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Brooke Mueller

Options to Avoid Jail

'On the Table' in Aspen

12/7/2011 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's more than a good chance Brooke Mueller will not see another day in the pokey for her felony drug bust in Aspen ... according to law enforcement sources.

We're told that although Brooke allegedly had four grams of cocaine on her -- nothing to sneeze at, for sure -- it's still the lowest class of felony arrest. Also weighing in her favor is the fact she's a first time drug offender ... in the eyes of the law, anyway. Brooke had a 2001 coke arrest in Florida, but it was dropped.

It all adds up to the very real possibility of Brooke getting nothing more than probation -- instead of the max six years behind bars -- and, in fact, our sources say the Pitkin County DA would be willing to put that option "on the table."

Also possible -- and even better for Brooke -- is a deferral, which means if she's a good girl for an agreed upon probationary period... the charge will be dismissed as if it never happened.

Brooke's attorney Yale Galanter tells TMZ he's already pushing for the best possible outcome ... something he's familiar with in Aspen. Galanter famously pulled Charlie Sheen's bacon from the fire after his arrest there.


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This is just disgusting.l...another slap on the wrist for a celebrity.. Pitiful justice system.. just pitiful

995 days ago


I am so sick of the free pass "celebrities" get in this country. I'm thinking that if this had been some average Joe & they were caught with 4 grams of coke, they'd be looking at serious jail time, not "deferrment." This is really making me sick to my stomach.

995 days ago


I think that the judge should make a deal with Brooke where IF she goes to a 9+ month long "locked in" rehab and she does everything there she is supposed to do THEN her probation would be over at the end and her felony conviction would be wiped from the record.

If her rehab facility is a long way away, Charlie has enough money to fly in the kids on his jet for visitation every week if he wanted to.

This is a no-brainer! Brooke needs to stay in rehab for a long time.

Charlie should try to get their kids to tell Brooke that they WANT her to go to rehab for 9+ months to get better. Like on that TV show "Intervention". Brooke is just as much of a drug addict as any of the people on that show.

995 days ago


the funny thing about American justice is there is no justice involved. laws are not equally enforced, punishment is not fairly applied.

995 days ago


And who is taking care of her Children? Note that CPS is not rushing in as it would for normal people. Note the lack of action by her family court judge, himself a loose cannon. And heads up, today Kendra Beebe who was stabbed by the 40 Year Old Virgin Actor....after he spoke for nearly an hour to her ex-husband, the day before and after the attack, will be talking about GPS with victim notification to save lives on John and Ken. The kind of GPS that comes with a siren, too. This kind of GPS. (Scroll for the interview after San Diego's latest preventable, relationship murder.) Or just go Save lives and money. What a concept. Too bad family court judges don't care to save lives.

995 days ago


Ok if you dont want to put her in jail, let he serve her probation, and DONT drop the charges. I mean come on this is the second time this ho got caught with cocaine. Why would they drop a felony charge. A felony is a felony, nothing should get dropped. But I hope atleast they take her kids away from her. I mean come on they got 2 drug addict parents.

995 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

She's a drug addict, it doesn't matter if they give her probation. She will piss test dirty and then everybody will be asking why they let her test dirty so many times before they arrested her.

995 days ago


By all means, keep putting this crack addict back on the streets. She needs a little time away to get clean.
When they find her dead from an overdose we'll be treated to the usual "why wasn't anything done to help her" whining from the family and reporters.

995 days ago

who dat    

Of course she gets a free walk. Celebrity justice. Anyone else, minimum 18 months.

995 days ago


This pisses me off. Each and every person convicted of drug charges should also be shot over the border where 30,000+ people have died in the drug war so pigs like Sheen and Mueller can get high.
What they're doing is what causes all that terrible crime and violence and they should all be held responsible for it.

995 days ago


This double standard has got to stop. Why are these celebs (or spouses and offspring of celebs) get away with stuff (besides obviously buying their way out of these situations they get themselves in. I say why don't we make examples out of them? This beyotch has no clue what it is to live in the real world, she faces no consequences. Let her REALLY hit rock bottom (no pun intended) and see what she does. Let this pretty crackhead spend some hard time in prison and let's see where she goes from there. No consequences = no reason to consider stopping. She'll smoke until she has a heart attack or overdoses. Brooke, you are throwing your life away - it is literally going up in smoke. Stop being so focking selfish and think of your kids - think outside of yourself, your wants, your needs for once. You have a responsibility and obligation to your children and you are a grown woman people shouldn't even have to tell you this. You are lower than whale crap.

995 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

It's not really "celebrity" folks it's money, pure and simple. Is there any true "celebrity" about this drig addict, or is it the fact that she has access to almost unlimited funds? Face the facts - if she was just some bimbo without money, she would be in jail at this very moment. But she's a bimbo with cash and a rich ex-husband who for some strange reason still has feelings for her.
The bottom line - Money talks, the others ROT IN JAIL.

995 days ago


Brooke --- Call me - It's Tommy Boy -- I have your reorder ready to go and will meet you at the plane before you take off... It will make your trip much more enjoyable... It's my treat!

995 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Avoid jail? The legal system is the biggest enabler of rich druggies around...

995 days ago


Aspen, and L.A. justice about the same? Or is it just for celebrity types?

995 days ago
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