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Scores 6-Figure Deal

for New Web Show

12/8/2011 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

File this under WTF -- someone is actually paying Nadya Suleman A TON OF MONEY for parenting advice ... seriously.

TMZ has learned Octomom just locked down a 6-figure deal with a production company to star in her own weekly Internet show, which will be featured on Ustream.

We're told Nadya will stream the show live from her home every Sunday ... talking about subjects like, "Parenting, fitness, diet, nutrition, shopping on a budget and all those crazy rumors."

The show is set to launch later this month -- no word on who's gonna watch the kids while mommy goes to work.


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HEY EVERYONE the show should be called " WHAT NOT TO DO " i mean what the HELL are they THINKING, WOW it could be the new COMEDY OF 2012.... WOW LMAO... GIVE ME a FRICKEN B R E A K REALLY.... HEY NADYA then you can pay DR. DREW back and HE can give the MONEY to SOMEONE who REALLY NEEDS IT.... But " HEY " then again WOW YOU will ACTUALLY have a JOB??? And by the way maybe just maybe EVERYONE is making a CRACK at he getting a job is because she has NOT had one for YEARS and maybe you should plan for that THANK YOU VERY MUCH PS... I HAD ONE KID ONE CAUSE ONE IS ALL I COULD AFFORD DO YOU GET THAT PROFESSOR???

1047 days ago


i just glad someone gave her a job so can take care of those kids!

1046 days ago

elvira walker    

The one good thing that I can say about this lady is that, she has tenacity. Good for her. In spite of everything that was written about her, she stuck to her guns. Now, that's strength.

1046 days ago


What an *********he is.

1042 days ago


Maybe Octoscam can tell people how to screw the mortgage company. Check this out: The Notice of Default was recorded on December 2, 2011 by One West Bank. The principal amount is $450,000 with $18,370 in arrears and it is filed against Amer Haddadin since he is the borrower on the note! It lists the owner as Harmony Enterprises. Way to go, Octoscam!

1042 days ago


Well, here it is Dec. 18, 11:48 ET and so far octotv is a no show. Tell me again about that six figures she's getting for this.

1037 days ago


Take the money and run. Typical Octoscam style.

1037 days ago


Hahahaha, Octoidiot was a no-show last night.

1037 days ago


Six figure deal ? ........Hmmmmmm. Semantics..... 1+1+1+1+1+1 dollar equates with six dollars.. in essence... a six figure deal...So, as a matter of truth... her perported six figure deal potentially means diddley squat.
However, the pathetic response to Octotv ....speaks volumes. The public has spoken....yet again.
And so, as Octo asserts: "The tables have turned...I am in control".... No Suleman....You have turned your tables up-side down and you haven't a leg to stand on..

1037 days ago

Social FP    

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1033 days ago


LOL...shouldn't a big deal like TMZ check their facts first? Not that many believed it but, she admitted on Dr.Drool she's not getting paid at all! She had under 100 views, total failure! Those pathetic children are heartbreaking! Very, very "slow" for 3 yr. olds & someone has chopped their hair horribly. I can't help but wonder if she has caused them to be "slow" or is it birth defects? She was so fake it was uncomfortable. She can't even "act" humble or pretend to be loving! What a shame for all those kids.

1030 days ago


I have viewed the first fraudcast...oops, order to confirm my worst suspicion.... and I would hazard a guess, that I am not alone in this..... I would caution Octo to not be encouraged by yesterday's poor ratings..which may reflect the curiosity of those who share the same justified cynism.. and who will tune out, preferring to pick up dog feces by hand,rather than swallow Octo crap.. Subsequent broadcasts, no doubt, will reflect even fewer views.....

Octo would have one believe that the leper...err...leopard..has changed it's spots.. Hmmmm..? ...And pigs can fly.

The main theme of this presentation, appeared to be 'grateful','giving' and 'gratitude'...interspersed with: "We are conserving, because we are struggling", a friend gave us a gift card,and so, it was possible for each child to have one gift"...."I am grateful for water"..... "I only buy food...It is heaven to have money for food"
And as she wishes her viewers "Happy Christmas"....there is a final subliminal beggardly plea..

." and if you are struggling like me.

1030 days ago


Radar is reporting that all internet sites for Octomom are shut down as of today, as she fired Gina, her manager. Realty Trac (if they are to be believed) are reporting the auction of her house for tomorrow. But thank you to Alvin for collecting the data on the NOD. Normally, after NOD is filed, you have about 120 days to cure the default. So, who to believe? The price on her house was reduced on 12/20 to $439K, and the listing now says, "TLC needed", which means it's still a dump.

Poor kids.

1022 days ago


wish u the best

989 days ago


You mean someone would actually watch the got to be kidding..those poor kids should be taken away..

952 days ago
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