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Alec Baldwin

Tossed by American Airlines Captain

12/6/2011 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The last straw in the Alec Baldwin/American Airlines incident came when he "slammed" the bathroom door so loudly the captain of Flight 4 had to get involved ... according to people on the plane.

We're told Baldwin's tweets about the incident are on point -- flight attendants wanted him to shut off his cell phone in the middle of a game of "Words with Friends" ... after the cabin door closed, but the plane remained at the gate.

But according to passengers ... after the confrontation over his phone, Alec got up to go to the bathroom and angrily slammed the lavatory door.  We're told it was so loud the captain called back to flight attendants to find out what was happening.

That's when the captain himself made the call to have Baldwin removed.

Sources close to Alec claim he did not slam the door, and only got up to get the flight attendant's name so he could file a complaint -- but because the fasten seat belt sign was on he was asked to leave the plane.

Alec boarded the next LAX-JFK flight -- and we're guessing he's enjoying an intense match of 'Words' right now ... at 40,000 feet.


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Helpful Handyman    

Alec needs an ass kicking. And to think that he wants to be a leader of the people, a politician. Dude needs more anger management therapy. One can only imagine what Kim Basinger and the daughter has really been through with this mega douche.

991 days ago


So tired of these entitled people thinking the rules are for the rest of us. We need to STOP putting our money in their pockets.

991 days ago

Helpful Handyman    

I'd have thrown his ass off the plane, mid-air!

991 days ago

Pete Akerson    

Bravo American Airlines! You have have reached new heights with me!

991 days ago

Shawn in Florida    

Do liberals just automatically LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING? It seems that way to me.

991 days ago


A true self important idiot.

991 days ago

Big Flex    

The flight attendant drove a Hyundai to get to the airport. Baldwin drove an $80,000 BMW.

991 days ago

Mike H    

ITS REAL SIMPLE....GET ON A PLANE THEN OBEY THE RULES. The other option is dont get on a plane and drive to your destination...or in his case BUY YOUR OWN PLANE..OR SPEND SOME MONEY AND CHARTER ONE. There is no reason why this overpaid tub of lard should get any different treatment than any of the rest of us.

990 days ago


Alec Baldwin is less than nothing, yet people will continue to watch his shows, see his films, etc. Either put your money where your mouth is people or shut the hell up!

990 days ago


I wonder how much money he received from 'Words with Friends' for this promotion.

990 days ago


The Captain (please - you mean the bus driver) was obviously overstepping his authority. The plane was at the gate, and we have all continued to use cell phones, etc. while at the gate. A clear case of jealousy on the part of the Captain (bus driver). Airline pilots are arrogant drunks, who spend most of their time trying to flirt with the flight attendants. Alec raises money for various causes and all of the posters who are writing nasty things about him, are just jealous. He has talent, looks, and money - what do you have?

990 days ago


They can't do that to an Obama tool. Didn't they know he works for Obama- he's above the rules and regulations of the common man? Wait for the press conference where Obama says the pilot acted stupidly.

990 days ago


He has a more than passing physical resemblance to Al Gore. And they're both totally narcissistic blowhards. Why anyone would be attracted to such an unpleasant personality is beyond me.

990 days ago


Most flight attendants are so rude and nasty nowadays. They think they are police officers or something. The service and attitude they dish out is pathetic... AA is the worst airline anyways.

990 days ago


He flew off the handle for... that? Okay, My 4 year old can handle "stress" like he had better. Some (or many) adults need to grow up.

990 days ago
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