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Kris Humphries

Livid with 'GMA'

Over Kim K Questioning

12/9/2011 7:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries upset at Good Morning America
Kris Humphries is telling people he felt ambushed by "Good Morning America" this morning -- claiming he was put under the impression the interview was NOT going to focus on his split from Kim Kardashian ... but "GMA" is calling BS.

Sources close to Kris tell TMZ ... the NBA player claims he knew he would be asked about the divorce during the sit-down ... but he didn't expect to be grilled like a cheeseburger.

During the interview, Kris appears VERY uncomfortable as he's hit with question after question about Kim ... and things got downright awkward when interviewer Josh Elliot asked Kris' mother about the relationship.

We're told Kris is saying ... he only agreed to do the interview to promote his charity work and to support his mother's cooking segment on the show ... and he's livid about the way it turned out.

But a rep for ABC tells us no pre-show deal was made to limit the interview ... saying, "There were no ground rules."


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Kris do you really think that your that intresting to go on GMA and talk about something that nobody cares about. The only reason why you were on there in the first place so they could ask you about Kim, not your mothers cookies or your basketball or your foundation. Your just not that intresting, go away and stop acting like your someone important.

1019 days ago


Yeah, they wanted to talk about your basketball career that hardly anyone knew about on their high volumed traffic network. Is this guy delusional or just an idiot? Nobody cares about your basketball!

1019 days ago


I find it hilarious that he thinks anyone wants to hear him talk about anything OTHER than his sham marriage. Andy Samburg was dead on with his impersonation of him on SNL.

1019 days ago


GMA you should be ashamed. You KNEW you were ambushing him. When you saw that he wasn't going to answer your dumb questions you should have stopped. SHAMEFUL. Your are NOT suppose to be TABLOID TV!! USED to like your show..........

1019 days ago

Patrick Henry    

((( rolling eyes))) i see that the pre-teen K camp is here posting the usual official you have a robo poster that spews out Mama Jenners script.
So much for great Pr work and marketing ala Kartrashian style... you, like Lohan have over-saturated the market and we are tired of you and your obscene 15 minutes of infamy.

since Kimmy has banged so many men onscreen perhaps you should lure regiie Bush on the show for a bang session to lift ratings.
But wait, while your PR machine is in overdrive insulting Humphries and his family, even editting the show and playing off your planted stories, He remains a class act who knows that Vengeance is Gods and he will get his vengeance.

It was more than enough when you started pimping out your youngest daughters but created a fake wedding in order to gain money and a financial windfall, we americans were sickened and protested.

I am sick of you adolescent posters( must be Kylie or Kendall) and the cut downs aimed at a man who all he did was fall for a shameles splayer in hopes of a future and happiness. The more you people insult him, the more we hate what you stand for. remember Bambi the movie and what Thumper said" If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all".The whole family has been exposed for the frauds that hey are and that can never be undone.
Oh and E and Momager no more spin off.s Le vin has become yet another whipped male in the line of the K empire.

The Kardashians and their headless follwers lack class and a clear understanding of Avreag emorals.

1019 days ago


GMA just never learns...of course, stars w/scandal are going to appear on your god-awful show but, ya gotta love it when the stars know how to deflect the gossipy questions and just keep movin' right along w/their agenda. Kris H. may be a chumpt but, he and his mother gave GMA nothing...does anyone even tune into that crap network?

1019 days ago


To trust TV is ludicrous. From infomercials, reality shows, news. etc...content presented on TV is CONTROLLED by TV. It's wonderfull if you're a puppet. They have a powerful carrot..$$. The economic crisis goes away if you just unplug. Read, communicate, educate, walk somewhere, live within your means, buy something if you need it...not because the TV implies you need it, etc. Understand the difference between ethics and morality (although both are missing from TV).

1019 days ago


Isnt this the SAME situation that happen with Chris Brown?? I guess it true about what they say... "You give somebody and INCH, and they take a YARD!!!"

1019 days ago


Kris and his family continue to be a class act. be careful how you speak about others,that's how you feel about yourself and how others see you and feel about you.

1019 days ago


why else would you be on the show fool. No one knew who you were or even cares about you. why would they have you and your mama on the show.

1019 days ago


That guy looks like a giant retard. Who would want to talk to him about anything other than his equally dumb soon to be ex wife. By going out and doing press he continues to embarrass himself!

1019 days ago


Kris and his family continue to be a class act, and not speak the name of this awful family. The awful coments some of you are making about Kris, really reflect the type person you yourself are, so be careful how you speak about others.

1019 days ago


Kris is dumb as stump. Did he really think he was only on GMA to bake cookies with his mother? He needs to stay of the talk shows.

1019 days ago


Is he really this stupid? Can anyone be this stupid? Never let this guy - or certainly the ex - breed - ever!

1019 days ago


God, some of you are so mean! He doesn't seem stupid, and the "mouth-breathing" reference is because he's frustrated.

1019 days ago
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