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Kris Humphries

Livid with 'GMA'

Over Kim K Questioning

12/9/2011 7:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries upset at Good Morning America
Kris Humphries is telling people he felt ambushed by "Good Morning America" this morning -- claiming he was put under the impression the interview was NOT going to focus on his split from Kim Kardashian ... but "GMA" is calling BS.

Sources close to Kris tell TMZ ... the NBA player claims he knew he would be asked about the divorce during the sit-down ... but he didn't expect to be grilled like a cheeseburger.

During the interview, Kris appears VERY uncomfortable as he's hit with question after question about Kim ... and things got downright awkward when interviewer Josh Elliot asked Kris' mother about the relationship.

We're told Kris is saying ... he only agreed to do the interview to promote his charity work and to support his mother's cooking segment on the show ... and he's livid about the way it turned out.

But a rep for ABC tells us no pre-show deal was made to limit the interview ... saying, "There were no ground rules."


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Wow, such spite! I thought everyone felt sorry for the guy, now so many are saying what a dope he is. Well, he may not be the brightest, but I don't think he went on the show without knowing why he's in the limelite, I think he's trying to make the best out of the negative situation and bring light onto the positive things he's trying to do. That, I think, takes a lot of heart, something the Karsmashians lack.

1058 days ago


I commend Kris for not throwing dirt around, unlike the Crapdashian family, who has yet to shut up about the sham marriage. It's true that Humphries should have been expected to be grilled about being married to the Human Petri Dish, but kudos to him for not "going there." He'll emerge from this fiasco as the guy with class.

1058 days ago


strike one: dumb enough to marry "Kim K"
strike two: dumb enough to think any talk show would have him on for any reason other than to discuss "it"
Kris can officially be declared .....

1058 days ago


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1058 days ago


WOW... can't you all see that he's SHOCKED and PISSED!!! I give him credit for composing himself while he was continually asked about the past when OBVIOSULY he is trying to move forward in a positvie direction!

1058 days ago


Dear Kris Humphries, If u really believe that u were brought on GMA to talk about your mom's "cookie bake" then you're dreaming. They don't care about a "cookie bake," they want to know the scoop w/u & Kim. So stop playing the victim & get ur head out the sky. It was a set up sir! You did not know this? You're talking about basketball and you don't even have a team yet! Plus no one knew u till u started dating Kim, seriously dude, so why all sudden do u think they took interest in your mother's cookies? Ugh

1058 days ago


If there was ever any questions as to how naive Kris is, this clip should settle it. Sadly, you can see that this kid [and that's what he is] was genuinely shocked. I now understand why Kim wanted to dump him, he is too innocent and goofy for her league. This is not to suggest that Kris is blameless. From the clips I've seen [NEVER SEEN AND NEVER WILL SEE THE SHOW] he can be rude and immature but you can also see from listening to his mother he's not bred to be a baby daddy cheater, woman beater, dope totting, high rolling parting, womanizer, tax dodging, POS basketball athlete of similar high profile. Grow up... take it slow, there are decent women out there who will treat you good-but you have to do the same. DON'T LISTEN TO YOUR GHETTO BASKETBALL BUDDIES!!! Trust me, if it were them--the headlines would have set back the strides of civil rights back 80 years as you'd hear of stories of REAL FIST TO CUFFS DOMESTIC FIGHTS, wild spending, drugs, DUI. The Kardashians were looking for somebody they could control.

1058 days ago


I knew is mother was trying to nuzzle in on the show. Baking cookies on GMA? I thought their foundation was to prevent CHILDHOOD OBESITY!

He's insulted that they should ask him about the relationship when that's all he's known for? Since he hasn't been signed yet, what else is there? Meathead!
His hair looks like ****. Mommy is too focused on herself to make his appt. with the barber.

1058 days ago


I'm not a Kris fan (though I'm especially not a Kardashian fan), but I think he and his mom actually handled that interview pretty well all things considered. He had to know they were going to ask him about his marriage. And I think he diverted attention away from it as best anyone could in that situation.

1058 days ago


i think some happy ingredients were in Kris's breakfast today because he looks confused and wondering why he is there.

1058 days ago


What you dont find me interesting, I a human being Ihave feelings,KS

1058 days ago


...and Kris next time you're go out in public tuck your shirt into your pants. Do you need that I give you an inspection everyday?

1058 days ago


IF there weren't any ground rules, then all is fair, but I choose to believe Kris H., not a reporter that is looking for ratings. Hang in there Kris. You'll soon be rid of the KKlan and can have a REAL life, with REAL people.

1058 days ago


What did he expect other than to be questioned about his mirage (yes it was a mirage not a marriage). No one even new who you were until you got sucked into the Kartrashian psycho-dramma. Stick to the sports interviews and what you know.

1058 days ago


oh please. nobody cares about the good you're doing, all anybody wants to know about is the split. no one even knew who he was before this, and you think they brought you on to talk about charity work and mommies cooking. whatever.

1058 days ago
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