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Lindsay Lohan

Hawaiian Vacation --

Approved By Probation Dept.

12/9/2011 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1209-lindsay-lohan-hawaii-splash-EXDProbation is a beach for Lindsay Lohan ... who's currently sunning herself in Hawaii -- but only because her new probation officer signed off on the tropical vacation.

Lohan IS allowed to travel under the terms of her probation, but she's not allowed to go anywhere without running the idea by her P.O. first -- and this time, LiLo played by the rules.

Sources close to Lohan tell us ... the probation officer was impressed by the fact Lohan is way ahead of schedule in her court-ordered stint in morgue duty and psychotherapy sessions ... and found no reason to reject the trip.

We're told Lohan wanted to get out of town to escape the spotlight for a few days ... to prepare herself for the P.R. madness that will surround the release of her Playboy spread.

Pass the poi, mahalo.


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Her whole frickin life has been an extended vacation. No one in history has done so little for so much, well, except the Kardashians.

1048 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

julia, they messed these up so bad that they do not even resemble Lindsay. Her body is all tweeked and she does not even look real. I am really mad at Playboy for doing this to her. What a f*cking insult.

1048 days ago


Well, guess the angry one didn't want to play...

Julia her face usually looks puffy when she's doing something she shouldn't .... either alcohol or drugs and she is puffy real puffy around her chin area , hell almost got one hanging as bad as mine.

Red Cloud ..People are curious things they hear something interesting on the news or somewhere and they will try to see what it is...and that would be searching on the net....not popularity but curiosity drives them...they want to see too...LOOKY LOUs , truck or ambluance chasers ....the crowds that gather at any event that happens ....again not fans...5 children was murdered by their mother here the other week.....and the house were 4 of the children died has turned into a morbid tourist attraction from people wanting to see were it happen.....Lindsay Lohan is that attraction right now ...they will forget her in a month...unless she does something else to get her back in the news ...
and I wouldn't hold my breath for big movie role..a independent one maybe but a real hollywood get my star on the walk of fame roll never in this life time..she's killed that one with this STUPID Stunt...
THey can Spin this to high heaven be all the fingers are pointing straight to her camp Lohan Inc....And Hefner does not forgive.....

1048 days ago


One more thing then this old girl has to get some rest......

Lindsay Lohan was a lovely girl at one time , before she started partying and all the drugs and alcohol use , its change her looks phyically but more importantly its changed her inside and deaden that spark and liviliness she use to have and that was the key to her appeal...woman see it right don't look that deeply they just see boobs and butt and face and everything is secondary...Women see the ugly that is inside this woman, the lack of charactor, and morals , and respect and no amount of money in the world will buy them for you ....Oh she attractive on the surface but inside shes a very ugly person right now...
This whole leaking business stinks to heaven.
When you lay it out and look at it to see who would profit more from the leak and while now...Playboy has been in business 50 yrs and never in all that time have they resorted to this kind on tactic to sell their magizine even with the real stars and not a has been...They hired her for her noterightiy as a bad girl not as a popular one...leaking it would take away from the built up they had ..Leaking it also ruined Ellen's debut show. the new question should be will there be a show now?
On the other hand Lindsay Hawaii vacation comes a a very comvinient time does it ? not going be long she has to be back in a couple of days ....and look at the publicity shes pulled in mostly bad but about her its a win for her and lastly this is the type of tactic that Lohan Inc is noted for they are the leakiest group in show buisness...finger points to Lohan Inc..
Interesting in what they will come up with tomorrow , more spin for sure....
She never disappoints does she stupid scam after another.....

1048 days ago

AGENT smith    


1048 days ago


I guess she is SexyBut she looks like a druggie

1047 days ago


It's a full moon today- guess it explains why all the ninnies like Liar Smith and his bum buddy RQ,Red Clown, and the rest of the delusionals are posting up a storm.

1047 days ago

Enough Already    

All I want for Christmas is for LowLife to never be pictured, spoke of, printed ever again......

1047 days ago


Her legs are so gross looking. Well, she is skanky anyway.

1047 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Some folks that post repeatedly on Lilo stories, need to check themselves in the mirror. We know you'll hate what you see, however it's the cards you drew. You can either break the mirror, or wash some Vicodin down with a lot of Vodka.

At least the majority of H8rs have been run off to CB, DL, ROL, and BG!

Good Riddens! Just keeping it real one intelligent post at a time!

1047 days ago


She deserves some down time. Have fun Lindsay and send us a few hot bikini photos. Love you!!

1047 days ago


Its because the probation officer is shady as **** when it comes to her! He's the same asswad who claimed she wasnt breaking probation by getting kicked out of the womens shelter, so excuse me if I don't believe a thing coming from that guy!

1047 days ago


I think letting Lindsay go to Hawaii is a bad Idea. I think she will be tempted to go back to her partying ways and It may be to ugh to come back and complete her community service.Even the judge said she needs structure and does well on a sceduale and going to Hawaii will get her off her sceduale and back to her old ways and that is not good

1047 days ago


People who assist other to escape punishment are the same POS as the criminal.

1047 days ago


Lindsay is a young woamn with "Jobs" and money. She doesn't kill anybody or ask anyone for anything. She is trying to live her life the way she wants to and who are we to critize her for it. She is talented and beautiful and I feel she is a great actress. So lets sitback, watch and support her. We do enjoy her movies and now we can enjoy her Playboy Photo Shoot!!

1047 days ago
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