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L.A. Lakers Player

Cleared in Rape Investigation

12/7/2011 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Devin Ebanks
Los Angeles Lakers
forward Devin Ebanks -- a 2nd round draft pick in 2010 -- is off the hook in an LAPD rape investigation ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the alleged victim told police Ebanks took her home from a nightclub on September 13, 2011 ... but when she turned down his sexual advances, Ebanks "forcibly penetrated [her] vagina with his penis five to ten times."

Cops say the woman reported the alleged incident to police later that night.

But here's where it gets crazy -- cops say the woman wanted to get Ebanks to admit to the sex, so she sent him a text message FALSELY claiming he had given her a sexually transmitted disease.

But Ebanks didn't fall for the trap -- and replied that he couldn't have transmitted anything to her ... BECAUSE THEY NEVER HAD SEX!!! 

We're told the woman also underwent a sexual assault examination, which revealed no foreign DNA anywhere on her body.

The L.A. County District Attorney eventually decided the woman had no credible evidence to back her story -- and rejected the case against Ebanks.

A rep for Ebanks had no comment -- but sources close to the Lakers tell TMZ, it's not the first time the alleged victim has made such accusations against pro ballers ... and law enforcement sources confirm that's the case.

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Sue the whore for false accusation. Men please be carefully with whores. Get a woman or pay an escort. random girls at pubs are evils.

1059 days ago


Some women are just money grubbing gold digging whores who want to jump on the gravy train. Since this whore has a history of falsely accusing pro athletes, and there is absolutely no evidence to back up her claim, he should sue her for abuse of process, attempted extortion, attempted blackmail, filing a false police report and anything else he can come up with. The only way to stop whores like this is to make it so painful for them that they go away; suing her, dragging her whore name through the mud legally and forcing her to pony up money for a legal defense will do just that...

1059 days ago

Fat Mike    

Why do these women who make false allegations never get named? If I were even somewhat well known I'd be carrying a camera on constant record. It seems every person who sleeps or even meets with someone remotely famous either sells their story or cries rape.
Mike Tyson did 3 years in prison for what I'm 99.99% sure was a false allegation, from a women who offered to drop the allegation for $1,000,000 cash and had made a rape allegation to Police before that was proven false.
Be careful!

1059 days ago



1059 days ago


Well TMZ... it's nice to see that you have basically let all of the spam take over the comment section. SICK OF IT!

1059 days ago


He's probably more happy that he was cleared of only lasting 5 -10 pokes. Bam...bam...bam...bam...bam....I'm done.

1059 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

And this is news why? Women do this everyday trying to fall into a payday!

1059 days ago


Identify this woman. She's just a lowlife money grubber like Kobe false accuser Katelyn Faber. These women should be punished and sent to prison for their scheming behavior. Enough is enough. Identify this b i a t c h.

1059 days ago


Typical gold-diggin' whore.

1059 days ago


so why aren't there charges pressed against these false accusers? i don't get how any of these opportunistic women don't get charges pressed against them for false accusations. Its unbelievable to me the Duke lacrosse players accuser never got charges pressed. I don't get how Beibers accuser hasn't either. and in this case as well....so many opportunistic gold digging females out there and its like they can just extort with no repercussions. its just one big joke...

1058 days ago


She needs to be arrested for reporting a false claim! They need bigger punishments for these whores!

1058 days ago


Women like this are a disgrace to the gender!! When someone is raped, it's hard for others to believe because of ALL the false claims. Such as gold diggers, one night stands, or women who think they are going to have a relationship with the guy afterwards but it doesn't go the way they want, and they cry rape. Shame on them ALL!!!

1058 days ago


Ho, get and education and a damn job.

1058 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Wonder why she wasn't arrested for filing a false police report.

1058 days ago


Always another ho for another day.

1058 days ago
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