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Nicole Scherzinger

The Backstage Cry Sesh --

Caught on Tape

12/9/2011 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Crow and Nicole Scherzinger on X Factor

"X-Factor" judge Nicole Scherzinger claimed she "died inside" when she saw the look on Rachel Crow's face last night ... after the 13-year-old was eliminated -- and TMZ has obtained footage of the emotional backstage meltdown.

Nicole told producers after the show, half in denial -- "I couldn't make that decision on my own ... I didn't send her home. I adore Rachel."

Between tears, Nicole added, "When I saw Rachel's look on her face, I just died inside."


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I admit that it actually hurt me when I saw this talented young girl cry last night. It brought me to tears. I believe that Rachel, as well as Drew, were done wrong. However, I also believe that they will both be around for many years to come because of their gorgeous voices. I didn't think it was possible to love Simon Cowell even more than I already did before. But when I watched him lift her chin up, it calmed me because he genuinely cares and will look after all of these girls. I respect him so much more. Much love to Rachel and I know that her meeting with Disney executives will seal the deal for her and her family's financial troubles forever!

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I agree with Perez Hilton: Rachel probably had the least amount of votes because she was so good that audiences probably didn't think she even needed a fight! So no, there was nothing fair about what happened last night. And Nicole Flopzinger, can you honestly say you weren't pleased with yourself getting rid of YET ANOTHER of Simon's contestants? You should be ashamed of yourself and if I were you I would throw up looking at myself in the mirror. Buhubuhubuhu! "You didn't mean for this to happen and you wanted America to decide".??? Really?? Funny you are saying that, I mean, just a bit more than a week ago you had NO PROBLEM voting off Drew - no need for America helping you decide then, huh? Attention seeking, mean spirited and fame hungry women like YOU make me SICK to stomach.

947 days ago


These shows have so much bullsh*t to keep the sheep coming back and making them think they're really part of it. First, it was Abdul's boo hooing antics on AI, then Jho doing the same. Then those "mean" judges on DWTW (Dancing with the whoever thay can get) and the gay-boy dancer throwing a hissy fit for ratings. And now this fool. Guess some people can't get enough of phoney crap on tv! LOL

947 days ago


Nicole is about as useful as boobies on a bull. Get ridge of a judge who can't or refuses to judge.

Simon is lying if he says he holds nothing against her. His eyes were rolling up in the ceiling while she was wailing like an idiot.

947 days ago


First of all Nicole, stop crying and making all of this about YOU! Let Rachel cry and have her moment and just stop already! Second, if you are too weak to make the decision, then you should be fired. I personally don't care who you send home, as long as you actually judge the competition and do your job. It is absurd to be too vapid to decide, and then "cry for hours" over the person you did not want to see go home...go home...topping it off with taking all of the attention from the contestant. I hope your contract is for one year.

946 days ago


How convenient that the cameras were there! After what Rachel had just been through it is totally INHUMANE to use her like that to try to limit the backlash against Nicole.

946 days ago


HELP take the "X" out of XFactor Campaign! Please vote for Marcus Canty and show XFactor what a joke they are!

obviously this show is not about talent. They are willing to dish out $5 million dollars and a Pepsi commercial for the best talent, but they keep sending the better contestants home. So if the judges can't determine who to send home and the decision is primarily up to everyone at home, let's just all vote for Marcus Canty to be the XFactor winner and show the judges and producers what a joke this show really is. The judges won't make the decisions, so we as viewers and voters will! Read the headlines...Marcus Canty..winner of XFactor, one who can't even sing and will star in a Pepsi commercial just like Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, etc....What a joke...

946 days ago


Am I the only one noticing that Nicole sits next to LA Reid, who by the way, makes women into singing superstars? If my career was burning out faster than the speed of light, I would always vote with the guy who can take me, spin me, and put me back on top. Rachel never had a chance.

946 days ago


That ungrateful brat needed a lesson in humility. She is sooo fake with that phoney graciousness she tried to sell everybody BEFORE her elimination "I'm okay with whatever happens Nicole" BS, she ONLY said that because she figured Marcus was getting kicked off. I found joy in her fall and lmao at her public meltdown. If anybody is going to sign this chubby brat it should be Jenny Craig!

946 days ago

Antonio Grimes    

So let me get this straight. Nicole couldnt form a decision based on this was Marcus THIRD time on the bottom and Rachel first and she decides to punk out?! X-Factor keeps saying that they are about competition and that they are about being fair and listen to what the people wants - but its a LIE! 3 times Marcus was at the bottom up for elimination and people were chanting for Rachel. Sounds like the people speaking to me! This show is all about ego now. Paula's mad because all of her groups got eliminated, Nicole is one vote away from loosing his last act, and 2 of L.A. Reid (LOL)singers are still there.

946 days ago

Yvi Mitel    

Nicole DID NOT send Rachel home. YOU did if YOU did not vote for her.

Simon sent the decision to the vote a couple of weeks ago when he the votes were deadlocked and no one said anything.

Marcus was amazing and Rachel was good. If you rewind the tape her heart wasn't in it until the end of the song.

946 days ago


Oh please! I am still no*****ching that STUPID show.

946 days ago


If you "can't make these decisions" you absolutely shouldn't have taken this job. So fine, America gave Rachel the lowest number of votes based on performance night, BUT the sing for your life is the chance to put it all on the line and earn another shot. RACHEL CROW murdered what's his name in the final and because of that dumb b*%Ch Nicole not being competent enough to do her JOB, the poor girl goes home. Complete BS. DONE WITH XFACTOR UNTIL NICOLE IS F.I.R.E.D.

946 days ago
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