much about the mentors, not enough about the individuals competing. Rap is a talent but there is no way Chris Rene has the range in his voice that Drew has. Very disappointed. I expected more from a program of Simon Cowell. I am very disappointed.

1060 days ago


@ Cooley: X-Factor has been around much longer than the Voice, it started in 2004 in the UK. So there is no copying going on there. When it comes to the judges, they should be mature and responsible enough not to put down some contestants just because they wre mentored by another judge. It was really disgusting seeing L.A. Reid putting down some of the contestants and trying to put his own over as the best thing ever to hit the stage. The guy should be replaced as he is not interested in seeing the most deserving contestant come out the winner. The only one who really is doing a fair job as a judge is Simon, and that's a huge surprise to me. Paula is just being Paula, and that says it all, and Nicole is not qualified. Keep Simon and get three new judges next year.

1060 days ago


I don't care for Melanie I wouldn't buy her music and I think she is talented but BORING as all get out. Love Chris and would like to see him do his own music, that's where he shines. Love Rachael Crow I could see her as the next Disney money maker I think she has a BIG future. LOVE LOVE LOVE Jo******hink he is the clear winner, what a beautiful soulful voice. The fifth one, I feel bad I can't remember his name, he is talented like Melanie but I also find him BORING, I can't even remember his name.

1060 days ago

Flying Blind    

not only can josh out sing this bunch, he is an accomplished musician. check him out on youtube.

1060 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

only thing is tho, that the winner is gonna have to be so sterile, that their only target market is gonna be highly prude super moral people. try to find that in america...

1060 days ago


I hope Josh wins, he is one of the few I ever saw that really puts his heart and soul in, and I imagine they read all this stuff so a big shout out to his Mama for standing behind him 1000000%. She's a nervous Nellie and I think she'd be a fun Mom to have. Melanie's version of Listen was incredible but it seems to me like after the initial audition the songs tend to go downhill from there. And as a poster earlier wrote, they audiition, they finally win and thats generally the last you hear of them. Rachel is cute, but I think the make-up and clothes were not suitable for her and she just did better in jeans and a top. Loved her singing Mercy.

Maybe someone can answer this. If you saw the show that had Abbey and Lisa on it where the one tried to crack the other one across the face when she asked who that other judge was, well, she DID ask it nicely when she asked Who are you, well, I don't know either. I never watch the actual shows, just You Tube. Who is she?? She seemed quite taken that she wasn't recognized which turned me off of her immediately. They do love themselves a bit too much. Anyways, go Josh!! You are a handsome guy and I love your voice. Good going, Josh's Mama!! You raised a good guy. :) No more slinging burritos. Now you can buy the business.

1060 days ago


Melanie should win. Josh is really good but I feel like he's more of a blues/soul guy than a lame grunge rock type that the show is trying to turn him into. Melanie is more the more commercial type of singer they are looking for.

1060 days ago


Josh is the only one I would buy a CD of his songs,the other one is gone now,her name is Drew and she got screwed by ditsy Nicole S,and Paula.

1060 days ago


As long as it isnt Astro.

1060 days ago


I don't think the x-factor has the caliber of contestants left to do that. Melanie is just like a beyounce, or a rehianna yes she's good, but I would spend money and the already established singers. Josh is okay,but he does nothing to make me want to spend money on getting his music, and rachel just drives me crazy. So as of now, I don't have anyone that I would buy their music. Hopefully American Idol will have someone to hold my attention. I will spend money on CD's or concerts or watch Drew when she has something. You wanted America to have a say and you denied us so I don't have any faith you now......

1060 days ago
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