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9/11 Widow to Alec Baldwin

'Take Responsibility'

for YOUR Actions

12/8/2011 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alec Baldwin
invoking 9/11 during a rant against the air industry was totally "inappropriate" ... and the widow of an American Airlines co-pilot killed in the tragedy thinks Baldwin should simply admit he was wrong.

TMZ spoke with Cheryl McGuinness Hutchins -- whose husband Tom was in the cockpit of the first plane to hit the World Trade Center.

Cheryl was reacting to Baldwin's blog -- in which he wrote, "I believe carriers and airports have used [9/11] as an excuse to make the air travel experience as inelegant as possible."

CMH tells us, "I absolutely think [Baldwin's statement] was an inappropriate comment to make" ... adding, "I believe airlines used what happened on 9/11 to increase security and protect passengers as much as possible -- not to make traveling inelegant."

She continues, "If [Alec] did something inappropriate ... he shouldn’t have to point the finger at a world tragedy. He should just take responsibility for his actions and admit he should have gotten off the phone.”

A source close to Baldwin tells us, "Alec had absolutely no intention of offending families, victims or anyone else associated with the horrible tragedy of 9/11. He only referenced that date in relation to discussion of the resulting impact on the airline industry."



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I think that Alec Baldwin is a very funny man. I like his politics. However, I would not want to spend five minutes in the same room with him as I think he is self-centered twit who needs anger management and parenting classes.

1028 days ago


Alec, you were simply wrong. As a frequent traveler you should already know the rules and obey them. It doesn't matter what the others were doing, not that they shouldn't have been told, but rather that you didn't like it and threw a fit. Your references are poorly worded and/or chosen and easily found to be offense. Grow up, admit your mistake, and quit blaming others. Period.

1028 days ago


I don't want to be Debbie Downer here but I don't think Tom was in the ****pit at the time of the crash.

1028 days ago


Alex Baldwin is an arrogant horse's rear end. What is he doing in the USA anyway? He promised to leave forever if G.W. Bush was reelected. That got Bush enough votes to win in itself!

1028 days ago


ALEC BALDWIN must be ignorant, senile, or stupid to continue his erratic behavior when flying in American skies.
Might be time for a Mental Health Check-Up.
The United States of America suffered on 9/11 and continues to suffer the disaster of 9/11. ALEC BALDWIN should respect our suffering and co-operate with airline staff.

1028 days ago

The Love Sponge    

He is such a sissy!

1028 days ago

bud cherry    

I thought he was going to leave the country if bush was elected Pres

1028 days ago


This guy is such an arrogant jerk I just can't stomach watching him anymore. Rules exist for many different reasons. You don't always have to like them or agree with them but you do have to follow them. If you don't want to deal with the inconveniences of flying nowadays then DON'T FLY! Part of what makes air travel an unpleasant experience for most are the annoying passengers who either don't want to follow the rules or are extremely rude to the flight crew or are drunk and belligerent. If they are like that in public and can't imagine what they are like in their own homes.

1028 days ago

good as gold    

Standing up to the insanity with insanity, gotta love Alec for that. Its time repeal the dumb rule [its NOT a LAW]. There is NO evidence that support cell phones interfere with the airplanes electronics.

1028 days ago


HA HA HA ...playing computer games and hiding in the lavatory?
Has everyone lost their sense of humor? HA Ha Ha This sounds like a skit from SNL. Don't forget people, his "profession" is that he is an actor so you really don't know who he is as a human.

1028 days ago

There's a problem here    

Alec Baldwin is an entitled Hollywood azz_whole. Big time. Every airliner has a shutdown policy for electronic devices. It is believed that they can cause interference with the sensitive controls and systems necessary for safe takeoffs and landings. There are people who think this is crap, but it is necessary. I'd hate to find out that it is a fact because some fat drunk worthless slob like Alec Baldwin decided his phone gaming was more important than the safety of an entire airliner full of people.

1028 days ago


The more he speaks the stupider he looks. Who the hell is he, why is he so "entitled"? Take a private jet next time cheapskate.

1028 days ago

what a beautiful day     

Alex needs ANGER MANAGEMENT Classes.

1028 days ago


All one needs to do is look at his life's work to understand the man. A few good movies...professionally, that's it. His marriage, didn't work out so well, his relationship with his daughter (evidence the reported audio of him berating her some years ago), his history of volatile and inflammatory political and social comments. And now this rude and elitist situation on the plane...conduct on the plane witnessed by many, his post incident comments...his unwillingness to have a second thought and come to his senses and realize his wrongs...he has no credibility in the world of polite society. How could we be so naive to expect better of him. It is a sad waste of talent and opportunity.

To go the next point at hand, how can anyone blame the employees of the company for the standards that we all must follow? It is not the fault of the AA crew that we have these standards and conditions to follow, it is their duty to enforce them, nothing more.

It is truly hard to respect a person with his track record of conduct.

1028 days ago


Hey Alec! You want your way? It's called NetJets! Charter your own plane you big baby!!!! Quit blaming everyone else, pfft.

1028 days ago
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