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Jerry Sandusky

Wife Helps Post

$250,000 Bail

12/8/2011 8:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Sandusky
's wife helped the former Penn State coach post his $250,000 bail this morning -- one day after Jerry was arrested for allegedly raping two additional young boys ... this according to court records.

The records show Sandusky's wife forked over a $50k personal check ... in addition to Jerry using $200,000 in real estate holdings to post the bail.

The court ruled that Sandusky will be confined to his home ... and he is not allowed to have any contact with any witnesses or victims related to the child sex abuse case.


10:24 AM PST -- Sandusky has been released from custody.

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No Avatar


Stupid bitch. She should let him rot in hell -- oh but that would affect her pocket book now wouldn't it? Is there nothing people won't do for money? Disgusting. I'd kick his ass to the curb so fast he wouldn't even know what hit him.

1050 days ago

Rico Suavy    

Remember, innocent until proven guilt. Maybe victim dropped a bar of soap in the shower & he brushed up against Jerry picking it up. Also Jerry may have been playing leap frog with some victims & not been able to jump high enough at his age. Who knows? give the guy the benefit of doubt.

1050 days ago


She needs counseling and Sandusky needs castration. Obviously, she's naive and just as disturbed as he is. I hope she's charged with aiding and abetting. The bastard had better end up behind bars in gen pop. Prisoners already serving time will show him what horseplay in the shower really looks (and feels) like.

1050 days ago


Another STUPID, STUPID wife standing by her man.
Makes me embarrassed for all women.

1050 days ago


His judgement day will come in the form of prison imates giving him a taste of what he did to those innocent children. Sanduskys wife should also be thrown in prison for contributing to these horrible crime. She is just as guilty as Sandusky. I hope all of these boys/men sue Penn State and all involved!

1050 days ago


Guess she likes having young boys for dessert just like her SICK husband!!
Does THIS really surprise anyone?
KARMA`````````` WILL come collecting!!
yup yup ☺

1050 days ago


These people make me SICK!!! STUNNED to see this news.

1050 days ago


Hey, Jerry, you've got a noticeable five o' clock shadow going on in your mug shot.
You really need to shave. So, here's the loaded double-barrelled shotgun. You know what to do.

1050 days ago


Why Do You People Hate Jerry Sandusky But Love Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson And Jerry Sandusky: Two Peas In The Same Pod

Michael Jackson admitted that he slept in the same bed with young boys. Although he admitted touching them, he denied having any sexual relations with his young bed partners. Jackson said he liked young boys but denied being a pedophile.

Monday night, on NBCâs new TV program, âRock Centerâ, sportscaster Bob Costas interviewed Jerry Sandusky by telephone. Sandusky admitted that he showered together with young boys. Although he admitted touching them, he denied having any sexual relations with his young shower mates. Sandusky said he liked young boys but denied being a pedophile.

The only difference between Michael Jackson and Jerry Sandusky is that Jackson took his victims to bed while Sandusky took them to a shower. That makes Jackson and Sandusky two peas in the same pod.

Fortunately for Jackson, no one witnessed him raping young boys in the privacy of his bedroom. Unfortunately for Sandusky, at least two witnesses, a janitor and Mike McQueary, observed him raping young boys in the Penn State football facilityâs showers.

In Jacksonâs case, only his victims were able to testify against him. That boiled down to he said, he said. In Sanduskyâs case, there will be at least two outside witnesses, in addition to his victims, that will be able to testify against him.

If Jerry Sandusky could sing & dance you people would say he was innocent and a victim.

1050 days ago


His wife has no backbone, as far as i am concerned she oughta be thrown in jail for supporting him. He is a child molester, you cant get any lower than in life. She is mentaly unstable and I am sure he is using her like a toy. That man should not be allowed to ever leave prison, no amount of bail is enough to release that s***. I hope his wife gets some counseling, she is sick.

1050 days ago


Okay, see, this is how I thought bail worked. And TMZ acts like this is normal. But whenever Lindsay Lohan gets out on bail it's some super-whack f*cked up deal where she never actually pays anyone anything with her own check.

1050 days ago


She knew all along what her husband was all about....this bitch needs to be charged as an accessory to the fact...Money kept her married to a pedohile and she said nothing to keep her status!

1050 days ago


The wife is crazy! Leave him there!

1050 days ago


Piece of crap enabler, she should be arrested herself for knowing what was going on in that basement. I hope she rots in hell right along with that pervert! What a joke!!!

1050 days ago


This is in reply to; ohwell, you people? who in the heck are you referring to? Get off your ego trip like your the only one who dislikes a child molester. You sit inside your little ego bubble magnifying yourself. The whole world loves Micheal Jackson and you a tiny particle of dust who blows about with the wind thinks we all love him? Your as crazy as Jerrys wife.

1050 days ago
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