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Charlie Sheen

NO WAY Brooke Deals Drugs --

'Cause I Pay Her a Fortune!!!

12/8/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen says there's no way Brooke Mueller could have been trying to sell coke in Aspen this weekend ... because he gives her all the cash she needs in child support!!!

Sheen says he spoke with Brooke Tuesday night ... and says she's doing great -- just days after she was arrested in Colorado for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

When asked about the charge ... Sheen said, "With the child support I give her ... she's gonna deal drugs? Never gonna happen."

TMZ broke the story ... Sheen forks over $55,000 per month in support.

As for the kids, Sheen says he and Brooke have worked out a plan to share the work load -- saying, "We're interested in co-parenting ... the kids need two parents."

Sheen also took a shot at Aspen cops -- saying, "The cops in Aspen are Keystone on their finest day ... these are the clowns that let [Ted] Bundy go."

Shocking statement ... considering law enforcement officials in Aspen cut Charlie a huge break by not throwing the book at him when he was arrested for allegedly holding a knife to Brooke's throat back in 2009.



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Those poor kids, a pair of trainwrecks for parents.

987 days ago


The law there probably automatically defines possession of more than a certain quantity as "intent to sell". And Charlie better mind his p's and q's the next time he's in Aspen after insulting their whole police force or he's going to be ... LOSING! It's too bad that he's enabling his children's mother to maintain her addiction. She needs to be put in receivership so that she can't control cash, but then she'd just pawn more of her valuables. Long-term rehab seems like the only hope she has.

987 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Charle; You are stupid!Why would call the Aspen PD a bunch of bad names.It was your c--t that got caught with the coke packaged to sell at a club and out partying instead of being home with the kids.Then you tell the world that the brave men and woman on the Aspen PD are Keystone cops........Charlie you are just a low level POS!If your c--t did not have the coke and was at home with the kids that she says she loves so much(BS) like the rest of the good moms none of this would have happen.So don't blame the APD blame the c--t.

987 days ago


Question - 4 grams is how much? Is it 1/2 of a eight ball?

987 days ago

Oh well    

She only had what is called an 8 ball, normal and cheaper way to buy it......... No way she was selling it. The law ought to just charge people with what they are guilty of.

987 days ago


charlie, really..she's loosing big time..and she should loose the kids, give the money to the PARENTS who should be raising the kids and stop enabling this addict by giving her money..she already looks like skid row, she is skid row

987 days ago

You are dumber as a rock, do you think a dime of your money is going to your kids...really, with a mother and father like you, you just think money solves all the problems, I hope you both lose your kids.
Brooke obviously does need to deal drugs,she blows through what you give her, then needs more, she has already been in the pawn shop, now this. WAKE UP DUMBO!!!! your ex is a JUNKIE...LOLOL

987 days ago


What really is amazing is that Charlie is mad at the cops...but not mad at his ex when she was doing coke with the kids in her care! Those kids need to be taken from both of them. Otherwise they are just future ****-ups

987 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

Was she dealing it? I don't know and you don't either, but to say it's impossible? No, it's possible. That's like saying "There's no way my spouse is cheating on me. We have sex every day! No reason for him/her to cheat!" See?

987 days ago


Someone on this thread is jealous of Charlie and pretending like he isn't. Anyway, the trumped-up intent charge and letting go of Ted Bundy substantiate Charlie's "Keystone Cops" reference. He, Brooke, and the kids will be fine.

987 days ago


He'll blame everybody from the *keystone* cops , to probably the thin air in the mountains. Anything but that junkie he calls his kids mother

987 days ago


Brooke got lucky in Florida when that case got dropped. Sheens moron comment calling the Aspen cops Keystone on their finest day. Even stupid from Sheen and like all his comments totally un-called for. Good luck the next time your in Aspen moron. 55k or not they like their drugs.

Aspen is not that big and the cops are not going to take kindly to that comment at all. When Brook goes to court you know the police will dot all the I's and cross all the T's. Charlie Sheen needs to keep his stupid mouth shut.

987 days ago

Jay W.     

You poor bastard Charlie. $55,000 a month is f'd up. I don't care how much you make.... That's bullsh.. to have to pay that much.

987 days ago


Great. Those two co-parenting, is the judge on drugs?

987 days ago


They're Keystone cops because they let Bundy and the knife-wielding Sheen go.

987 days ago
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