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Brooke Mueller


12/7/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller is adamantly denying she did anything wrong last Friday -- when Aspen cops arrested her for coke possession and assault ... telling TMZ, she's fighting vigorously to clear her name.

Brooke's rep tells us, her lawyer is already in Aspen, investigating the case with the "goal of having all charges dropped once the facts of the case come to light."

As we previously reported, Brooke's parents and Charlie have offered to help her out with the kids, but Brooke insists they're staying with her -- "There will be no changes in the custody arrangement."

Sources close to Brooke tell us, she has no immediate plans to enter rehab ... but we're told several people close to Brooke are urging her to check in.

Brooke's due back in court December 19th.


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Who Knew    

gaining many positions in the celeberty death pool.

1060 days ago


You have a problem fool. In true-addict form, you are the only one who doesn't see it. Admit it, fix it, and go home and raise your kids. You have healthy children (ALREADY more than a lot of people have) and you are proving to be their only liability.

1060 days ago

Alan Carver    

I am not sure how she is going to 'clear-her-name', but everyone including cops have a price. The prosecuting DA had better get on this 1 immediately to ensure that they have an iron-clad case when they see her later this month. Bottom-line this 'witch' thinks that just cause her family has money she can buy her way out of whatever issues she finds herself, and unfortunately as we have seen with 'so-called' celebrity justice, this could-end-up being the case here as well. If they test what substance they found on her person this is an air-tight case and she is going to jail for FELONY possession! She's just like Lindsay Lohan, I'm innocent, they are trying to frame me, etc., this time though and just like Lohan, let's hope JUSTICE prevails. She is an all-time loser just like the rest of these drug-addled ADDICT-CELEBRITIES slumming through Hollywood! What a sad commentary she is for her children.

1060 days ago


Right, you did nothing to be arrested. There was no fight, there wasn't four grams of coke, you weren't even there. Yes, I believe you. And if YOU believe that, I own the London Bridge and would like to sell it to you........Own it, you did it.

1060 days ago


WTF! Don't all you one percenter Brooke bashers have your "grown up time" where you leave your kids with the nanny and go out dancin' your ass off and boozin' and tootin' a little blow? Let Brooke alone. She's innocent. After all, she said so.

1060 days ago


Is the $795 to Lagos *****ia right next to this post a joke??? I'll pay if she goes!! No joke. I will.

1060 days ago


You're innocent? Um, no bitch, you're a crackhead.

1060 days ago


Just send the crack ho to jail already. She only wants custody of the boys because they bankroll her drug habit.

1060 days ago

kanye east    

brook u dont answer my tweets and now you blocked them im only trying to help i know how to make this go away

1060 days ago


right out of the celeb playbook. not 1

1060 days ago

steeler fan    

"It isn't my fault, I didn't do anything wrong, I don't need help," Spoken like a true addict. I hope the kids are placed in a safe place, away from her. Too bad she isn't talented or pretty-then she could get attention without the arrests.

1060 days ago


Does child protective services in California watch the news, read tmz, or even care? How many video's or pictures, or audio of her being cracked out of her mind before they remove those babies? It's not just hearsay, there is do***ented proof. I have trouble with anxiety, as millions do, but I choose to use a DOCTOR prescribed, legal medication for treatment. I DON'T choose to walk around dirty, wild eyed, and carrying a homemade tinfoil crack pipe. Take these kids, and put this woman in longterm, mandatory, lockdown rehab with TONS of therapy. No luxuries, no pampering, and no oceanside veiw... Hardcore, toilet scrubbing therapy. If not throw her in jail.....the law abidding people are getting tired of watching this trainwreck. What is her claim to fame? Parents with money, marrying a celebrity? Team Denise all the way. Richards parents should be proud of the mother, and woman that she has become. And I have to give props to Sheen....he seems to be doing much better than Brooke. California....make it about those boys....

1060 days ago


Well at least she didn't say she had the cocaine on her because she was "exhausted". I bet she'll come out tomorrow and tell us she was doing research for a movie role, or holding it for a friend! Good lord woman - we're not idiots.

1060 days ago


It's never the addicts fault. She won't spend one day in jail. But if it was one of us we would be under the jail.

1060 days ago



1060 days ago
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