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Scores 6-Figure Deal

for New Web Show

12/8/2011 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

File this under WTF -- someone is actually paying Nadya Suleman A TON OF MONEY for parenting advice ... seriously.

TMZ has learned Octomom just locked down a 6-figure deal with a production company to star in her own weekly Internet show, which will be featured on Ustream.

We're told Nadya will stream the show live from her home every Sunday ... talking about subjects like, "Parenting, fitness, diet, nutrition, shopping on a budget and all those crazy rumors."

The show is set to launch later this month -- no word on who's gonna watch the kids while mommy goes to work.


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I'm happy for her and her kids. One thing I can give her is she's actually willing to work and not taking advantage of the welfare system. I wish her and her children all the best.

1058 days ago


I suspect U stream will regret this before the ink dries on the contract.

1058 days ago


No way she would be getting that much for a web tv show.

I put this in the same category as All My Children and One Life To Live continuing as web shows.

Or Justin Timberlake bring back MySpace.

This was a publicity stunt and TMZ bought it.

1058 days ago

Christina G.    

I like Nadya. To have survived this long with all those kids with very little help, is admirable. Not great for the kids, but I admire her attitude and tenacity. There's more to Nadya than we all initially thought.

1058 days ago


Oh this is totally awesome! Best wishes Nadya and I hope it's a success. Now Nadya has a real job working from home making much cash and still able to spend time with her kids. Plus she got that one year free nanny and house service from Dr. Drew and Nadya gets to interview the nanny of her choice, so that's pretty cool. Things are beginning to look up for Nadya and the kids, I'm glad. Good for you Nadya! insert (big koolaid smile)

1058 days ago


Sure hope the dingbat uses the dough to pay off her house so her brood will have a roof over their head.

1058 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

She is beyond psychotic, and her voice and the pace that she talks, could use a 9mm filling! I would love to see the demographics from her show, you wanna talk about some hillbilly trash.........

1058 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I hate to say this, but I'd rather listen to Dilo or Oxskankity talk before this idiot, and a idiot she is. She needs to take the entire 100k and spend it on her mental health, she's beyond f'd up folks.

1058 days ago


Man, you wanted her to find a job, well she got a job now. What's the problem? Why are you all knocking Nadya for at least finding a job in the home that would pay her six figures to give the same free advices you all have been giving about her for 3 yrs on TMZ and other boards, basically since you heard about her? Jealous because she's getting paid for it and your not? C'on chill, for real!

Here's a chance where you actually get to meet and talk with Nadya one on one, ask her questions you all wanted to know, I'm sure she'll answer you if you show respect that is. A chance to stop second guessing and listening to BS rumors, garbage media and internet gossip about her and hear it str8 directly from her mouth. I think it's totally awesome, she's not asking for hangouts, not asking for donations or charity or anything remotely like it. She's doing nothing more then what Kate Gosselin is doing on the internet from home talking about store coupons. Or what the Duggars are doing on their website giving advices and selling their crap from home. Give Nadya a break! At least she's trying to do the right thing, at least she kept her promise and haven't been a burden on tax payers for 3 yrs and counting, struggling every day to feed, clothes and shelter her kids while giving them a good education and not a cent came from any of us. She's trying to take care of her family y'all-- have a heart! Show your support and join Nadya ustreaming... I know I'll be there front and center! lol

NOTE: I sure hope you guys show Nadya online the same respect you would show your parents--then again... knowing half of you faceless people on here, let's just say show Nadya the respect you would want someone to show you that's in your mug. How's that? LOL

1058 days ago


Why on Earth would I need parenting advice from her?!

1058 days ago


I'm not sure who's worse: Octomom or those that defend her.

1058 days ago


And so what if Suleman has a six figure deal ? It is peanuts......whomever her 'benefactor' is...he knows this as well... it may even represent a tax write-off. But then after all, this is Suleman...pppftt..!!!**** not one of recognized talent or esteem ..
Suleman will have this largess spent in a trice... considering her personal expenses.... Will there be any left for general expenses, debts, Management's per centage...the IRS, and lastly.....Haddadin (but not bloodylikely).
Not only will Madame have to deliver...but she has to maintain and sustain this pigswill. Therein lies its fallibility. And I would hazard a guess that she will restrict the honest free flow of public interaction, by censorship... establishing a selective format her favor..
The premise of her advice ....on parenting, budgeting,nutrition... Suleman, pull the other leg. The world is witness to your failures....

1058 days ago


When will this skank"s 15 minutes be OVER!

1058 days ago


Wouldn't tune in to her show if they offered to pay me.

1058 days ago


Where will she find the time to give parenting advice when she has 14 children she should be parenting?

1058 days ago
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