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Willow Smith

Whips Her Outfit into a Frenzy

12/6/2011 9:02 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Willow Smith
Not sure what to wear while in NYC on Monday, adorable 11-year-old Willow Smith decided to put on everything in her closet.

At least she looks warm.


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Different Rules Apply    

Jada and Will should not be putting there kids out there so young. The posts below are proof of the damage that can be caused being lunged into the spotlight with all the CRITICISM that goes along with that. They had time to wait, not sure what's up with their decision.

1018 days ago


Just goes to show you money and taste are not intertwined.

1018 days ago


As she gets older she may look back and thing: what was I thinking... the horror!

1018 days ago

tony gee    

WTF is she wearing? Somebody whisper to her that she is butt ugly, therefore she should refrain from dressing with ugly things, too. When you know you are as ugly as Serena and Venus, you should at least dress up quite beautifully to make a contrast with your "ugliness."

This ugly girl is the product of bearding gone bad!

1018 days ago


omg She looks like a Dude

1018 days ago

Mike L    

Is it Halloween again already?

1018 days ago


Where is her Mother!!!!!! OH that's right, she is as bad in judgement as her daughter.

1018 days ago


She's 11! Stop bullying her! I'd rather see her looking for attention by dressing a bit oddly rather than doing drugs! She's not ugly she's cute. She's missing out on being a young girl though, she should be out playing and having fun. Her parents need to pull her back in a bit and just let her be a child.

1018 days ago


11 years old or not, girlfriend needs the eye brows and moustache waxed in a big way!!!

1018 days ago


Wow!!!!!!!!!! What a mess!!!! Typical of kids her age trying to be something they aren"t Get that s*** off the road!!!!!!!!!!!!! Road kill

1018 days ago


'Adorable'??? Please. #smh

1018 days ago


Just think the whole will and jada bunch is wacky...really... your kids need to be in hollywood? Just don't get the greed involved with these hollywood types peddling their 11 year olds kids to be famous and brats...the sense of entitlement is unreal. Find it repulsive.

1018 days ago


Seriously . . would this kid get any recognition if it weren't for her parents? It's kind of disturbing actually. Is she even 10 years old? And the "experimentation with fashion" has failed miserably. Does anyone know what normal 10 year olds do nowadays? I suggest she go do it and come back in 10 years.

1018 days ago

Joan K    

Both of their kids think their **** doesn't stink, the boy has an ego that needs to be kicked down a few pegs and the daughter needs some fashion lessons. I can't beleive her parents let her out looking like this. Good thing they are rich because she is going to need some plastic surgery soon.

1018 days ago


Another future drug addicted child of famous parents. Move over Lindsay. Sorry, she has No talent... other than being a lucky member of the rich daddy sperm club. I lost all respect for Will Smith when he moved his giant trailer onto a street without any concern for the neighbors, who are not famous.

1018 days ago
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