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Alec Baldwin

Tossed by American Airlines Captain

12/6/2011 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The last straw in the Alec Baldwin/American Airlines incident came when he "slammed" the bathroom door so loudly the captain of Flight 4 had to get involved ... according to people on the plane.

We're told Baldwin's tweets about the incident are on point -- flight attendants wanted him to shut off his cell phone in the middle of a game of "Words with Friends" ... after the cabin door closed, but the plane remained at the gate.

But according to passengers ... after the confrontation over his phone, Alec got up to go to the bathroom and angrily slammed the lavatory door.  We're told it was so loud the captain called back to flight attendants to find out what was happening.

That's when the captain himself made the call to have Baldwin removed.

Sources close to Alec claim he did not slam the door, and only got up to get the flight attendant's name so he could file a complaint -- but because the fasten seat belt sign was on he was asked to leave the plane.

Alec boarded the next LAX-JFK flight -- and we're guessing he's enjoying an intense match of 'Words' right now ... at 40,000 feet.


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Flight attendants are there to save your butt, not kiss it! Take off and landing are the most critical phases of flight, if there is going to be an emergency this is most likely the time it is going to happen. By playing games and not paying attention, you endanger yourself and those around you. But that flight attendant that you think is being mean or stupid is the same person that is trained to get your butt off the plane if their is a emergency.

991 days ago


What a butt-wipe.

991 days ago


I thought he was supposed to move to Canada a few years ago because he didn't like our Govt. I was hoping he would do what he said, but he is all mouth.

991 days ago


Crybaby actor. 1%er feels the rules don't apply to him. Maybe should beat up his girlfriend or something so he can feel better about himself. Douchebag.

991 days ago


Another "entitled" spoiled-rotten douche who was never spanked as a kid.

991 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Did he call anyone a PIG?

991 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Mr. 99%er, my A$$

991 days ago


No excuse for this sort of diva behavior by anyone. However, I fly a lot and am frankly sick to death of the the petty tyrant flight attendants on many flights. I know their job stinks, but the airlines really should demand some sort of mental health testing before hiring some of these people. I witnessed a doozy last month where an anal retentive flight attendant went on a rampage about overhead baggage (moved a bunch of stuff around because she didn't like how it was loaded) and created an inquisition atmosphere trying to figure out who the perpetrators were that dared to put their luggage in sideways (held up boarding for 10 precious minutes while she had her little snit, to boot). When one woman raised her hand as the culprit, the guy next to her said, 'don't blame her, I'm the one who moved it' and the attendant blew a gasket. 'Did I ask that question? Is that the question I asked?' It was unbelievable. Then she suggested he keep his comments to himself if he wanted to stay on the plane. This was on American. I decided never to fly them again after this incident--who needs that misery in addition to all the other traveling misery--so I'm not surprised they had to file bankruptcy recently.

Jerky passengers like Baldwin are a pain, but flight attendants since 9/11 have too much authority in areas where they shouldn't and not enough where they should.

991 days ago


Those dirty little pigs threw me off the plane! hahaha

991 days ago

Captain Beefcake    

Can people just turn their electronics off for five minutes? It's for safety, so if my kids are going to be put in danger over words for friends, I will shove your f@#&ing ipad in your ahole.

991 days ago


Mr Baldwin is an arrogant jerk...he doesn't want to follow the rules..even though the airplane door was shut and not moving, they could have been playing the safety video and they want everyones attention. He will do anything to keep his fat, old, has been name in the news...please fly UNITED. Good riddance

991 days ago

James Woods    

So where is the point of this where he was arrested and sued by every passenger on the flight for disrupting them?

If joe taxpayer did this he would be cuffed and stuffed.

If joe taxpayer inconvenienced the hollywood elite the lawsuits would fly.

991 days ago


He is an obnoxious, loud mouth little man. No wonder Kim Bassinger grew to hate him!!

991 days ago


Celebrity Communist Party spokespersons can't be treated like that. Look for Obama to sic the IRS on that flight crew.

991 days ago


Hey Baldwin; Let me tell you a few things that the people you surround yourslef with won't:
1) You're a human being, not a God!
2) You are no more entitled than anyone else on that plane!
3) The FAA has rules in place for a reason, everyone else on that plane was following the rules, you should have too!
4) Your ego is bigger (much bigger) than you are!
5) If you can't handle the FAA rules or you think you're too big to have to follow the rules, then you need to pony up for a private jet!

991 days ago
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