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Funk Group War

PISSED at Hall Of Fame Snub --

Beasties Ain't On Our Level!

12/8/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Scott from the band War
The guys from War are FUMING after being snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this week -- telling TMZ the fact the Beastie Boys got in before them is some serious salt in the wound.

TMZ spoke with Howard Scott -- vocalist and a founding member of War -- who tells us he’s “shocked” the rappers were inducted before his band, saying, “We were cranking out gold records when they were still in diapers.”

Scott adds, "How could the Beastie Boys get in before us when they sampled War's music on their first album?! I'll eat their platinum records!"

The singer had been pretty hopeful his group would finally be inducted into the HOF this year ... and  says the disappointing news "felt like I was kicked in the back of my britches."

For the record -- War was founded back in 1969 ... and DOMINATED music with hits like Cisco Kid, Why Can't We Be Friends, Slippin' Into Darkness ... and of course, LOW RIDER!!!


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For starters, people need to stop labeling WAR as a FUNK band. WAR created their OWN sound with a combination of music genres: rock,blues,jazz,latin,reggae,soul,etc. They most deservedly belonged in the R&RHOF years ago. I appreciate all the nominees and their music contributions, but it's messed up that the Beastie Boys got inducted before WAR when they sample WAR's 'Lowrider' in their song 'Slow Ride'. Don't tell me WAR doesn't have an ounce of rock in them when they were the last band to jam with ULTIMATE rocker himself, Jimi Hendrix, the night before he died. They have toured and recorded albums with R&RHOF inductee, Eric Burdon of the Animals. Their songs are ICONIC and stand the test of time. But most people don't know that because everyone samples and covers their songs so much that they don't know they are WAR's songs. 'Why Can't We Be Friends?' an anthem for the world. EVERYONE and their mama knows 'Lowrider'. 'Slipping into Darkness', sampled by so many rap artists, I lost track, and an inspiration for Bob Marley's song, 'Get Up, Stand Up'. 'The World Is A Ghetto' resonates to this day. 'Spill the Wine', yeah, bet you didn't know they did that one? Cheech & Chong, George Lopez and countless others reap the rewards and recognition for WAR songs while the ORIGINAL artists of WAR get forgotten. SO WRONG!!

1047 days ago


There are some extremely ignorant people on this thread. Fans of the band know that they are far more than just a "funk" band. They could play ANYTHING. Eric Burdon did his most eclectic work with them. War has a LONG list of gold and platinum albums and singles, AND they had the best-selling album of 1973. In fact, they were probably the best-selling act at United Artists Records while they were there. They're far from retired. There's a group with one founding member that calls itself "War", but Howard and the other THREE living original members are the Lowrider Band, very much alive and kicking. They have a legitimate beef: the Beastie Boys SAMPLED them. Run-DMC didn't. Grandmaster Flash didn't. Seriously, though, every guy in the band was a TOP-notch instrumentalist.

1047 days ago

some guy    

I'm sorry, I like WAR. But just because they've been around longer than Beastie Boys, doesn't make them a better band.

1047 days ago


Oh they'll get in there, sooner or later. I do agree that the Beastie Boys (although they did start out as a punk band, though not very well) should be in line for induction BEHIND the people that brought music to the point that they could enter into it.

Should probably be a separate hip-hop hall of fame though, that's a true thing.

1047 days ago


no need to be upset, they should actually be honored: war is a great soul/funk act and nobody in their right mind would want to be included in a hall of bull**** for bull**** "music" called rock, which has been milked to death by the machine and has appropriated elements of good music ever since it was established as a huge brainwashing device for the unsuspecting masses like the braindead user azzkicker, listed below.

f*ck rock! get that **** outta here!

1047 days ago


Do you guys know the difference between rock n roll and rock music? You metalheads need to get a grip. Even the bands that started the genre would rather be called rock n roll instead of metal, get a clue.

1047 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, but the only problem is, that they din't come up with a song awesomelly titled: "brass monkey". that's an automatic reason for entry into the hall o fame. whamo!

1047 days ago


all HOF are dumb... Pete rose,, will never,, Tiger woods will never,, The Doobie Brothers.. and many great Baseball players cause of unproven steroids use..

1047 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

to all the idiots spouting that: 'the (rock and roll) hall of fame is a joke' maybe take some classes in articulation, in case you are trying to express another point. it's not 'a joke' it's a forum that has been misappropriated by selfish and financially arrogant people who are clearly trying to make a MAJOR!!, HUGE!! MASSIVE!!!$$$$$ profit off of designating only certain artists and groups into this organ, so that they can reap extensive royalties from this (by re-broadcasting these bands or songs in media et al). please stop spouting your ignorance as tho it were wisdom. it's real annoying.

1047 days ago


Just because War put out a good couple of hits and sold big, doesn't mean they're anything close to the Beastie Boys. Overall talent and pure music icons, War can eat it.

1047 days ago


sorry, but I think WAR should have been "inducted" , don't know how or who votes groups in the Hall of Fame, but clearly there is something going on for how bands are let in.

1047 days ago


Once again, who's impressed with the RHOF's decision making?

1047 days ago


Let's not forget their "Spill the Wine" song with Eric Burdon. As real musicians and multicultural trailblazers, they deserve to be inducted. They were great in their prime time.

1046 days ago


Azzkicker: You need to get your culturally ignorant behind offline and read some books/listen to some music. WAR had more hits (including several #1's) than most of the bands IN the RRHOF. They fused blues, R&B, Latin music, rock, funk, soul and influenced bands from ALL of those genres including The Beastie Boys.

The RRHOF continues to show its cultural ignorance with each passing year. Its snubbing of hard rock, punk, funk, gospel, country, pop and the Black DNA behind all of it (and all which makes the stew that is rock n roll), shows it's getting sadder by the year.

Clean house and bring in people who have true historical perspective - not just the same tired whitewashed interpretation.

1046 days ago


WAR needs to be inducted. One of the best bands of all time!

895 days ago
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