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Brooke Mueller

First Night Out After Arrest

12/10/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller out in Hollywood after her arrest
It was a successful evening for Brooke Mueller last night -- she didn't get arrested!

Mueller was spotted with a friend on Sunset Boulevard around 11:00 PM. It's unclear where they went, but based on the video we posted last weekend ... we're going to guess they went dancing.

Sources close to Brooke say she is just trying to live a normal life and is trying stay positive after her arrest.

Mueller was bustedd in Aspen last Friday night for drug possession. She maintains she's innocent.


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Hopefully she will O.D. soon...

1011 days ago


" Really? "Living a normal life" and partying at 11PM? With two babies? Runt to rehab, baby doll!

1011 days ago


I don't any Moms who have twin toddlers who think it's "normal" to go out dancing on a Friday night. In fact... It's a BIG deal if they go out on a Friday night at all. this chick is delusional.

1011 days ago


WTH is she wearing? She looks like a bat ready to take flight and her friend is holding her down. Well, at least she's got a couple of keepers with her. Maybe they can show her where she lives and tell her she's got a couple of kids at home. She doesn't seem to know.

1011 days ago


where are her children?

1011 days ago

Rufus Greenjeans    

The brunette next to Brooke is stunning. Anyone know who she is?

1011 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

I feel bad for her kids! Her parents have to put those poor boys of hers to bed and tuck them in for the night. Because mommy decides to go out of state or party. Her parents need to file for custody of her children since it is apparent neither of the parents cares enough to take full responsibility for them. All this woman cares about in relation to the children is the monthly check she gets from Charlie. She is most likely going to die from a drug overdose if she doesn't clean up her life.

1011 days ago


She outta be put in prison just for wearing those stupid headbands.

1011 days ago


Free woman? More like Bat Woman.

1011 days ago


The 70's called and said they want their fashion statement back. You're giving them a bad name.

1011 days ago

frey silverstar    

TMZ...c'mon 70 pics of Brooke a cokehead? What is that saying to the public or herself? Stop glamourizing cokeheadds and druggies(Lindsey)...I love this site but sometimes it's a little too much. Brooke needs help and by showing 70 pics of her on the site before she agreed for help is sickening. She is an ex-wife of an actor...and....nothing! Doesn't deserve to be in pics on TMZ. Now I am older and I laugh at her and thi nk its disgusting but younger people may think its cool and idolize her ways. PLz think before you do post pics and some articles on how it effects younger people out there, Thank you , love you!

1011 days ago


She is a skank, just like all of the women from porn materials (print and DVD) that Charlie has picked. Why would he think that she could make a good mother. It's clear by the fact she had twins that they used IVF, and let's just hope that she didn't give them fetal achohol syndrome or a crack/cocaine addiction. I can't believe the child protective services is not visiting daily. Those kids are not safe with either family. Such a sad situation. I'd call her a spoiled brat with a $50k/month stipend from her ex husband. Money doesn't make up for neglect. Neither parent has the ability or mental capacity to take care of those twins, so I fear for them.

1010 days ago


Just what an addict needs, more clubs. She should be home with her kids. Effing LOSER!

1009 days ago
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