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Chris Brown & Dance Crew

The INSANE Back-flipping

Breakdance Battle [VIDEO]

12/6/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


In case you had any doubt ... Chris Brown is one badass back-flipping dance machine -- and he proved it last night at an L.A. nightclub, throwing down some mind-blowing moves in an impromptu breakdance battle ... and TMZ has the footage.

Brown and his dance crew stormed the stage at Beacher's Madhouse inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel ... unleashing breakdance MAYHEM -- and the crowd went wild. You gotta see the clip.

Best part -- 6-foot-7 Amazon Ashley waiting patiently in the background to take the stage ... with her giant nipple tassels.


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Forgive him for the beating. He was young and stupid. He won't do it again.

1020 days ago

duh! it's nai    

laul laul lol you all are in dire need of life support aka get a life.

1020 days ago


he repeatedly hit a woman in the face! I don't care if it was last week or 20 years ago, he repeatedly hit a woman. that is not some "mistake" to be forgiven. he is a woman beater, and he always will be.

1019 days ago

NuBLOSSOM, there are a lot of bitter grapes on here. Like were all the hateful comments really necessary? Sad ppl STILL allow what happened 3 years ago to eat away at them and then as if it actually happened to them...?? I'll be willing to bet its the same losers who post the SAME thing in all of his post. Pathetic.
With all that being said, I see nothing spectacular about what he did. He was just being goofy.

1019 days ago


Are we still going on about the RHIANNA incident? last time I checked MS.S&M made more money than CB did in the past year, promoting herself as a sex-slave, sadomasochistic FREAK, capitalizing on her beat-down and promoting an unhealthy image for women everywhere! If your here to rant on about CB, get off his D**K, it seems like your the ones that cant get enough of it anyway. Props to him for coming back and doing his thing. As for RHIANNA just another FAME wh*r*.

1018 days ago


I'm only here because of Steve Terada. He is the second asian guy, and is a part of Quest Crew. So of course he's better then the other guys.

1017 days ago


Chris "Woman Beater" Brown needs to stop logging in under multiple accounts and defending his girlfriend-beating actions.

1015 days ago


people need to grow up, holding a grudge agaist someone for years will only continue to make u an angry, miserable person. ya he made a mistake a few yrs ago but we all make mistakes. >let him who has not sinned cast the first stone< And have u seen her work lately? All she's doing is showing people that dressing and acting like a slutty whore and doing drugs is ok. She has really gone downhill!

1003 days ago

Mr CX    

Yol give the guy a break stop acting yol are perfect and am sure some of you are abusers bt just coz aint nobody exposing u u outer get away with it
the guy apologised and damn has he proven all u punk asses that u wrong

big up to ma boy CHRIS STAY POSITIVE BRO

1001 days ago


why are all u guys such haters grow the **** up and leave the past alone before i beat yall the hell chris has more talanet in his mother****in left thumb then all yall put together TEAM BREEZY 4 LIFE

990 days ago


gets lives people gosh he's just dancing and trying to have fun

956 days ago


Last time chris brown battled someone, she ended up with a black eye.

Do knock WHAT!

952 days ago
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