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Nicole Scherzinger

30-Minute Crying Session

After 'X Factor' Elimination

12/9/2011 8:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Scherzinger ran off the set of 'X Factor' in tears last night ... when the audience booed her like crazy for eliminating Rachel Crow ... and TMZ has learned she was hysterically crying in her dressing room for nearly a half-hour.

Nicole was charged with casting the final vote between Crow and Marcus Canty ... but didn't want to eliminate either .. so she sent the vote to "Deadlock" -- which meant it all boiled down to the audience vote.

Crow lost ... and broke down in tears ... and when the host of the show asked Nicole to comment, the crowd unleashed a chorus of boos.

Sources connected to the production tell TMZ ... Nicole bolted right for her dressing room ... and was "inconsolable" about the situation.

We're told Crow -- who was a crying mess herself -- heard about Nicole and went to the judge's dressing room ... where the two cried together and Crow told Nicole she was not mad about the decision.

It's been a rough couple of weeks for Scherzinger -- as TMZ first reported, she had already been getting death threats and hate mail for voting Drew Ryniewicz off the show last week.


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Stupid ******* show... stupid ******* spoiled brat. I don't know anyone, including myself, who's seen an episode of this show.

1046 days ago


WHY EVEN HAVE "Sing for survival"????!! Before DWTS I was like "Nicole" who? Then it was like Yeah baby it's Nicole Scherzinger! But after last night it's now Nicole who cares let someone else decide for me.

1046 days ago


The problem with Nicole deciding to let America decide is that she didn't do it because she thought they performed equally. If she had said she was voting for Marcus because she thought he outsang Rachel in the "Save Me' song, I wouldn't have agreed with her, but I would have respected her because it was HER decision to make. But she made it VERY clear that she only voted the way she did because she didn't want to be the one to send him home. She had NO problem doing it to Drew the week before because she wasn't the last person to cast her vote. But when she was put in the last spot with a 2-1 vote (as Simon and Paula have BOTH been before), she didn't want to be the "bad guy." If she can't vote based on her own personal feelings and not based on the potential outcome, taking into consideration the other judges' votes, she has no business being a judge.

1046 days ago


WHY EVEN HAVE "Sing for survival"????!! Before DWTS I was like "Nicole" who? Then it was like Yeah baby it's Nicole Scherzinger! But after last night it's now Nicole who cares let someone else decide for me.

1046 days ago

Tom Riddle    

This show is about picking the best, and for some reason, they have trouble doing that. I dont see next week being so good for Josh. Hope his fans can save him because I think his mentor F'd him good.

1046 days ago



1046 days ago


That is soooooo lame! Really? Really!

1046 days ago

CA Girl    

Rachel Crow out-sang Marcus Canty (who had been in the bottom THREE TIMES !) last night by such a wide margin it's crazy. AND AND AND - since Nicole the "judge" (I use the term loosely) couldn't make a decision between the two singers and deferred to the PREVIOUS NIGHT'S AUDIENCE VOTES - which have nothing whatsoever to do with Thursday night's performances - Nicole should NOT be a judge because she can't make a stand. SHE'S PAID, AND PAID A LOTLOTLOT to put it on the line. She wimped-out - and crying together with the person she caused to lose the competition in the dressing room AFTER the damage is done is selfish. Nicole had no problem voting Drew out - so what' with the tears NOW? Marcus should be out. I think it was all a set-up. Give me a break.

1046 days ago


This kid is obviously a spoiled brat. Am I the only one who watched the whole thing and saw her yell at her mother "you promised, you promised" which shows her mother didn't prepare her to the possibility of getting voted off. I could go on but dang...

1046 days ago


Having slept on my disappointed feelings regarding the X-Factor rules on a deadlock decision, having a sing off to make the finial decision and most of all, your failure to fulfill the expectation of an honest judge is still immensely troubling to me.

My understanding of the sing off between the bottom two entertainers is who did the best job and who shined. Hands down...Rachel Crow won the sing off. You not only have Nicole not being able to do her duties honestly, you also have L.A. that admitted Rachel did better than Marcus, therefore, that is what his answer should have been. So Rachel was not only let down by Nicole but first by L.A. only voting for his group all the way.

My feelings regarding the way a deadlock works, is wicked. To utilize the number of votes from the night before and not the sing off song is of very poor quality. It too should be based on the sing off song. A solution would be to put buttons in the audience so they can push a button to determine who completed the sing off the best.

A solution not as costly would be to get rid of L.A. and Nicole. She spends more time looking at herself in the camera than watching the acts. L.A. is too predictable and that is all I have to say about him. Paula, you were not my favorite judge on American Idol, however, you won me over last night by doing your job and honesty is were it is at. Simon, I almost always agree with your comments and say them before you do. However, by keeping Astro the night he was so ****y absolutely floored me but, I wrote it off to you knowing much more behind the workings of this program.

Overall, it will not be the contestants being judged. It will be the show and whether or not people wish to view in after this season. Right now, I will not be watching.

My personal feelings, I have not missed one night and when adding up all the shows so far, it is enjoyable until Simon saved Astro, L.A. is just there for the ride, hell, even the host forgot him one night, Paula seems to have fixed the issues that occurred on American Idol and has became a much better judge. Nicole, I hate to send you home but I'm sorry, you need to go. You are in this for political gain of some sort with a planned agenda.

A baffled fan,

1046 days ago


Nicole just last week said that it all went down to the save me song and she felt talentless Marcus did better than Drew. Now all of the sudden knowing Rachel did better than Marcus she cant decide. She only cried because the audience turned on her.She has something going on with this Marcus. She is a fool and they need to lose her and get somone with some talent in there. I cant even stand hearing her voice.

1046 days ago


1) The kid isnt that good and pretty much came across as a snot.
2) Nicole is paid to JUDGE if she cant do the job she should be fired.
3) The kids melt down on stage was absolutely ridiculous. Apparently she skipped the part oflife where onelearns to be a good sport.
4) Anyone (adult or child) who has a meltdown over a reality show elimination needs to seek some serious therapy. There are far more important / tragic things in life then getting kicked off the x-factor

1046 days ago


Nicole took the easy way out. I also believe Nicole and Paula favored the guys and just fell all over them. I thought Rachel sang 10 times as better then Marcus on the second night and that was what the judges were suppose to judge on.I also believe Rachel and Drew were way too young for the show and could not handle the pressure and the rejection that comes with show business, I do think Nicole made it personal against Simon

1046 days ago


Good ridance to that sloppy Rachel. Take some singing lessons and find a KEY! People who think she deserved anything else are blind idiots. Rachel showed her true self when she yelled at her mother, screaming "You Promised!" That's just pathetic. BYE BYE POOF HAIR!!

1046 days ago

Mary Bailey    

Didn't all the Cheryl Cole haters say that Nicole was a great judge and she was going to slay it on X Factor? Nichole has been a disaster as a judge even before last night, the backlash and bad reviews are slightly amusing. I laughed when she was booed.

1046 days ago
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