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Lindsay Lohan

Hawaiian Vacation --

Approved By Probation Dept.

12/9/2011 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1209-lindsay-lohan-hawaii-splash-EXDProbation is a beach for Lindsay Lohan ... who's currently sunning herself in Hawaii -- but only because her new probation officer signed off on the tropical vacation.

Lohan IS allowed to travel under the terms of her probation, but she's not allowed to go anywhere without running the idea by her P.O. first -- and this time, LiLo played by the rules.

Sources close to Lohan tell us ... the probation officer was impressed by the fact Lohan is way ahead of schedule in her court-ordered stint in morgue duty and psychotherapy sessions ... and found no reason to reject the trip.

We're told Lohan wanted to get out of town to escape the spotlight for a few days ... to prepare herself for the P.R. madness that will surround the release of her Playboy spread.

Pass the poi, mahalo.


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Ladies and Gentleman, please stand and give your best welcoming cheer........Lindsay Lohan is on playground and she ain't a happy camper !!!!!

1049 days ago

AGENT smith    

Ketjo must know different producers than I do, the ones in Hollywood all want Lindsay now, she's the hottest actress in the world. Yahoo reports that Lindsay searches have more than doubled and hundreds of thousand are tweeting about her.......

1049 days ago

Red Cloud    


I don't know what you mean. How did she screw Hefner?? Some a**hole leaked the photos. I doubt this will matter much because fans will buy the mag, and her fans are numbered in the MILLIONS, worldwide. It is OBVIOUS that hordes and hordes and hordes of humans are interested in Lindsay Lohan, and not for the reasons that you and other non-fans would prefer to believe. Many, many people like/love Lindsay because she's hot, talented, and never boring.

She has the Gotti movie, and she will talk about other movie roles on Ellen.


1049 days ago


Madam Pele know Lindsey go islands, thru beeeg party fo her kine.
She official study growth rings of Maui Bowie you bet.

1049 days ago


Yahoo News just posted a piece about the 10 most beautiful women of ALL time. Marilyn Monroe was #3. Guess which number Linds was?

I'll give you a hint - The list only goes to 10.

1049 days ago


Oh I agree Red Cloud
Some ******* leaked those photos and they are vacationing in Hawaii right now...
And the hordes and hordes of people doing searchs and tweeting are not looking because they are fans of hers they just want to see the naked pictures and laugh at the watercooler tomorrow at all the photoshopping that was done to make her look as well as she looked...
and all those thousand and thousands of tweet are ABOUT Lindsay thats true all most of them saying just what most of the people here have been saying and not one of the said Hey I'm a producer.....
Besides stick around shes probably here right now cause I got a rabid Lohan Lover right now on my tail that is scary wicked makes you and Agent Smith look like ***** cats...this person has really serious anger problems and she don't want to make this old hillbilly mad.....

1049 days ago


Lindz, keep up the good work and hopefully I'll see you soon?

1049 days ago


Lindsay's doing well, but she could get a whole lot better if she got a piece of therock.

1049 days ago


I loved seeing all the new "haters" on the original thread! Out of over 400 posts, about 10 people said they'd buy the issue. Everyone else was satisfied with the leaked pictures.

1049 days ago


Some days it just makes me ill the way they praise Lindsay for doing well with her CS! I've never had to do community service, neither have any of my friends so I guess I just don't understand all the praise. Wouldn't it be much better if she had kept her butt out of trouble in the first place?? I find it hard to have any respect for someone that snubs their nose at the laws as much as this one does.

1049 days ago


For those that keep talking about Lindsay trending. Of course she's trending today. And probably tomorrow and that will be it. It's everyone looking for the free pictures so they don't have to buy the magazine. You know what? She'll trend on the 14th too! That's when she goes to court.

1049 days ago

AGENT smith    

bTW Hef is a smooth operator, leaked the pic's, booked Ellen, hooked up the Hawaii Trip and paid 4 it I'm sure....gotta give props where props are due......

1049 days ago

Ghost Rider    

@Muppet, I have done CS before and I found threatened to sue for what they were having me do, so I got a doctors note due to allergies. They moved me to the welfare office, and the lady that worked there liked me, so she didnt seem to mind that I left after signing in sometimes. Other times, she would let me sleep in the back. It was really a piece of cake!

1049 days ago

Red Cloud    

I can't resist in thge back of a vehicle on Rte. 95. Lindsay and her fans laugh at silly haters. It is so much fun imagining the DISGUST on the faces of those who despise Lindsay. Pay attention to alcoholic, probation, threat, car chases, passisng out, crazy, crash a car or two...

You want her in jail and broke. She's NOT that. She's loaded with doe, with MORE coming, and she will work with A-Listers and make a major comeback. You pizzed?? You pizzed?

Bunch of fkng creepy haters. Weirdos!!!!!!!


1049 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

What a disappointment these pictures are. They are so heavily photo shopped, they do not even look like Lindsay. The photo shopped butt is just the worst. It is kind of an insult to Lindsay, who is actually very pretty, to alter her SO MUCH. I feel kind of sad for her, it's like these pictures are not even her at all, and Hef just created a "thing" to sell his magazines.
Hef, you did not do a good job here, and Lindsay should be mad at you.......

1049 days ago
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