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Charlie Sheen

NO WAY Brooke Deals Drugs --

'Cause I Pay Her a Fortune!!!

12/8/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen says there's no way Brooke Mueller could have been trying to sell coke in Aspen this weekend ... because he gives her all the cash she needs in child support!!!

Sheen says he spoke with Brooke Tuesday night ... and says she's doing great -- just days after she was arrested in Colorado for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

When asked about the charge ... Sheen said, "With the child support I give her ... she's gonna deal drugs? Never gonna happen."

TMZ broke the story ... Sheen forks over $55,000 per month in support.

As for the kids, Sheen says he and Brooke have worked out a plan to share the work load -- saying, "We're interested in co-parenting ... the kids need two parents."

Sheen also took a shot at Aspen cops -- saying, "The cops in Aspen are Keystone on their finest day ... these are the clowns that let [Ted] Bundy go."

Shocking statement ... considering law enforcement officials in Aspen cut Charlie a huge break by not throwing the book at him when he was arrested for allegedly holding a knife to Brooke's throat back in 2009.



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But that's enough to BUY DRUGS.

1059 days ago


I wonder if Charlie Sheen has flavored socks, he's always putting his foot in his mouth. Another moronic statement from Sheen.

Hope you don't plan to go to Aspen may have to watch out for those Keystone Kops at their finest. Aspen, Colorado Sheen is chump change.

1059 days ago


Yes--he pays her a fortune--so what? She's living the high life and she's using--costs a LOT of money.

1059 days ago


No, four grams
of cocaine is probably
not much for her to
do because she can afford
it thanks to Charlie.

1059 days ago


When you go to Aspen you bring a bag of coke and condoms...otherwise they won't let you in.

1059 days ago


I was into cocaine I would always keep a fat stash for myself to make sure I would not run out at the wrong time. Does not mean she was going to sell it. that is just an asumption and asuming things can make a real as out of you!

1059 days ago


$55,000 per month ? omg!that's not too bad getting a divorssed in L.A
ימי הולדת

1059 days ago


She only had 4 grams on her, so she prob got four 1 gram bags for herself or maybe a fat 8ball.

1059 days ago

Patrick Nefzger    

Hi TMZ, I noticed that since Charlie's drug meltdown, he looks just as old as Larry King! Maybe they are related? Thanks for your forum.

1059 days ago


If she doesn't need money, why was she on video in a pawn shop?

Dude, those Aspen police officers were not the ones who let Bundy go...that was like 35 years ago! Totally different folks there now, don't you think? Plus, Utah, Washington and Oregon failed too.

1059 days ago


well these 2 def. put the dys into dysfunctional

1059 days ago


In the child custody papers it said that Brooke wanted to make sure that she got the same amount of money Denise got. 65k a month. The kdis given to her parents for a while and she was cut off from the $$ so she sselling something real fast to get her drugs. Charlie as paid for her rehab twice or maybe 3 times now. I thinkn he still loves that tramp lol He is doing the best he can with all the $$$ he has to help a woman who does not want help. She uses those kids as an excse not to go to rehab for 9 months but spends no time with them. BTW they were in Aspen with her when she got busted and they should have been taken by CPS. Charlie will never go back to Aspen and thye took her word over his about that deal and I still think she nlied and got away with it. She didnt co operate because she didnt want to get caught with the lies she told. She set him up for that one. He wanted the drugs to stop because of the kids. SHe had to go to rehab when she was pregnant because she was doing drugs..not Charlie. Charlie is clwean and has his head back on.

1059 days ago


Is she a drug dealer? Who knows, or cares? All I know is that there are many millionaire drug dealers, so I really don't see how money from Charlie comes into play. Most serious dealers would laugh at $55,000 a month!

1059 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Charlie is a highly trained actor and jealous folk are exaggerating the whole knife to the throat thing. It's Her word against his, and right now I believe in the Vatican assassin!!!!!

1059 days ago


Just keep sucking back those cigarettes chuck.

1059 days ago
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