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Kim Kardashian's 14 Y.O. Sis

Too Much $$$, Too Young

12/6/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

092711_tmzlive Kim Kardashian, her four sisters and her mom are splitting a $600,000 nail polish contract evenly -- which sounds great -- except that means 14-year-old Kylie just pocket $100K!  No kid should have that much money, right?

Plus, Larry King wants a deep freeze when he dies -- but is he just blowing his fortune on a pipe dream? A cryonics expert breaks down the cost and what you actually get for your money. Hint: there are NO guarantees.

Plus, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds -- too hot to last? And TMZ staffer dreams of life on the new Super Earth!
TMZLive-Download-Podcast-Graphic(05:00) Dax believes Kim Kardashian has helped her family get to fame.  Also, do you think $100k is too much for a 14 year old? Charles seems to think so.
(10:02) A twitter comment stirs the pot in the debate claiming $100k isn't a lot of money.
(20:07) Larry King says he wants to be frozen when he dies.  We have some basic questions for an expert ... but who needs an expert when Charles was a biology major?
(23:33) For an unpredictable outcome, freezing a body might be a pricey gamble.
(27:30)  Urban myth busted! Walt Disney did NOT freeze his body after death.
(31:49) Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds ... too hot to have a successful relationship?  Charles seems to think so.
(34:05) Charles also thinks there's a hierarchy in relationships.  Do you kiss your wife with that mouth, Charles?
(36:33)  We go down the list picking hot couples that made it and hot couples that didn't ... it's actually kind of a fun game.
(41:30) There's a new planet and it could have life on it! ... maybe ... probably ... ok, probably not.
(44:00)  UFO and alien expert, Robert Kiviat, gives the low down on the new planet.
(47:40) We crush Ryan Satin's hope of life on other planets.


No Avatar


what about tiger and elin?

1016 days ago


when you die do they not issue a death certificate. What happens when they bring you back? obviously your previous existence is dead to the government....

1016 days ago


We don't care about the vapid Kardashians. These people are NOT role models!

1016 days ago


Where's Harvey? :(

1016 days ago


I thought Larry King was already a mummy...can they freeze you after you've been embalmed?

1016 days ago

Ghost Rider    

@Tmz staff, read the Jimm Mars book "Alien Agenda" if you dare. It will scare the crap out of you, so I highly doubt anyone there has the courage to read half way through it, except for Ryan, maybe.

1016 days ago


OPI missed a chance to get Kartrashian Orange nail polish-- to match their skin.

1016 days ago

Ozzie X    

The staff at TMZ are some of the most homely looking rejects. These people actually go to work looking like this?

1016 days ago


I wonder if young Kardashian knows she is becoming an active member of the most hated family in the world. Change your image, donate a ton of money (TON OF MONEY) to help the needy. And make it known you are doing it.

1016 days ago

Kristy Hughes    

Anyway I don't respect her. I believe whatever she does is just for
publicity. They are stars but behave like immature. Kids watch them
and would follow them as an example. SO this is not good at all.
Recently, I saw the latest kim Kardashian sex tape here Its the craziest.

1016 days ago


You guys were awful today. Charles, you talk too much, Dax overtalks everyone, even the experts on the phone. Jason is the only smart one and he just sits and stares. Bring Harvey back or put Mike on with Jason.

1015 days ago


you guys should've had Dan Aykroyd on. He's a celeb and big on the whole UFO thing :)

1015 days ago


you guys should've had Dan Aykroyd on he's a celeb and he's big on the UFO thing :)

1015 days ago


yeah we know kim, kourtney and khloe are getting too old to appeal to the young teenage girls now. so mom kris is pimping out the 2 youngest girls to sell their brand. only they're last names are jenner. wonder if pimp mom kris will make them change their name to kardashian for the so-called brand. hope all you moms with young and teenage girls will not let them watch the show or buy any of their products,they are a disgrace to all thats decent.

1015 days ago

tha jew    

Kris obviously got everyone $100,000 because her 10% 60,000 wasn't enough

1015 days ago
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