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Jesse James

Beef with 'American Chopper' --

I Think They Wanna Fight Me

12/6/2011 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James is in a bike building war with the guys from "American Chopper" -- and it's getting so intense that Jesse claims things could get violent between him and Paul Teutul Jr.

The gear-heads are all at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas for a Discovery Channel event called "American Chopper Live: The Build Off" -- airing live tonight at 9pm ET.

James was setting up his big red machine today when we asked about the rivalry -- and he told us, "The senior is cool but the kid's like wound up tighter than a watch ... I think he's gonna want to fight me."

So, we gotta ask ...


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hope Jesse don;t have to go blow with JR he already mad he lossing the build off

949 days ago

Mikel Dornhecker    

This is a bogus build-off. Sr knows he doesn't have a chance so he decides not to compete by building a non-chopper, motorcycle only because it has less than 4 wheels. That way he can say the build-off is a popularity contest and no one likes him. Of course they don't. He runs down his kids publicly and then says it's Jr's fault no one will talk to him. Jesse is the craftsman. Too bad he is so insufferably arrogant. While the bike is beautiful work it's too old school for my taste. Jr's bike is what he always builds, a theme bike. The Teutul glommed on to the corporate theme bikes niche and were successful mostly because they promote it with television. This is nothing more than a TV promo that could rival the WWF.

949 days ago


Jesse James has a hardon for everyone. How old is he? 14? i mean dude grow up you are some 20 something punk anymore.

He's always got some sH** to say about everyone else....what a schmuck

949 days ago


Geezus Jesse, STFU and build your bike! How insecure are you man? All yer BS "I'm so tough and bad" ACT is so obviously based in little wounded child insecurity. If you have to ACT tough and bad as much as you do . . . yer NOT! Putting the other builders down to TRY to make yourself look good is pitiful. Grow up already . . . and STFU! You knew you were going to lose so you tried yer best to TALK yer way into getting respect and automatically have built in excuses.

949 days ago


Those guys suffer from roid rage.

949 days ago


Yeah... Jesse James was a body guard for SLAYER, the metal band... and others. And he hads a good build on him. Jr has reach and height? I Honestly dont think its even a fight hahahah I HOPE THERES A FIGHT Ill bail Jesse out of Jail!!

949 days ago


Jesse is a f@$&ing tool - I would like to punch him in the face!

949 days ago


Jesse James is such a prick, luckily Sandra Bullock figured out he was a joke and bailed. He is`a disgrace to the biker industry.

949 days ago

shan I dont think about that" ya right im sure her and sandra and anyone else you can get a lil more 15 mins of fame is all he thinks about.I thought he was so0o inlove she was his bestfriend soulmate ect ect obviously not but to atleast pretend to go along with the stupid shiiii you say .

949 days ago


I think SR would kick both their asses...LOL

949 days ago


I used to like JJ until i heard him speak.(on the "Apprentice") Honestly it was kinda strange to hear this voice come out of his mouth, sounds like he has never mentally developed. I feel bad for that man-child.

949 days ago

Who Knew    

If two douches fight and nobody cares, did they actully fight?

949 days ago


Jesse's bike looks like a reject from the 90s. Not in a good way. I ride a bobber, so I like raw looking bikes . . but his is just dated looking in a bad way. The bike Jr built is a work of art (no one rides these things / it was a competition). The snow mobile Sr's team built is ridiculous. Rick looked like he couldn't believe he had to be a part of something so stupid.

949 days ago

Young Hanky    

Ok I got to the part of the video where he says "I think I built the only bike you can ride" Um, I watched the show last night, Jesse James couldn't see over his handlebars and kept on having to look under his right handlebar to see. That's not comfortable riding to me, and in many states that's illegal. I was watching a show about Sturgis, the place that has the biggest bike fest every year, you'd be ticked for riding Jesse James bike their. Paul Jr. wins. Jesse James with the generic bike he's been building for years, and Paul SR. "bike" is a joke.

949 days ago

Gary Policastro    

I use to like JJ, but now I think he is a Butt head! Your not a Bad Ass if you have to try and put your challenger down ever five minutes! Shut the #@(& up and let your work do the talking:)

949 days ago
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