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Donald Trump

Bachmann & Perry Are


12/9/2011 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry
Donald Trump is lashing out at GOP candidates Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry for turning down his debate invitation -- telling TMZ, "They're all afraid."

Bachmann and Perry are the latest to turn down Trump's invite to a debate in Iowa on December 27th -- following a triple rejection from Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman. So far, only Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have agreed to face off against the Donald in a tête-à-tête.

But Trump's not surprised -- telling us, “The thing is ... the Republicans are afraid of me running as an Independent. They’re all afraid. The only person NOT afraid is Newt."

"There are two reasons that these candidates are backing out of my debate. One, some just aren’t courageous people. Two, some are concerned that I may run as an Independent. They want me to give up ... and I’m NOT giving up."

Donald adds, "I’m not saying I WILL run, but if I need to and Republicans choose the wrong candidate, than I will. They all want my endorsement but they won’t come to my debate. They’re scared.”


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Michele, go to the debate, and speak your mind. Just go, and earn some praise with your answers.

1015 days ago

bring back recent posts    

yaaaaaaaawn....Trump shows up yearly with the same predictability of the Duggars announcing another baby..just saying..btw..feel terrible for Michelle!

1015 days ago


The Repubs have lost their minds. Why would anyone care what this azz hat has to say?? He's a nasty, ego freak and the last thing they or this country needs. It's all about him, and always has been. Tell him to f**k off and get serious about this country's needs.

1015 days ago


Who the fked died and told this loud mouthed disgusting pig that he was in charge? Why is the GOP going to this POS for his blessing? I'll take the Kardashian pigs over this pig anytime. Fken bully!!!

1014 days ago


I do not like this man, he wants to make a joke out of the Presidency. He is so narsacisstic.

1014 days ago


Jerque. Blow Hard Braggart.

1014 days ago


Why is it when I look up the phrase "legend in your own mind", Donald Trumps picture pops up?

1014 days ago


They don't want to participate because Trumps a big joke!Funny how anytime he doesn't get what he wants he starts calling people names. What a baby! He doesn't care about a debate, he just wants an avenue to spew a bunch of exaggerate hot air about himself. I'm sure he'd find some way to become the center of attention even though he's not a candidatate. He still can't make up his mind if he's going to run. Wow! What a decision maker!

1014 days ago


Trump is too bias to moderate a debate. He openly supports Gingrich for president and they are golfing buddies. It's a loaded debate in Newt's favor.

1014 days ago


Trump is a showman but he is also a smart business man.
I already know who I am voting for and am sick of watching debates. However, I would definitely watch (again) if Trump was the monitor. I don't think I am alone.

1014 days ago

Derek Wain    

The headline is a lie. Trump never used the word "cowards."

1014 days ago


Donald...just forget the debate. You run for President??? After you backed out and now you're going to run? Right Candidate? Who's the right Candidate Donald...YOU??? Let's get don't want to be President, you want to be Dictator. End of statement.

1014 days ago


The candidates wanted Donald's support becase of the money he could get for them. Then they talked to him. He never does something for nothing.

1014 days ago


I don't really consider several bankruptcies as a good financial and business track record. As for check and balances, I don't know anyone who wouldn't agree that Trump is a little off balance.

1014 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

not a problem for them at all, i'm sure. alls i know, is all you gotta do is put a gun in some republican's hand, and they magically become the most ferocious most brave warrior all of a sudden. some psycho fools, them people.

1014 days ago
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