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Kim K to OPI Nail Polish

My Sisters Deserve Equal Pay

12/6/2011 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kardashian Nail Polish
All Kardashian women may not be created equal ... but one of the biggest nail polish companies on the planet is sure paying them like they are ... and get this -- even the half-sisters are raking in BIG MONEY.

TMZ has learned ... all 6 K-ladies (Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall) inked a deal with OPI back in March to become spokeswomen for a Kardashian line of nail polish ... featuring colors like:

Sealed with a Kris -- an intense dark red tone
Kim-pletely In Love – a soft, delicate pale pink hue
Khloe Had a Little Lam-Lam – an eye-catching dark emerald hue
Listen to Your Momager! – a striking deep blue tone

According to the contract, obtained by TMZ, the family was guaranteed $600,000 up front -- plus a cut of the nail polish profits.

Here's the thing ... the documents show the money is being divided EQUALLY between all of the women -- that's $100k-per-gal for all you math wizards out there.

Shocking considering Kim is in her own stratosphere when it comes to star-power ... then again, they say charity starts in the home.

Fun Fact -- each lady has requested to be paid through their very own corporations ... which have names like Kimsaprincess Inc., 2Die4Kourt Inc. and KhloMoney Inc.


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1055 days ago


Don't buy what they try to sell.
They are a greedy and immorally corrupt family.

1055 days ago


UGH...the spam is worse than ever and it just keeps getting worse!

1055 days ago


This is the kind of article I would expect TMZ to run on April Fools Day. Please tell me this is a joke. Those cant be the names of the nail polishes and and corporation names just sound ridiculous. If this is true then it really shows what a bunch of greedy skanks this group of chicks really are.

1055 days ago

nipples mugee    

TMZ!!!! Plesae do something about these ass clown spammers . It's out of control !!! Are you guys in on this ? Why can't you get rid of this crap and why isn't the site admin getting on this ? You need to fire everyone involved with the design of this forum , no spell check ? Really ? The very basic websites have spell check.... All the profit this website produces and you can't eliminate some basic spam..

1055 days ago


Kim's immature diva behavior is so vile. She has a filthy mouth, as do her sisters, but wow, for being woke up and she chose to react like a raving lunatic b*tch in text and voicemail?
This family stoops to bottom feeding behavior, they are like Carp, feeding off of others with their money motive, then when they do not get their way, they all act out with the filthiest mouths, the dirtiest minds and the most immoral behavior.

Kris Humphries was right in ditching Kim, she is a spoiled and immature, vile woman. What guy would want filth like that? Makeup cannot cover up true character and Kim has shown her true character. What guy would want to be verbally abused like how Kim verbally abuses Khloe? (Not that Khloe does not verbally abuse her sisters, Bruce or Humphries though either, and Kourtney treats Scott like trash and even Scott will lash out at a teen Mom on twitter swearing at her.)

Where and who told them that their behavior is star worthy? It is not, it is everything that dumbs down America and it is corrupting the young minds of teens who watch.

Here are some names for their nail colors:

IPimpMyKidsForMoney Grinch Green
FilthyMouthedKimKardashian Calf Manure Yellow
24-7PMSingKourtney Deviant Fuschia
KimNeedsARealityCheck Spazz Brown
BruceNeedsHisBallsBack Baby Blue
StopExploitingOthersForRatings Bull**** Beige
SeriouslyGrowUp Putrid Puke Teal
AnalSeepageEnemaObsessedKourtney Crap Stain Mustard Brown

everything that comes out of their mouths is all about their narcissistic selves, ratings or money.

They are an unhealthy enmeshed family that lacks impulse control and lacks boundaries, and they cannot hang on to friendships or relationships because of their malicious behavior.

Kick Rocks Kardashian Shaming Red by Opi

1055 days ago


How about nail color names like......

Kick Rocks Kardashian Crap Stain Brown
Anal Leakage Rocks Kourts World Manure Yellow
I Pimp My Kids To Support My Superficial World Krusty Green
Bruce and Scott Have No Balls And Like Being Abused Black
Khloe Bullies Purple
Pouty Mouth Kim Puke Green Yellow
Kardashians Worship Money Not God Satanic Red

1055 days ago



1055 days ago


This gang of whores as spokeswomen should be reason for the public to boycott the brand.

1055 days ago


Thank you for letting us know about OPI's deal with the family from hell. I've been out of work for over 2 years and like the majority of people in this country, I've had to give up things like manis & pedis in order to pay my bills. I love OPI nail polish, have used it for over 10 years, what I always chose when I went in to the salon. NOW knowing that these talentless, shallow, self-serving airheads would get money from any purchase of their polish makes it sooooo much easier to go without my manicure. In fact, it makes it almost pleasurable. Thanks again.

1055 days ago


Look at their mom. She's like, "What is my old ass doing in this picture.' Oh well "f" it!" Gross, all of them

1055 days ago


Click like if your sitting in a news room reporting on this crap for a local affiliate.

1055 days ago


F*CK OFF AND GO AWAY FOREVER, FRAUDASHIANS! You're nothing but a bunch of phony, no-talent, fraudulent, attention whores who were never shown enough attention as kids. Rob Kardashian Sr. must be rolling in his grave with fury with the sham his family has now become

1055 days ago


I know i wont be buying that nail polish.They are nothing but a bunch of money hungry heifers.

1055 days ago

Do you have eyes?    

Somebody better check Kimsaprincess Inc. It's where she's hiding the $18 millon her mother said she didn't earn from the wedding.

1055 days ago
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