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Kris Humphries

Livid with 'GMA'

Over Kim K Questioning

12/9/2011 7:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries upset at Good Morning America
Kris Humphries is telling people he felt ambushed by "Good Morning America" this morning -- claiming he was put under the impression the interview was NOT going to focus on his split from Kim Kardashian ... but "GMA" is calling BS.

Sources close to Kris tell TMZ ... the NBA player claims he knew he would be asked about the divorce during the sit-down ... but he didn't expect to be grilled like a cheeseburger.

During the interview, Kris appears VERY uncomfortable as he's hit with question after question about Kim ... and things got downright awkward when interviewer Josh Elliot asked Kris' mother about the relationship.

We're told Kris is saying ... he only agreed to do the interview to promote his charity work and to support his mother's cooking segment on the show ... and he's livid about the way it turned out.

But a rep for ABC tells us no pre-show deal was made to limit the interview ... saying, "There were no ground rules."


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File that lawsuit, I am Lindsay Lohan!    

What exactly did he think interview was gonna be focused on? his good looks? his career? lol if course it was going to be about the princess of Pee that he married.

1049 days ago

Oval Beach    

Just what did that HOT TALL SEXY idiot think was going to be the agenda...his "charity"? Give me a break. No one would have known who he was if it weren't for that sham of a promotional marriage he had with that Kardashian prostitute Kim. WHO CARES about his charity efforts. Yeah...a deer caught in the headlights is an understatement. If he didn't think they were going to ask about his relationship with that whore, he is as stupid as he is HOT!!! : )=

1049 days ago


what other reason would he had been on the show. before KK i didn't even know who he was. the topic was his relationship, i cant see him not knowing they were gonna ask questions. he gave a pissy interview anyway, even if he was trying to promote his charity. we all know the players are waiting to get back to work. that wasn't news worthy!!

1049 days ago

boo boo    

Kris's mom has a cooking segment on GMA, Kim's mom has a (whatever she does) on the Today Show. I hate getting dragged to my mom's boring crap. Moms!

1049 days ago

two cents    

I absolutley believe GMA blindsided him. They're well known for that. If he had been told that Josh was going to badger him on and on over kim, I doubt he would have agreed to the interview. He's too trusting and it's a tough lesson to learn that most people are full of s**t and you can't trust anyone. Look at the header in the above pic "his life with kim" Please. He's very naive and I feel sorry for him. I hope he can get kim on fraud because look at how easily he's duped. Poor putz.

1049 days ago


He's not a deer in the headlights, he's just pissed off, as he should be. The interviewer was a total d*ck for pursuing a conversation that Kris clearly wanted to avoid. Especially putting his mother on the spot right after Kris tried to refocus the conversation. Sure, he's in the middle of this controversy, but he's trying to get the word out for his charity and people should respect that and not pu******opic that he clearly doesn't want to talk about. It's bad interviewing and uncomfortable to watch. It must be incredibly frustrating to try to move on with your life and have idiots like that interviewer not let you. It's the same thing with Jennifer Aniston. It's been like 6 or 7 years since she split with Brad and they're still trying to make a story out of it. If that were me, I'd probably react the same way.

1049 days ago


Who cares? I'm so tired of hearing about that immoral skank family. Regardless of the reasons why he married her, he's dumb for doing it. He should have made his mom proud by marrying a classy, Christian woman. I will be so glad when the media finally doesn't want to talk about that whole bitch whore family and all that other BS "reality" TV! Cursed be the TV executives for putting that crap on just about every TV reason that I canceled DirecTV and watch what I need over the internet, because it's not worth paying $60... a month to see mostly football and a handful of TV shows.

1049 days ago


The whole Kartrashian family AND E!Channel used him as a stand-in groom for greedy blood money. Boycott E! Channel, they are now saying they will do four new Kartrashian spinoffs. Hit them where it hurts!! Boycott the WHOLE E!CHANNEL NOW.

1049 days ago


Kris is saying that because today is the start of NBA free agency and this idiot chose to go on TV and remind all the NBA owners & teams that's he's a primarily a reality star.

He'll be the last picked up. LOL.

What an idiot! I thought he was all down for training and getting ready for the season...why would you play your celebrity card on the first day of training camps?

Because you're an idiot!

What did you think GMA was going to talk to you about Kris? It's not like you are a star player.You're just a supporting role.

Now, all the owners can see 500 stories today of you mentioned with Kim K. And they will wonder just how focused you are on your game.

Stop making yourself the victim all the time Kris. You sabotage yourself. Good grief.

Being on Man Cave this pivotal NBA week wasn't enough. No, you had to go on GMA without even getting signed yet.

Training starts at 4 p.m. Where will you be? Duh.

1049 days ago

Simon Wagstaff    

what a dope!

No doubt. Kris STILL doesn't understand the only interesting thing about his is a Khardshian taint that'll likely never go away.

1049 days ago


1049 days ago


Kris, if you felt ambushed you're a fool. If you didn't want to discuss your personal life, and that wasn't clear to your mom as well, you're a fool. Ever hear of no comment. By the way, catch any flies yet, sheesh close your mouth.

1049 days ago


Good Morning America is for fat old women. His "people" should never allowed the interview. Stick to ESPN, Kris.

1049 days ago


He is so full of BS... First he wanted to save his marriage... he didn't do anything. Then, he was "blind sided" with the wedding, which I don't believe because he is not a kid, he knew what he was signing up for. He lost money because he trusted the wrong guy... Now, his interview was to talk about "charity" and they were asking about KK... Geez dude...

1049 days ago


People need to realize there is a major gag order(agreement)on Kris not to reveal any of the K.trash.He has been PAID $$$$$$handsomely to keep his mouth shut.What that guy could reveal!!!But he would lose too much payola-he is a lamb among the wolves (Kris Jenner& fam.)He could be in legal trouble, if he says the "wrong" thing about that family,as well.

1049 days ago
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