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'Revenge' Star 911 Call

Car-Crushing Tree Emergency

12/6/2011 11:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Madeleine Stowe 911 call audio
TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed moments after "Revenge" star Madeleine Stowe's car was CRUSHED by a massive oak tree this month -- blocking an entire street.

Madeleine Stowe Car CrashThe tree came crashing down on Thanksgiving -- when devastating winds wreaked havoc across L.A. ... tearing down trees and power lines all over the city.

If there's one thing we can learn from the 911 tape -- it's a pain in the ass to clean up a giant tree in L.A.


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Throwback kid    

Wow! talking about BREAKING NEWS! I can't believe a tree fell down on the car of a hasben actress two weeks ago and we are just finding out about it. What else are you keeping from us TMZ, information on the JFK assasination? TMZ should cut the dead weight, too many people in that office now and stick to more relevent celeb news

1050 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

My uncle's cousin's sister in law's ex college roommate's dog's previous owner made $867530976753098675309 last month posting SPAM on TMZ!!!

1050 days ago

nancy jo    

Poor Tree!!!!! I Hope You Have Coverage!!! I Hope the Tree Does Too!!!

1050 days ago


Wow!!...what a disaster.

1050 days ago


Another chapter in the book. "How to Waste 9-1-1 Resources"...not exactly a "life-threatening emergency! What a dim-wit!

1050 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

It looks like the mail box has to be tied down, like an angry dog. It’s hopping mad at what happened.

1050 days ago


its just a toyota, that tree did her a favor

1050 days ago


She parks on the street? You'd think she has a garage to come home and park in. Guess only reality shows pay these days.

1050 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Well if it wasn't a convertible, it is now.

1050 days ago


The insurance company will blame the landlord.

The landlord will blame the city.

The city will blame the actress.

Everyone's worst fear - realized -

-your car being taken out by some freak accident -

...that begets customer service hell.

Madeleine will now probably get out-sourced to Pakistan.

A peace-abiding Islamist who tries to tell you his name's Carl -

"Dees ees Carwl."

-While she takes the bus.

...She's hot - so all bus routes will be glad to have her.

And, hell, I'd pick her up in a second.

Except I'm on the bus, too.

I love Madeleine Stowe, sorry to hear this.

1050 days ago


Welcome to the EAST COAST, NEW ENGLAND!! Happens all the time. SOOO SORRY FOR YOU!

1050 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

No one was in the car, and no one was hurt outside of the car, so exactly what was the emergency? I would imagine that there were actual people who had actual emergencies during that storm. Real emergencies with real people with real injuries - maybe even real death. And while we're at it, exactly what makes this woman a "star"?

1050 days ago


That 911 tape is enlightening. Kudos to the 911 Fire Operator that persisted even with the lack of response from the City workers.

1050 days ago


Our power here in Pasadena just came back on after 5 days without and it's been DAMNED COLD here (for Cali). My cats are angry, stiff little popsicles and I lost over $1000 in food from the fridge/freezers. We caved and spent 3 of those nights in a hotel.

We also lost a tree and a fence, but all around this and surrounding cities are MASSES of MONSTROUS and not-so-monstrous trees downed by this crazyass wind. Worst in 30 years, they said. Several thousand are still without power.

Tell you what... I'd still rather live here in CA and risk earthquakes (having been in several including the biggies in SF and LA) than anywhere where there's wind like this plus water; i.e. hurricanes and the like. I do NOT like flying through the air like the Wicked Witch of the West, though the similarities are otherwise quite striking. :o)

1050 days ago


For the record, there were no deaths, though there were some minor injuries and folks (mostly elderly or ill) who needed medical assistance. We truly got lucky because I'm tellin' ya, some of those trees that came down had roots, when pulled from the ground and laying sideways, were thrice my height!

1050 days ago
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