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Kim K's Reality Pal

Jacking Up Security

After Humphries Threats

12/10/2011 5:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jonathan Cheban
Kardashian pal and “Spin Crowd” star Jonathan Cheban is freaking out ... claiming some pissed-off Kris Humphries fanatics want to hurt him -- and now, he's beefing up his security.

See, Cheban threatened to sue Kris for $5 million recently -- after the basketball star called him "gay" on TV -- and the whole lawsuit thing didn't sit so well some hotheaded Humphries supporters.

Among the threats Cheban received on Twitter ... “Comin to spit on you tomorrow at Dash store ... you and Kim are full of crap and trying to ruin Kris's life.”

Sources close to Jonathan tell TMZ ... he's so freaked ... he hired a bunch of extra security for an appearance he’s making at Kim's store today in NYC to promote his jewelry line.

Cheban insists he's "not gay."

Cheban showed up for the event as scheduled (see below).


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Just like Ricky Martin and Clay Aiken, he'll be the last to know. Dude, just admit it and get on with your life.

1045 days ago


This girl is trying to drum up some drama to support her bogus lawsuit. She's just another cog in Kim's diabolical plot to redirect the negative publicity she has received from her backfired marriage scheme.

1045 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I have stopped at DASH ten times of the past few years and it is always closed.

Folks are just now figuring out that the Kardashians are nothing but a whirling cesspool of misery??

1045 days ago


So the mother cheated on her first husband and obviously when he died, he left his estate to his children, not his cheating ex-wife. So she pimps her children to get what she missed out on. What did Bruce Jenner ever see in her? And now she's got him dying his hair black and getting a facelift to look like a Kardashian. The family is disgusting. But they will continue to make tons of money and continue to flaunt it in our faces until the public boycotts everything they touch. Please, America, we are 300 million strong. WE HAVE THE POWER TO GET RID OF THE KARDASHIANS!

1045 days ago


What's the going rate to put kim k in your post tmz? Your getting more like entertainment tonight every day. The publicist writes the story and you publi*****.

1045 days ago

Patrick Henry    

Who is this guy? Never heard of him and he has his own show? Why? If he was on a kartrashian show nevah saw him.

Maybe he tweeted himself or had Kimmy do it. How is that lawsuit going and BTW I am not aware that KH had a fan club? And you assume it was a fan of his..Maybe its just a troll having fun and it worked. What an AZZumption oh his/her part.

yes you are so important like the Prez....uh huh..just like Kimmy and her royal wedding... Jeepers you nutjobs deserve each other. And there's nothing wrong with being gay and it shouldn't bother you if someone calls you that.... suk suk suk...stop working for the Kartrashians agenda..... leave KH alone ..the public hates an unfair fight which is what you gossip sites plus the Momager are doing. The more mud you throw the more it sticks to you.

1045 days ago


If Mr. Cheban was sooooooooooo upset with the "scripted" comment then why didn't he have his BFF KKardash edit it out of the episode before airing???? We saw what she did to KHump and how she changed the opening trailer of this season's K&KTNY along with the episodes.
Remember TMZ, as you & she have boasted, KKardash has final editing rights & approval to ALL her shows!!!!

So transparent!!!!!!!!!!!! Why doesn't he sue KKardash & E!????

And lay off KHumphries - He shows more class in his so-called "dumbness" than any of the KKlan or the TMZ staffers who felt it necessary to skewer him on their tabloid TV show the other night.
Those of you, including the TMZ staff, who feel he is so lacking only bolster the poor poor image KKardash already has.
If he is so "dumb", how DUMB is Kim Kardash ?????????

1045 days ago


in this article in specifies the threat they will come and spiton him(johnathan),so they will be adding more security.I think if there was a real threat they should have listed something else.

1045 days ago

Throwback kid    

If he's not gay he should be, I don't know one girl that would go out with a feminine, drama queen wimp like him. His show the spin crowd was as lame as him!

1045 days ago


More of the KK spin machine to make KH look bad, she needs to stop, making herself look even worse, if thats possible.

1045 days ago


This story isnt news worthy at all.its just him caling in his own story so that peope well be aware of his jewlry line
Is he realy so freaked out just beauce o poster on twitter siad they were going ot spit on him. hes so whimpy he acts likeit were a death threat hes ben hanging around kartrashcans toomuch he drama queens every littel thing and try to put aspin on get his name out noone is intrested in his cheap jelwery line who is going ot wear pice and find it brag worthy hes a guest player on a reality show so what.
all he did printing this story was let eveeryone know not to go to dash or get anythign that has to do with kartrashcans. he looks and acts gay but hes not so what is he? just some loser trying to get famous off thekartrashcans. first he says hes gonna sue for 5 mil just for being asked if hes gay now hes hiering a body guard beacuse some randome poeter says ther gonna spit on him.
hes creepy wierd and such a whimp. he had a show and it failed big time that ouught to let him know noone is intrested in him at all.
get a life allready.
kartrashcans are banned along with any loser connected to them.

1045 days ago


IF i'm not wrong the article states that (johnathan)is bein threatened that they will come and spit on him.So he is freaking out and added more security to the dash store(fine).But if he's really being threatened then he should have listed abetter example of what was said.

1045 days ago


well he may not be a homosexual but he comes off as "GAY, GAY, GAY"!

1045 days ago


And did anybody notice the Kardashian's trying to change the tide of public opinion on here last night? I was laughing my head off, they and all their buddies are sooooo stupid, they were all saying the same thing, damned near word for word. In the words of Charlie Sheen EPIC FAIL. Give it up KK and company, you are no longer relevant.

1045 days ago

Patrick Henry    

By all the posts since the divorce was announced it should be obvious to KK, and family and Momager and T mz that the public is:

1. Disgusted with the fake wedding and the money mongering.
2. Disgusted with reality programming esp. E channel , all things K- related and Ryan Seacrest.
3. Disgusted with TMz and the liek for publishing the same old K related articles plus LL and others all the time and for PRINTING articles that are slanted against KH.
4. The public clearly likes and supports Kris Humphries and his desire for the truth and to move on with his life free of slander form the K- machine.
5. The public does have the power to change things clearly shown by the amount of people posting , boycotting and signing the petition.
6. It's time for a change, be smart and go with teh flow: n one likes an unfair fight.

1045 days ago
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