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Nicole Scherzinger

30-Minute Crying Session

After 'X Factor' Elimination

12/9/2011 8:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Scherzinger ran off the set of 'X Factor' in tears last night ... when the audience booed her like crazy for eliminating Rachel Crow ... and TMZ has learned she was hysterically crying in her dressing room for nearly a half-hour.

Nicole was charged with casting the final vote between Crow and Marcus Canty ... but didn't want to eliminate either .. so she sent the vote to "Deadlock" -- which meant it all boiled down to the audience vote.

Crow lost ... and broke down in tears ... and when the host of the show asked Nicole to comment, the crowd unleashed a chorus of boos.

Sources connected to the production tell TMZ ... Nicole bolted right for her dressing room ... and was "inconsolable" about the situation.

We're told Crow -- who was a crying mess herself -- heard about Nicole and went to the judge's dressing room ... where the two cried together and Crow told Nicole she was not mad about the decision.

It's been a rough couple of weeks for Scherzinger -- as TMZ first reported, she had already been getting death threats and hate mail for voting Drew Ryniewicz off the show last week.


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BOOOO EFFIN WHOOO! Nicole didn't make the rules so why blame her? Yes, Nicole is a judge but she had an option and used what? Want to blame someone then blame America since they are the one's who ultimately decided Rachel's fate. All you idiots trashing the judges need to get a life!

1046 days ago


I felt bad for the little girl but when she was yelling at her Mum "Mummy, you promised me!" I'm thinking oh hell no, not another stage mum that builds their kid up to think they're never going to fail because the'yre just sooooo talented and the next big star! This is what makes kids think the world owes them something!!!

1046 days ago


I don't feel sorry for Nicole at all. If she doesn't have the strength to act like a judge she shouldn't have taken the job. Her weakness is the only reason Rachel went home last night. There is no doubt she out-sang Marcus Canty. The decision should've been based on who succeeded in singing to save themselves but Nicole couldn't stand up to the job.

1046 days ago


this is a shame! we the american belive this is fine? whatch the last lady will win??
ps we all can sing to a piont! be your self and sing your best. dispite what any show says,x factor,american Ideal. thay are just a show to take you money. blank the show's
sing from the heart.

1046 days ago


This show has become more about the competition between the judges than the contestants.
Their egos are too big to promote their talent pool and give an impartial judgement at the same time.

1046 days ago


My heart broke for her but it proved to be the right choice, she obviously is toooo young to handle this business.... FULL OF REJECTIONS!

1046 days ago


Rachel Crow will succeed in whatever she does - she is an amazing talent and has no where to go but UP - she will look back on this day when she is accepting a Grammy - hang in there kiddo - keep moving forward

1046 days ago


1046 days ago


Personally, I feel that Nicole should not ever be given the task of being the LAST decession maker, she obviously can't do it with our without crying, which in my eyes makes her weak. I like her, but she needs to listen to who sang the best and it was clear who did that. What she dis is a cop out..even if Crow was voted out by the people...Nicole is a judge..SO JUDGE, stand firm and make your decission mean something..not by crying..

1046 days ago


Simon, I've always liked and respected you. I think you will have to re-evaluate this season's format and change alot of things for next year's show.

Keep Paula and get rid of LA and Nicole. LA seemed too racist and Nicole isn't qualified to be a judge.

1046 days ago


That's not true mebrat. There is a process, the judges vote one out in the bottom two after hearing them sing in a sing off. Nicole knew full Rach was by far the better singer in the sing off but she was a coward to make the tough decisions, actually it wasn't that tough for me, Rach was by far the best singer in the sing off, take the emotion out of the decision and Nicole can't, she's not fit to be a judge. It should have not gone to America's vote, then why even have a sing off, do exactly what American Idol does, no judges can vote, but that's not X factor. Nicole blew it, plain and simple.

1046 days ago


What a brat, I get that she was upset but she showed absolutely no dignity in losing. She embarrassed herself and needs to learn how to be a little humble...twit

1046 days ago

frnacisco 2010    

is that the way american people behave? I mean the little contestant and the judge. shame on you

1046 days ago


Why have a "sing for your life" performance by the contestants if the judges to not make the decision as they were supposed to. Shame on Nicole for not voting. If the last judge is going to "vote" to let the voters choose, then there should not be the "sing for your live" portion of the show.

1046 days ago


Nicole was hired as a "judge". If she can't do her job because she falls apart, X Factor needs to replace her. If that was good television drama... No thanks!!

1046 days ago
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