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Jerry Sandusky's Wife

My Husband Is INNOCENT

12/8/2011 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1208_dottie_sandusky_jerry_BNJerry Sandusky's wife is standing behind her man ... claiming he NEVER raped any boys and insists all of his accusers are making up their stories.

For the first time since the allegations went public, Dottie Sandusky has released a statement through her husband's lawyer ... claiming she never witnessed Jerry sexually abusing anyone ... and doesn't believe any of the allegations.

In her statement Dottie says she's been "shocked and dismayed by the allegations made against Jerry."

She adds, "As the mother of six children, I have been devastated by these accusations. "

"Our children, our extended family and friends know how much Jerry and I love kids and have always tried to help and care for them. We would never do anything to hurt them. I am so sad anyone would make such a terrible accusation which is absolutely untrue. We don't know why these young men have made these false accusations, but we want everyone to know they are untrue."

As we previously reported, Dottie helped bail her husband out of jail this morning after he was arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing two more young boys.

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Four years ago Sandusky admitted to the police that he did something with a boy he shouldn't have... and yet she still defends him?

1050 days ago


It's great to say you still love your husband and try to support him during this time, but wake the hell up, woman. I feel bad for her having such a pervert for a husband though. a tough thing to find out after all those years of marriage.

1050 days ago


Jerry's wife is right. They both sure do love kids, but her sicko husband loves them so much he like to butter their muffins!

1050 days ago


she better see if that greeter job at wal mart is still available - no more blood money for her!

1050 days ago


First of all, don't tell me he didnt do it, because you were not with him 24/7. Secondly, while he was raping a boy in the basement of your house, when you were home, you did not hear his screams for help inside your own house? You are as much of a victim of your husband as the young boys were, because of the support-your-man-no-matter-what attidtude of your enslaved generation of powerless women.

1050 days ago


and you are one delusional fat azz bitch..........you know if this man goes down so do you...so a bitch like you will try to hiold onto the money thing and screw what your monster husband did to little boys....come on bitch...someone caught him red handed having anal sex with a child....you my dear whore...needs to go down with him...fat ass bitch! as lond as it wasnt your child why should a bitch like you care?

1050 days ago


I TOTALLY AGREE w/the posters that say they're "not buying" her denial. In my humble opinion, this BITCH is as guilty/culpable as is her s***bag husband.

How "convenient" that she doesn't make ANY public statements until one of the last two victims comes forward & claims that while he was being RAPED by her HUSBAND, then, and ONLY THEN, does she come forward....and then....DENIES she ever heard any cries for help. I'm not believing this for one effing minute.

It's a shame the justice system in this country gives SO MUCH LATITUDE for perpetrators/predators. Under our laws, they have SO MUCH TIME before any sentence is handed down, and usually the "sentence" is so effing lenient, IT DISGUSTS ME!!!

I truly wish this woman could be tortured until she told the truth. She won't "give it up" unless it's twisted out of her, because she doesn't want her "reputation" blemished. If it were actually known that the truth of the matter is that NO WOMAN could live that long w/a perv & NOT KNOW THE TRUTH! HER DENIALS TRULY SICKEN ME. JERRY SANDUSKY'S DENIALS TRULY SICKEN AND DISGUST ME, AS WELL! MAY THEY BOTH BURN IN HELL FOR AN ETERNITY. MAY THE POWERS THAT WERE AT PENN STATE THAT TURNED THEIR HEADS THE OTHER WAY....MAY ALL OF THOSE RICH, WHITE, UPPER-CLASS PEOPLE BURN IN HELL!!!!!

1050 days ago

Haris Pilton    

She's funny and stoopid. Just like dat 'short eyes' hubs of hers. Shame on the 2 of them. Running a child rape corral.

1050 days ago


stupid enabler bitch. she knew why she wasnt allowed to go down in the basement when jerry had his "friends" over. i hope he goes to prison and gets raped and beat over and over and over! sick bastard, is no instituion sacred????

1050 days ago


Ignorance is bliss. How does she explain the man who SAW it happening?

1050 days ago


ok for arguements sake lets say she didn't here those poor boys scream for help - just the fact your husband is spending hours with young boys in your basement should have been your first clue!

1050 days ago

boo boo    

One of their grown kids was actually adopted as an adult. They basically took an at-risk kid and used "football" as a way to separate him from his loving mother and turn him against her. He also still supports the Sandusky's and has a child of his own, who's mom recently won a restraining order because Dude brought the child to visit Grandpa Jerry in jail (the 1st time he was there). THESE PEOPLE ARE ANIMALS!

1050 days ago


so how many of their own children did they rape? shes a sick individual.

1050 days ago


I feel bad for the wife. It would be extremely hard to find out that the man you've been married to and have children with, is nothing but a child molesting pervert. I'm sure she had no idea he was doing that sh_t. If he were even half a man, he would tell everyone the truth. Come on now. You don't have 8 boys come forward to say you raped them if it never happened. Even Michael Jackson didn't have that many accusers. My condolences go out to Sandusky's wife and kids. They're going to have this assh_le's mistakes hanging over their head for the rest of their lives.

1050 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Poor woman cannot fatham that her husband is a perv. It has to be hard to handle.

1050 days ago
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