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Jerry Sandusky

8 Alleged Victims to Testify

... According to Report

12/6/2011 8:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Sandusky
All 8 alleged victims mentioned in the explosive Jerry Sandusky grand jury report will testify against the former Penn State defensive coach at a preliminary hearing next week ... this according to ABC News.

Sandusky's lawyer had previously stated that his legal team had contacted the person who was allegedly raped in the Penn State locker room ... and that person insisted nothing ever happened.

But according to ABC, that person -- and all of the rest -- will say they WERE abused when they take the stand.

The prelim is set to begin on Dec. 13. Jerry is currently facing 40 counts of child sex abuse.

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No Avatar


This guy is using a defense similar to that used by Michael Jackson. "Sure, I like young boys, but it was all ok, nothing happened". Give him all the rope he needs, he'll hang himself.

1050 days ago


Time to bend over yourself, Jerry.

1050 days ago


Prepare lube you monster. I am glad the victims are standing up. f**k this pig.

1050 days ago

Throwback kid    

This guy gives me the chills when he talks about children, he is a total creep. You can just see his lust for young boys in his eyes when he talkes about them. Put him away and throw away the key

1050 days ago


I want to know one thing. Why hasn't law-enforcement do a search warrant on Jerry Sandusky house the child molester. How come they never did a search warrant on his house why why. Why is he out walking around children. why isn't he in prison forever.why why why

1050 days ago


Somebody hurry and shoot this twisted ***********

1050 days ago


How can you look at him and not tell that he is a creepy weirdo pervert?

1050 days ago


Through his interviews this person is deeply disturbed.Why they kept him around so long is beyond me.He seems to have the mind of a sixteen year old.

1050 days ago


I hope that all 8 of the victims get justice. Not that it will take away their hurt and pain they have to live with, but it is time that this pervert faces the consequences to his sick actions.

1050 days ago


Of course this case is in its preliminary stages. So it remains to be seen what will come out of all of this. But I am willing to say this; Having seen some of his 'comments' of late this S.O.B. is out of his rabid-assed mind. Some of things he has said defy common sense as well as decency. I can't believe there is a lawyer willing to even take this case considering how bat**** Sandusky is. He sounds like a person who did something wrong, but doesn't think what he did was wrong. As matter of fact he sounds like someone who is trying to convince people that HE is the victim. I kind of doubt that these victims would go through all of this if there were nothing to it. There is also too many of them for the matter to be ignored, or be a total lie.

1050 days ago


THE grand jury report


1050 days ago



1050 days ago


public castration is what this serial pedophile should get....publicly castrate him and show these pedophiles we mean business......then shove his penis down his throat!

1050 days ago

She's baaaack    

In interviews this monster acts almost proud of being with so many kids. What really sucks is that aside from administration and faculty and those idiots who rioted, there are so many students who attend this school who are tossed into the wake of this monster's heinous acts. I hope he hangs himself and it takes minutes upon minutes for him to die while he is visited by every horror he put upon those children.

1050 days ago


If Sandusky himself would testify they wouldn't need any other witnesses. I know people should be considered innocent until proven guilty, especially in matters like this, but his own interviews say "guilty!" more clearly than almost anyone I've ever seen.

1050 days ago
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