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Nicole Scherzinger

30-Minute Crying Session

After 'X Factor' Elimination

12/9/2011 8:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Scherzinger ran off the set of 'X Factor' in tears last night ... when the audience booed her like crazy for eliminating Rachel Crow ... and TMZ has learned she was hysterically crying in her dressing room for nearly a half-hour.

Nicole was charged with casting the final vote between Crow and Marcus Canty ... but didn't want to eliminate either .. so she sent the vote to "Deadlock" -- which meant it all boiled down to the audience vote.

Crow lost ... and broke down in tears ... and when the host of the show asked Nicole to comment, the crowd unleashed a chorus of boos.

Sources connected to the production tell TMZ ... Nicole bolted right for her dressing room ... and was "inconsolable" about the situation.

We're told Crow -- who was a crying mess herself -- heard about Nicole and went to the judge's dressing room ... where the two cried together and Crow told Nicole she was not mad about the decision.

It's been a rough couple of weeks for Scherzinger -- as TMZ first reported, she had already been getting death threats and hate mail for voting Drew Ryniewicz off the show last week.


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Hey TMZ, I understand that you want to get the stories out there fast, but you gotta check your can Crow tell Rachel something? I believe you meant Nicole...and it's dressing room, not drssing room. I still love TMZ though!

1051 days ago


I loved it...the little girl was looking at Nichole and saying "Don't cry, it's all right...whatever happens, it's all right"...and the she gets voted off and falls to the floor screaming for mummy and crying her eyes out.

LOL...loved every "brat can't take the heat" moment.

1051 days ago


Nicole should have cried. The crowd loudly booed her and rightfully so. Unfortunately, it's all about Nicole and her tears were only for herself!

1051 days ago


So, she told herself she wasn't mad about the decision?

1051 days ago


I do believe she made the wrong decision . This was Rachel's first bottom 2 and Marcus' third. If she would have put Rachel through, I'm sure her fans would have helped her. I could not get through to vote at the time I tried....busy signals. She would have been much more fun to watch in the finale then Marcus. It's entertainment after all.

1051 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Every day little children all over the world are dying of disease and starvation--but THIS is what makes people cry.

1051 days ago


"when the two cried together and Crow told Rachel she was not mad about the decision."

Rachel told herself that she wasn't mad about the decision? This article was written by a 6th grader!I demand that whomever wrote this be immediately terminated.

1051 days ago


If these people (Meaning the judges)cannot handle the job, why in HELL are they doing it? How about if all these "reality shows" and competition shows are done away with. They have totally ruined tv for me.

1051 days ago


Nicole made this about her hatred of Simon early on. She should have voted for talent instead of her grudge against Simon. All the finalists are talented and I'm sure it's tough sending anyone home but Nicole brought it on herself. LA takes undeserved shots at the talent turning this show vicious. He forgets that these people are putting themselves out there and shouldn't be used as pawns. It's also obvious from early on that he's a racist. Simon has been the only honest one. Giving praise to those that deserve it, even if it's another judges "protege." Paula is Paula, still a mess. I qui*****ching this show because I got tired of all the judges petty bickering. They've forgotten it's about the contestants, not them.

1051 days ago


So if I understand this correctly Nichole was supposed to keep someone in the competition that had the least amount of votes???

1051 days ago


Nicole's job is to JUDGE. Obviously, she is not qualified to do the job properly. Please next season replace Nicole, Paula & LA. Keep Simon. Simon's the only judge that is fair and judging on TALENT. The other 3 vote for there personal fav's. Whick is unfair and makes us want to change the channel.

1051 days ago


Oh, good lord. Could you overdo it just a bit, Rachel? Jeezus.

1051 days ago


1. Rachel's behavior was hilarious. I especially liked when she said "I love you all for voting for me -- EVEN THOUGH YOU DIDN'T." LOL.

2. The judges are too personally invested. They need some professional and emotional distance. This is ridiculous.

3. I love Nicole. It's a free country, she can do what she wants. In the end, THE VOTERS sent Rachel home. I'm fine with it.

Sure, I like Rachel, she's a cutie pie. But Marcus gave a great performance, is really likable, and is building a sizable female audience who will buy his records.

4. Did anyone else think it strange when Rachel told her mom "You Promised!"

What were producers telling this chick & her family? That they'd make sure she'd make it to the finals.

I know later, she said "you promise?" in response to her mother saying she'd be OK. But at first, that's not what she meant. She was angry and accustory as if she had been given inside information that she would stay in the game. "But you promised!"

5. I DON'T THINK MARCUS HAS EVER HAD THE LOWEST VOTES! We've been duped. I think producers put a person with lowest votes and just any ole competitor in the bottom from week to week. They've never proven for sure Marcus was in the bottom votewise.

They have probably been protecting RAchel all along. What if she's had low votes for several weeks? Hmm.

We have been duped. All these people saying Marcus had been in the bottom 3 times -- so what... that just means the show as trying to be dramatic, it doesn't mean he definitely had the lowest votes.

6. Chris REne in the Finals. WTH???

1051 days ago


Nicole is there to judge. And she didn't do that. After watching Rachel's reaction I almost forgot how old this little girl is. She's 13 years old and it showed based on her meltdown. She looked like a 5 year old throwing a tantrum in front of millions of people. Kids her age should not (in my opinion) be allowed to be on these type of shows. They are truly not prepared for this type of public rejection. They have to grow up a little bit more and realize that just because you're good at something it doesn't mean that someone isn't better than you. Rachel is a talented little girl and maybe in a couple of years when she's matured we'll be seeing her making music. And Nicole, you should be ashamed of yourself for not stepping it up and just doing your job. This drama was not necessary.

1051 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Too dramatic just like the show. Too bad there was no real tears shed... ummmm... tears.

1051 days ago
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